The Right Car, The Right Hook, On The Mobile Business Industry

Today I was looking for an economic recession proof business idea that any person could try. This idea would be web orientated, product related and quick to start. As usual there were people selling a few flowers out on the edge of town. They do well. But in the middle of the city on a busy and traffic clogged intersection there was a flower company branded van with the biggest array of fine flowers that money ever could buy. If I needed a flower this van would handle it. There may have even been a supplier link so others selling the flowers would benefit this business in an affiliate type of way on foot. Obviously the flower business model is really interesting but truly what it means to take hold of an easy market and run with it. Who does not want flowers?

There was also a person juggling on an intersection and collecting money with a sign. Some may call this begging but I call it a genius business plan. There has to be some person who could coax millions of dollars off of people because they are really good at acting like some person who really needs and deserves the cash. This proves the definitive link between Hollywood and begging for change on the street. Begging I suspect will be a large business in the upcoming years. Do not be afraid to put on your best act, costume, and attitude. If you can make people laugh or feel emotion you are one step closer to getting that hummer driver to drop you a thousand dollars out of pity and ultimately out of respect and praise! If you are too lazy try to come up with a good way to beg on a social site or website. Get people to appreciate you, and ultimately shovel over mad cash. Begging is a good thing to do no matter how bad the times get.

But bartering is the best business. Dealing with money is like dealing with a paper middle person who keeps a score that always changes. Relative values of real things do not change as much as money which seems to devalue as of late. Try to get into this world.

The best businesses in the world are started from scratch. Any major city has millions of these on every street. This is what the market is really about. Amazing fortunes are made in these laundry places, restaurants, apartments for rent, grocery stores, gas stations, arcades, and many other seemingly normal type of services. If the zoning is right you may not even need to rent out a place. That is what living the dream is all about. Building a business with very little money. Using social media for this is the free no brainer viral advertising medium that never fails to be a winner.

The it factor to bring in the money is always a secret knowledge. This hidden jewel of the temple is what being a successful made person is all about. Start the journey now!

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