Building An Awesome Online Business On The Weekends

Most people who have jobs often have a limited time off. This may be a day or two a week. It is very common for people to just watch some tv, or youtube or whatever. We tend to sit back and forget that we could be using these free times to launch an online business that could ultimately improve our lives. Whether it be making a few youtube videos, or launching a blog with some adds on it, it is important to work towards a goal of money, hits, friends, or whatever. If we are after social proof it is important not to go out and add ever person online, but rather use the universal law of likes to attract people to us that are like us. Having a real personal presence online is the best way. People tend to not attract to brands unless there are real people behind the brand. For example the most successful youtube channels cover a variety of content but feature the person doing it. The self is the one who runs the show and should be featured front and center. Driving your personality without imposing your interests is key. People like others that are interested and engaged but not dogmatic. Because of this being social online requires an open mind and being a bit reserved. We must preserve our reputation because at the end of the day it is all we really got. Money, wealth, fame and fortune can all be taken away in a blink of the eye. People who are often unhappy, or unbalanced come across that way online. I think we can all very quickly subconsciously profile people. It is important not bring dark energy. People want to be entertained and laugh. People want to feel a sense of belonging. People want to be fed something. And certain people do well being the center of something because they attract and emit a certain energy. Care for other people or your brand will eventually crash. That is the most important take home point.

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