The Hidden Reality Of Business

To be really successful in business we need to really know how the world works. Do we want our efforts to benefit other people, or do we want what we do to stand alone? Independence is the key to being truely successful. Independence gives us real control of our lives. Business in the end is not about revenue streams, or pleasing people but rather a fundemental knowlege of how things work. As a result knowlege and education are the true keys of business that the gurus do not want you to know about. The real question is how much control do you have over the complete profit to cost ratio? In reality most so called businesses make a small percent of the overall money generated. Some people say that they would rather be the overhead enterprise in the situation. Whether that be the banks, legal system, political system or whatever many people with businesses strive for powers within the many organizations that influence our lives. In a sense some might say that overall wealth is tied to these factors. But the same could be true of a farmer who lives on tax free land off the grid. They may have a greater influence in their destiny than do bankers or lawyers. The reason for this lies in their connection to the land and community. The same can be said online. We must stand alone and not be dependent on certain sites viral ability to propell our business. It must be like an organic farm. Pure, simple, and perfect. That is what I call the master plan, and if it helps you get off the grid as well than more power to you!

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