Hard Choices

Success is often defined by the person who makes the correct choice out of two options. In my mind there always seems to be the 'safe choice.' This choice leads to little success or happiness but is more likely in the mind of the person to lead to food on the table and a stable life. The other choice tends to sit on the other end of the spectrum. This is the right choice. It is the one that we are driven to instinctualy. We realize the sacrifice that will go with this choice. We realize the loss of stuff associated with this choice. But if we really look into it, when we see destiny the stars line up. The laws of attraction flow. And the stuff that we really need in life flows to us. This type of choice is along the lines of starting a business, a farm, moving, getting off the grid, etc. This choice tends to defy what all the 'experts' condition us to realize what the supposed better choice is. There is a great risk in this choice. But life is short and does not wait for success and happiness. Take it. Live with it. Because it is you. Connect with destiny.

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