Are You In Business For The Long Haul ?

Sustaining business results can be boring. Whether people turn it up or off is their choice. Realize when your feelings change from excitement that you are getting somewhere. When the basics are all too easy. And we realize that search engines and social media give us necessary info fairly quickly it is up to us to act. Often social media snowballs. We gain a bigger network naturally after awhile. Thus the auto pilot mode is set and we must be at the computer unless we know of some decent automation. On Twitter for instance we could take a trip and mobile update it a few time a day. We could update that blog once a day. And all in all everything could be done at a minimal and still build an online business. That is how technology makes life a bit easier. We need not always struggle for results when they can come to us. Make that happen.

Joe Gelb

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Social Media Engagement Tells A Lot About A Person

Many people who survived the first online wave do not embrace social media to the extent that many of us have. They often made much money on the webs but have few fans or followers on their channels. Many people may question their relevance these days. I am not saying that they must do a lot in this media, but responding to people is a start.

Secondly I think these people need to immerse themselves in this new content. For example it may be tough to respond to all of their fans but producing a new media content piece a day in different sites is a good start. For example on Monday put out a YouTube video. On Tuesday do a few tweets. On Wednesday put a few pictures on Flickr. On Thursday do a blog for Facebook. On Friday do a live chat on Stickam. On Saturday connect with a few new people on Myspace. We are in a generation of initiative. People are starting to have the ability to pick out anti social web behaviors and avoid those people like the plague. Do not fall into those anti social patterns. Be open to the change and the many more that greet us every day.

Thirdly restructure your brand. The hard sell on your book deal kits may not be the best conversion. Rather a few extra friends on my space or face book may better serve you. This is more of a mathematical truth every day. Do you blog? You may want to start posting daily to build up an easy source of traffic that is easily spun into revenue and friends.

Determine a new set of goals. Things like getting more hits on YouTube, more friends on face book, and more twitter followers are the new currency of gaining influence in the online social sphere. Your immediate friends and fans do not count anymore. Do you have the ability to reach and communicate around the globe? Do you have the ability at one click to organize your entire local community around something? If you can not effectively do these things than you need to seriously get into social media and blogging asap. Time spend on these things producing quality content and deep interactions with other people is time well spent. If you do not spend this time then you will not make much money in the future.

- Joe Gelb

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