Do Not Buy The Hype, Unlock Your Power, You Have It

Fear is the greatest marketing tool. If people can get others to be afraid they do irrational things like buy into a scam. Unfortunately in the world of business and online media people do just that. They bank off the whole instinctual behavior of 'newbies.' Using our rational mind can easily expose these people. We can easily know them for who they are when they try to construct their personality as being nice, or better than thou. Making people feel left out and afraid are common black hat marketing techniques. This goes in stark contrast to the whole concept of learning through doing. Online and in life it is not what we buy, how we look, but rather our ability to just go out and make it happen. It is really easy when using the Internet as a business tool to just sit back and be entertained. Entertainment is fine when it is passion driven. But when we are entertained because it fills the void that we should be filling with action like creating a niche YouTube channel, ultimately we are failing ourselves. You have the knowledge and power and do not let anyone tell you that you do not, even if they seem or do have more than you. Success, money, power, wealth or anything else is really not worth anything. Doing what is right, and within you power and interest ensures success online for any person on earth period. That is why the online medium is more suited for business than anything else in the known world. The Internet can unlock peoples power and potential. What are you going to do now!?

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