Pushing Viral Content In Video Format

For sustained success online winning in the viral video format is huge. On YouTube it is not that difficult to drive a substantial amount of traffic to anything via a hyperlink. So why do more people not do this? The reason is that people fail to grasp the sum of the parts formula. If you have a thousand videos that get a thousand hits a piece than the total amount of traffic is 1000X1000-repeated channel traffic= a decent prediction. I am not going to bother doing the math but we deal with huge numbers when dealing with this.

Videos that get the numbers play off topics and generally have a long tail. There are timeless instructional videos and day to day media and news videos. There are issues with general coverage unless a video is topically rooted. Setting a video firm in a search engine ensures a constant stream of traffic virtually forever, until the format goes obsolete or interest in the video dies.

Some videos go viral more on people trading them. Comedy videos often fall into this category if they are not specific and are just people doing stuff. There is a bit more of a diminishing return for these types of videos.

Then some videos are a bit of both. They are viral and search engines like them. This is an ideal situation to be in.

Just remember you need not much traffic to get your brand out. Do not wait till you get something that will allow you to totally dominate. Rather get your stuff out there. You will do better than had you not.

- Joe Gelb



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