Emotion Drives Viral YouTube Content To Many People By Design

Many people want more viral content online. But if the content is decent and you are posting it how viral do you really want it? On sites like YouTube for example when people give your video stars, or leave a comment for example their activity shows up on all of their friend's pages. So if someone has many friends and is influential leaves a comment they can make a viral splash. People react to videos that drive them on an emotional level. This is why people do well just reacting to common topics that are trending. They may make the video a reaction to another to get the hyper link off of a page that is getting hot page views. Consequently there are many YouTube video views that are community driven. Because of that do you engage the community and get this free publicity and free hits? (Don't forget to hyperlink to your website or landing pages off of your video description. That is key)

- Joe gelb


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