When Grandstanding Will Get A Marketer In Trouble

There is a fine line between building a strong brand that really projects well into the web community and just basically grandstanding crap. I have seen more marketers ruin their reputation doing the latter. I recently read on a bunch of Twitter tip blogs that the only way that one can get more followers is by littering the web with you link, and secondly by doing crazy attention getting things. The problem I have with this is that often contests alienate the audience. I get especially annoyed when many of these online gurus that I once liked outline the contest with words like because I am XYZ (famous) I am able to hook up my new Twitter followers with the newest Apple Phones and laptops. I find these contests very irritating and at the end of the day they impress the impressionable but I end up un following these so called Internet celeb marketers. It is just so annoying. I believe there are much better tactics and things to give than junk which include your time, your talents, and helping others succeed and enjoy life. I have nothing against giveaways but couldn't someone think of something a little smarter than these promos, because they cheapen the business brand.

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Why Following The Herd Will Get You Stuck In Traffic

Recently I felt the need to drive cross town to do something I always wanted to do. On this rare day I woke up particularly early and was up and out. I already bought my groceries and was fortunate to have a fresh breakfast. I jumped in my car and taxied back into the main artery of traffic. I hit the ramp of the expressway not seeing a single car and really brought the car to speed. On the highway I did not see a single car and expected to get my 29 miles done in about 15 minutes. I went up a large hill. When I was at the top the sun really was blazing in my eyes. I through on my shades, turned up the tunes than bam! Bumper to bumper traffic. It hit me that I was a complete fool for expecting to get through town at the same hour every person on earth was trying to get to work. To make a long story short the gridlock was so bad that I wasted a tank of gas and had to camp in a gas station for 4 hours! I was trapped only a mile away from my house! Pretty much I wanted to go see a nature preserve and I got stuck in the concrete jungle and my day was pretty much ruined.

Very similar stories happen in marketing when people try to compete in overly competitive markets. The moral of the story is to check out the competition in any market you are trying to get into or else you could just be fighting too many people for too few resources. That means you wont be making any money.

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Choosing Your Words Wisely

Online words and writing are a very important form of communication. They communicate how we should feel about something. Words become signs, and translation mechanisms for various ways that certain situations are intended to play out. Words are our allies.

Words ultimately engineer our success or failure as marketers. With that said blogging is largely a word game. Most readers can tick if we feed them the right stuff. And when people are mobilized they are more likely to tell the info to their friends, give our blogs as a recommendation to another person, or subscribe to our feed. Language is ultimately the framework for action.

If you are interested in how language is an important tool in marketing and business please follow me on Twitter.

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Professional Choices : Choosing Where You Want To Take Your Business

Trying to figure out something to be successful at can be hard. The markets may tell us one thing but on the inside we may really want to do something else. And if we do that special something we may become even more successful than we thought.

With choices comes decisions. But putting off decisions only hurts us. Action is important but being mindful and deliberate is also good.

Why is it important that we do not follow the in crowd? Trends in business and the entrepreneurial world come and go. Stuff that was the hot thing in the 90s for instance seems really silly now. Entrepreneurs do best when they engineer the future markets rather than look back, and use the diminishing long tail.

There are other factors to consider including lifestyle for instance. Some one who builds websites for a living is going to have a far different life than someone who has a farm. That is a simple fact.

Research is always important. Knowledge leads to actions and analytics gives rationality to learning by trial and error.

There is usually an underlying reason why certain things work well and others do not at all. Get in tune with these reasons. They will guide you.

Finally who cares, right? What do you even care about all of this. Find a reason, but do not take it too seriously.

- For more information about to author check him at on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/josephgelb -

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Engineer Your Life

This is just a Stickam public service announcement. Basically there are many paths in life. Always consider the consequences before you do anything because the hammer may fall. This applies to entrepreneurs. You will see what I am saying so watch the video. Also follow me on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/josephgelb to drop a line.

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Why Social Media Has Had A Huge Impact On My Life

I get it you tuned into this blog to learn about business and here I am telling my life's story. I agree I may just be trying really hard to gain some friends on Stickam to do some live chat with! Also hit me up on Twitter so we can take it back to Stickam for some real and honest conversation on anything.

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How I Am Going To Win The Viral Video Game

Some people reach a viral video tipping point by getting a billion hits on a video. Others make a trillion videos that get around a hit a piece. I will find success in the latter. The viral videos keeps it coming like a residual magician, that is the magic of it all. Bam. That is why I love online video. For more information check out this video I made on Stickam. Please leave a comment here and join me on Stickam and add me as a friend so we could know when each other go live and chat. Also you know where I am at on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/josephgelb now.

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The Difference Between A Social Media Leader And A Follower

This world can be defined into roughly two people according to interviewers. Those categories are roughly leaders and followers. Obviously in the corporate world hierarchy and a military dictatorship type of rule is extremely common. The twitterati enforce a similar pecking order. They divide the Twitter world into the people who enact change and those that accept it. As a social media guru if you invent you will win more followers if you change things than if you follow in the path of others. Leaders show their followers new and novel ways of looking at things and how to use Twitter in such novel ways that it has the rest of the world scratching their heads and trying to figure out what caused the change.

What do I see the future of leadership on Twitter to be about:

1. Inventing more communication and tagging systems besides the classic and now annoying hash tag (which looks like this #)

2. Leaders will revolutionize the way that profiles are designed and interact with the world. Many apps and sites are evolving to help with this.

3. Leaders are able to innovate over the matrix of information to the point that they rewrite history.

4. Leaders have followers that actually listen to what they say and do not just react to their actions.

5. Leaders help incorporate Twitter into the web and the web into Twitter.

6. Leaders will guide their followers safely to the next big thing. Real social media wizards do not hurt people, that is part of the magic.

7. The Twitter team listens closely to what the leaders have to say, then get busy making the changes requested of them.

8. Leaders do not compete for space or followers but rather redefine reasons to interact with them.

9. Leaders influence the Twitter api.

10. The leaders know when to stop.

In conclusion you could become a leader on Twitter if you just try hard and learn the ropes. That would be cool.

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Twitter Tip Of The Week: How Guilt By Association Undermines Your Social Media Game

It can be tempting as a marketer to chase every person who drops by and talk up a storm. In reality this is not a productive use of your time. It is important to follow and communicate with people who will bring you up and make your account look better. After all that is the mark of a real Twitter celebrity where you follow a small group of people, and are followed by many. I made a high definition video because I feel like this is a crucial Twitter tip to the continued success of your online brand. Leave your comments I really want to hear what you have to say.

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How To Change Your Circumstances

Most people put themselves into ruts feeling they have to do things. While others silently do as they please. The latter has great things comming in life, while the former goes from let down to failure. Which person do you want to be?

Being an entrepreneur is about a true vision of what works. Most short term gains generate long term loss because they fail to deliver the value that the consumer demands.

Most entrepreneurs market themselves incorectly. If they focused on what they do best and where the results are that is exactly what they will get.

Successful people are not the victim of what life throws at them but rather culminate success through deliberate and strategic action.

So where do you fit into this picture of success? If you are reading these lines you are motivated. If you blog you have your vehicle. If you participate in social media you have your tools. If you are trying to unlock different unrelated revenue streams than you understand where to look to find the road.

But success does not mean anything. In reality if you do not attach meaning to your success and give back to others you will have a hard time regaining the fire that drives you to innovation and excellence.

What do you want for yourself tommorrow? Fire up your rocket ship and have at it.

Are you on Twitter? Let's connect.

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