The Niche Report : Major Growth Sectors Online

Picking a topic online can be difficult. But there are certain topics that consistently draw traffic or money. Notice the or statement. Some topics lend to traffic while others towards ad value that is just a fact of life that internet entrepreneurs have to deal with. If you are targeting a traffic topic it may help to build a brand and sell your books, tshirts, or whatever. If you topic lends well to advertising you may do well with some simple amazon or adsense ads.

So what are some great topics to get into in 2009?

1. Politics. Political sites drive traffic. If you want to report on local events for instance and spin them politically you will do well reguardless of the economy. And as the economy gets worse people will look for explanations and naturally turn to politics.

2. Health. Naturally health topics relate well to both advertising and traffic. Health is a growing concern and is a gigantic and diverse industry from doctors to holistic slanted content. Many great businesses online have been built on health topics.

3. Legal. The matrix of laws and rules create an information rich medium that many people want to find out about. Because of this there are some high paying ad slots in the niche as well as a good opportunity to build traffic if you take an interesting slant into legal issues. What ever the economy does people will always have questions and concerns reguarding laws and regulations.

4. Fashion. Even though people may consume less there is still a decent uptake on fashion related ads expecially around holidays and the fashion season. This niche always could use some new players.

5. Electronics and technology. Creating content about specific electronic devices is both topically relevant and of a high ROI. This is why there are many sites that run reviews of computers and cell phones till the cows come home. Why not get the opportunity to make money talking about gadgets. This is a fun niche to be in.

6. Sports. Sports is one of the most underdeveloped niches online. People who have a passion for sports always need content and sites to log into while at work. Sports draws traffic and does well in advertising as well.

7. Spirituality. It is no suprised that spirituality based enterprises do particularly well. For example many bands that are based on religion are some of the most popular groups on earth. If you are spiritual and have interest and talent in the niche,go for it.

8. Journalism. Current events and communications type of content always do well. Whether you take your camera every where and just report on local construction projects or anything there is a huge growth potential here.

9. Science. People come online to learn stuff. Reporting on new scientific discoveries is a strong niche.

10. Travel and events. Specific places and events are good residual content. This can mean taking some cameras and writing up stuff about your travels or filming a festival or concert.

There are many more niches out there. Do not be afraid to give them all a shot. There is no such thing as failure online. There is only trial and error which eventually leads to success.

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Business Secrets Are Never In The Media

Given the nature of the media being dependent on sponsors there is a general lack of real logical market advice. The real answer may be that we need to gear our life towards real stuff to get a foot into the cash system rather than hypothetical money flipping. This way our business that is geared towards a fixed value will allow us to do better as the economy goes bad and global currency disappears. Obviously on face value the whole purpose of currency is to just give people a common thing to trade on. In reality this paper that we trade goes down in value to keep people poor. This gives a huge economic advantage to people who can collect a lot of money and quickly turning it into something more valuable, or merely go after the gold and use it and other real barter strong things that can be converted into currency to use.

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