Online Business Road Maps That Actually Work

It seems a common theme that people can produce excellent content online but they have trouble getting things to spin. Part of this is due to content saturation. No matter how good the stuff you do, there are probably quite a few equals out there. Another part has to do with understanding how revenue and social capital online are driven. For example many people use social media to display their talents, rather than engage and build community. Thirdly people do not appreciate the amount of work that goes into creating viral content.

Lets start at the surface. How you use hyper links drives your Eco system. Let's say you blog. It may be a good idea to go through your blog once a week and pick up an old article that you can link to off of your front page. This keeps people engaged in your blogs content. This also shows that you deeply incorporate the material. Also link off your blog to social media. This drives essentially free and virtually limitless search traffic to social media where people can find and engage you. Do not forget to always have a good landing pad. You should give indications that you are open to other people like:

1. Having public profiles

2. Use your real name and image

3. Have contact info like your phone numbers email and anything else

4. Put in writing your desire to be followed or made a friend (words like networking for example work well)

5. Having indications of social cred like comments and the hit number game

6. Having a strong recognizable personal brand

7. Regularly producing some type of fresh content. Though this is not essential it does indicate life in your business and brand.

8. Community collaboration like featuring other users in your video for example

9. Using all social media for your business

10. Producing a lot of blog and multi media content

Basically the old rules of just make it and they will come are not completely true, unless you are exceptional. Even if you are adhering to the creation of online sales funnels, self promotional content, and branding will substantially improve your likelihood of business success. Cheers to being self employed!

- Joe Gelb

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