The Land Rush For Unemployment

Many people on earth identify with their jobs. These jobs entail working for businesses or indivduals. Recently the global economy and currency is in a deep decline. Jobs are rare as are opportunities to make decent money. As the value of money slips so too does peoples ability to pay for their house, food, apartment, family and basically any expense that before the bubble was doable. Many people want to be the victim and fall under the care of others whether it be family or the state. But doing so will just lead to more issues. The question is what can we do in this situation to survive and to find some income sources. Many people are now embracing real business of products that come from the earth. Real goods and services will always have value unlike the world of fake money, and cash not backed by gold. People are collecting precious minerals, farming, ranching, oil speculating and anything else that brings a tangible business to the world. This is especially powerful online where the most important thing is what do you bring to the table. Give us something to base your business on or you may be just anouther social media person. Most people who do not bring anything and just talk of social media are really living in a hypothetical world. Bring your videos, bring your concepts and your business plan. Find ways to gain golds and not dollars. Bring barter and street sales back. Because this is a new business era. For better or for worse that will be defined by what we all really have. Real stuff. Are you in?

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