How Is Your Business Really Going To Make Any Money

Not using advertising in a blog is a good thing. Often the profit margin is not as big as it once was so people take the ads off until the site gets the necessary links and traffic. Not having ads can be especially critical if your blog serves a traffic purpose like driving traffic to your YouTube videos that pay you through the shares program. In that case the videos have ads but this keeps adds away from your blog's content or navigation. On the other hand at the end of the day I have abandoned more sites for the simple reason that they do not make much money. Because of this I now make sites online on subjects guaranteed to pay me for my time and energy. What is your opinion on this subject?

- Joe Gelb

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The Best Part About Doing Business On The Internet

The Internet is one of the finest places to do business. Why?

1. There are many sources of residual income. So you do not make that much online but if that cash keeps coming in regardless if you are working, you basically eliminated the need to make x amount every year for the rest of your life. That is like buying back hours of time if you have to work for a living.

2. Exponential growth is the norm. Whether it be the growth of your blog, or your favorite legal mlm program, seeing exponential numbers attached to checks in the mail will make any person sing.

3. Time is freed up because you can work online anytime 24 hours a day. This is great for people like myself who are most productive at 3 in the morning and on wards.

4. Solving problems is stimulating.

5. The income is burstable meaning that there is no true cap on what you can make. Google for example is a company that laughs at a billion dollars. A billion Washingtons means nothing in the scheme of what they make! That is just crazy. I want in! I personally do not laugh at a penny. I pick it up and admire its beauty and give it a name! ;-)

6. Doing business on the Internet will teach you how to do business in the real world. There are some overlap skills that are vital to making money in any economy, networking with winners, and just being awesome!

7. Instead of getting you chops busted at work for not being in the know or tech savvy why not create world wide trends. If you blog the world will listen. More ideas have been jacked from than any other site on the net. The ideas go to the big sites because they know what a winner I am. (lol)

8. Become the boss. If you do not take initiative to break the chains of societal oppression they will grab you and never let go. You will have looked back and wished you had started an Internet business at my suggestion. The world wants to work you 90 hours a day and not pay you squat. But if you work for yourself you will become the boss when the crazy but beautiful cash comes rolling in from the world!

9. You really have good ideas. More people say every day when they see something made by big daddy corporation 'I could have done that.' I bet you can too. So why not take the reins into your own hands and show us what you got!

10. You really need more time to connect with your friends. Imagine waking up and not feeling tired 7 days a week even after talking all night to your special friend. People who work for a living progressively loose their life. This is bad. Turn the bad to a good and stick to this site. I will tell you some secrets.

11. Show the haters you have direction. There are many people who get a lot of hits on the Internet. But if you are making the cash doing less, they will like you more than they like themselves. That is a fact.

There are many more reasons why we must all start Internet and offline businesses. If you could think of any other reason please leave a comment.

- Joe Gelb

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What Do You Think Are The Properties Of A Good Internet Business

The more correct question is what are some goals you want to obtain from your Internet business. Here are some of my thoughts

1. Increase visibility, and brand recognition which will attract better things in life.

2. Magnetic for money. A great business is like an ATM machine that just spews out money with little or no effort.

3. Have qualities of integrity that will preserve the sales cycle instead of exhausting it.

4. Offer exceptional value to the customer.

5. Be extremely informative and enlightening.

6. Have a strong social media presence.

7. Be more than a fad.

8. Look good.

9 Be about the people who built it. Hopefully the customer can see and comprehend their personal brand.

10. Have a mighty find blog and inter web content.

I left many of the elements out that create a good business. The reason is that the web now is about you and interactivity. Just me saying stuff is not enough. Now it is your turn to do your part and contribute to the IBRPRO establishment. Add what you think a better Internet business is all about. What do you do with your business to transform it from great to excellent? What advice could you give to people starting a web business? Any shout outs?
- Joe Gelb

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Internet Business Magazine

I am not exactly sure how paper magazines and catalogs are faring these days, but if your online business does publish off line you may still be at an advantage. The question is how can you leverage magazines to help your online business. One way would be to leverage the paper, by sending out your fans free magazines. Maybe you will also try to sell something in them. But really the true goal is to create a buzz around your brand. Also you are reminding your audience that you are a real business and not just a website. The magazine environment can also be translated into people's blogs and contents. After all if the online world wants to really totally overtake the zine industry why not mimic it a bit. Some of the top media sites have a magazine type of theme for easy navigation. So like I could scan the cover page and find some interesting articles related to environment issues, or technology depending on my taste at the moment. Functional design in magazines will continue to influence the web in big ways. While contemplating how to incorporate the magazine world into your online business plan why not go over to Website Magazine and grab some info about building sites. (my favorite topic)

- Joe Gelb

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