10 Good Mistakes To Make

Mistakes are often just life's lessons. They happen for a reason. I for example have made thousands of bad ideas on the web. But from them I always get some momentum. Sometimes they are a keyword based site that makes no money. I try different key words till I hit the jack pot. At that point I focus my energies on the properties that do well. Once I know they were meant to be I try to perfect my work a bit. But failed sites that fester away in blog spot land for example can still send a bit of search traffic to some of my social profiles. In this a mistake is promoting me. It is important in that situation to ask myself, do I want people to see this and build an impression of me off of their gut feelings. If the answer is yes than it is important to leave the site up. Here are ten other good mistakes:

1. Thinking so much about promotion and sales funnels that a website gets banned.

2. Failing and social media till one realizes the importance of personal brand, and being social rather than promotional.

3. How content can really carry a site or profile to success. If your my space page does not do well add more interesting pictures for instance. The devil is in the details.

4. Being business minded often prevails. The web is largely a social business environment. From people who are successful on blogs and my space to those that make videos the rules of running a decent business always apply.

5. Interacting with people and developing crucial online social and communication skills. Mistakes here can sometimes be subtle so be very aware of how your treat people. Add extra communication elements like smiles :)

6. Formulate a concise plan. Having one goal is usually best. My favorite goals are to make more with AdSense and affiliate ads, and be more social. Separating the two are key. Because people hate ads!

7. Do not get drawn into failure. There is an allure of the web where people end up sitting on the side lines because they react to negative comments, and the fact that they do not get as many views as a celebrity. Do not be hard on yourself. Build your game over the years. Accept it for what it is worth. Promote your stuff through web page funnels rather than just sticking stuff out and expecting people to flood it. Drive traffic towards pages with hit counters. That is just a thought :)

8. Just because something is successful does not mean that it is your best ever accomplishment. Always try to be bigger and better. Work harder, and play harder.

9. The web is a beautiful and interconnected ecosystem. Link your Twitter to your face book page. Link your blog to your YouTube account. Have fun with the traffic you earn because if you do not give them a place to go they will choose themselves 100 percent of the time.

10. Blogging is key. The reason that there are so many blogs on blogging is that blogging is simply the best way to drive your online business to success. Blogging is not brain er free traffic for people no matter how experienced they are doing it. Then drive that traffic somewhere. Use a blog to bring people to your social profiles. Friend them. Build your relationships. This is what it is all about. The money will come.

To conclude do not get bogged down in mistakes. Rather use the lessons they teach and move on and be more successful in your online businesses!

Joe Gelb
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