Getting The Right Camera

YouTube is an undeniable brand and business vehicle. There is much talk about cameras. Many computers and cell phones come with cameras but sometimes it may help to kick it up a notch. Though quality may not bring up views, it can enhance what you are trying to bring across to your viewers which shows that you care even if in reality it just shows that money is spent. Though I do not endorse any brands of video camera some companies are better than others. It is important to familiarize yourself with the power of the camera, its software, mode of importing the video and pictures to your computer, etc. I for example am into filming UFOs. My current camera has a deep zoom but low resolution. There are cameras that have a much higher resolution and shallower zoom but will leave me with better images and more evidence. Price reflects the power of the camera, and things like disc space. This works similar to computers. Many people recommend getting a cheaper starter camera to learn the ropes, and not waste precious money. Then move up to the big leagues when we establish ourselves and know that we are serious. I am currently looking in the camera market for a decent camera 2. I am looking for a piece with great resolution, zoom, 10ish mega pixels, etc. I guess the consequence of getting a starter camera is that I really know what I want now, and I also have more confidence that I have some Idea of things.

Tip - Some examples of common digital video camera brands may include Canon and Sony. Check various review sites for real people's opinions. Shop around. That is very important.

What digital video camera do you use? Tell us your thoughts on it.

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