The Marketing Mix Matrix Matters More

Finding and exploiting a target market, is done by understanding the constraints on a product. The first constraint in the mix is supply and demand, that leads to the accepted market value of a particular item. Price targeting, and promotional paths are keys to nailing the price and value of a product. The next constraint is what you are selling. Certain products lend themselves well to the sale where as others need to be marked and branded to create an artificial demands. The third constraint is location. Even with the Internet the Geo targeting of products is still more important than just having a website where people can grab from. The fourth pillar of the mix is the physical things done to push a product. This can be anything from social opt in marketing to a local store staging an event to get people buying their goods.

To conclude know the constraints to understand how to effectively market your product.

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The New Rules Of Blogging

I recently was reading some of the blogs on blogging sites for the first time in a long time. It made me reflect on the things that I have learned this year about blogging. Because of that I have decided in this post I would compose a list of the new blogging rules.

1. Your blog is a business. The business model is still the most effective way of creating a wildly successful blog.

2. Forget wordpress, blogger is fine. This tips goes out to anyone who is new to blogging, just save your money and blog on blogger. If you end up making a professional income than it is fine switching to wordpress but blogger is perfectly good.

3. You have a fairly high opportunity of knocking a decent blog post out of the ball park even if you are not a guru thanks largely in part to social media in general and Twitter in particular.

4. If you do not incorporate videos into you content than you are missing out on an easy opportunity to make interactive and viral content. Video will take you around the world in a minute.

5. Bloggers these days spend 1 percent of their time blogging and 99% of their time on social media. Blogs have become more of a tool than an ends unto themselves.

6. It is important to meet your readers in real life on a weekly basis. Bloggers these days need to network or they will fail.

7. Unless you are a pro blogger making serious money any decent free theme is absolutely fine.

8. There are many blog tip sites out there. I do not read any of them.

9. Blog on something that you can do for the long haul, have a passion for, and the ability to grow with.

10. Keyword niche blogs are a highly effective way to monetize search traffic on ads.

11. It may be more important to comment on a blogger's social media profile than on their blog itself.

12. Blogs are slowly dying. Blogs will always exist but it is my belief that the blog era is completely over. Owning domains is not essential anymore and brands do not need to be on rss.

13. The best bloggers know a thing or two about personal branding, sales funnels, marketing, and arbitrage.

14. The most successful bloggers incorporate capital that they have in real life into the virtual world.

15. Nobody cares that you have a blog. Even if you make a million with it.

16. Search engines are no longer the currency and neither is social media. Rather real people are the currency. The tools will begin changing so fast that people is all we got, all that matters.

17. Blogs in the future will be written by robots. Talk about getting outsourced!

18. Whatever the kids are doing is the most important net innovation. They know the market the tech crowd does not.

19. The most important places to blog is not blogs at all but rather sites like Friendfeed, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and other 'live' social outlets.

20. Mobile devices are big now but will not exist in 10 years on the blogging scene. The internet will be the phone lines and we will talk on computers.

21. Microblogging sites like Tumblr are becomming more important than article marketing. People care more of your pics and videos than your thoughts on life.

22. Blog traffic, subscribers, and other indications of success are increasingly irrelevant. The real question is what contribution to web culture will your site make in its ability to enhance the conversation.

23. Information is worth nothing, talent is worth nothing, and time is worth nothing. Rather your ability communicate, inspire and give back is everything.

That concludes my list. What are some things you have noticed about the direction blogging is headed?

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Why You Need To Manufacture Your Success

The fruits of success probably will not just fall out of a tree and into you hands. Instead you will need climbing equipment and a ladder to get up in the tree to eat the fruit. Better yet throw something up into the tree and knock the fruit down lol! Why am I talking about these metaphors? Because many people ACCEPT what they have instead of working for more cash, or opportunities, fun and excitement. This video is a bit crazy but I enjoyed making it so please watch. Also I would love the opportunity to network with you on Twitter. If you follow me, I will return the favor guaranteed. You will then be one step closer to building a following like Ashton Kutcher. It is almost like I am giving you free money lol. Just messing with you thanks for reading.

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