Why Talent Is Not A Factor In Viral Video Production

Talent is important. But this video talks about other ways to make a youtube video viral without talent. I talk of the elusive but beautiful sales funnel like an amazing twister, getting you more tube hits. If you are new to viral video, you will thank me for this information. If you are a pro you may get a giggle at the fact that I am talking gibberish. Either way please watch the video. And follow me on Twitter for more info.

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The Google Twitter Relationship Gets Stronger

You have to watch this video about the importance of SEO, and keywords in gaining your Twitter account more followers.

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What Happened To The Follow Friday Party?

I have noticed a lot of Follow Friday spam on Twitter. This may hurt their brand. Please watch this video about the latest Follow Friday developments.

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Why Ambitious People Are A Rare Breed

In society few would argue against the fact that we are competing for a few scarce resources. Unfortunately people are conditioned to be unambitious by the people around them. People give up because they do not realize that by being told to 'settle down' was an implication that they were doing quite well at whatever they had their mind to. See this is the first and most basic set back of any budding entrepreneur which is dealing with negativity geared towards themselves, their brand, and especially their dreams. Bob Dylan for example specifically points to examples where people he knew in Minnesota dug into him for not being a good musician and knowing nothing. Bob Dylan is now a commercially successful entertainer, musician, book writer, entrepreneur and the list goes on. Ironically one of Bob's haters talked of John Wayne, a person that Bob would later meet in person as a celebrity. This afforded Bob a more access than for example me wanting to hang with John Wayne. Bob Dylan rose above the situation. This is a common story of most successful people. Basically they rise above silly obstacles because they are always looking beyond where others look within for anwers. We must remember what we are fighting for. We must not loose sight of our dreams, and hopes...These are good things. To the next point...

Boredom is the greatest symptom of success. Say what!?

I play music and a mentor of mine told me one time a very wise thing.

'Sometimes you will want to play for whole days strait, and other times you will want to put the instrument down for days even years. This is normal. Go with it. But you do one thing none of my students do which is practice.'

This statement inherently makes a lot of sense, and is very wise.

Then another musician told me once:

'Every thing is fine if I just get on that old horn once and awhile'

This is an ultimate understatement but has a lot of value to any entrepreneur which is just do it, do not make a big thing about it, get better, tomorrow things will be better. This is what I call an entrepreneur evolution. We evolve with our mind and spirit. We build new and ingenious interests. We test our limits then we find new mountains to climb. See here is the thing...

All great entrepreneurs think 'Donald Trump' types, have their ever expanding tools and knowledge. They know what they need to do. When Donald is launching a new project it is not like he is that excited by the details. He knows what needs to be done and does it as efficiently as possible. If we as entrepreneurs embrace what we are successful at we are guaranteed more success. But...

The rules of the game are changing. Technology changes at the speed of light. I was on the road 2 days and was shocked at what I missed. It was like I could no longer write a post about social media, or business. This is our reality but there are signs...

Sign number 1. People flock to opportunity. The more people, money, and action that we see the better. Find these places. Meet the people. Figure out why the cash comes in, and ultimately capitalize on it.

Sign number 2. There are always signals. Nothing happens in a vacuum especially on the social web. Be wary of tired gurus. They live in yesterday. Instead listen to everyone. What? That is right expand your mind and you will learn. It is a simple, and stupid statement but it is profound.

Sign number 3. Do not accept yourself. Our biggest enemy and limitation is our sense of self. It is dangerous to throw out our self conceptions but can be an incredible weapon in the entrepreneur world. Reinvent and reinvigorate who you are. Then what...?

Ambitious people are the eccentrics, they are the people who dare to think differently and do differently. Being ambitious is dangerous. But there are a few tools.

1. Do not let your ambitions define you. What? Really? I mean this from the bottom of my heart. Too many entrepreneurs quit because when people attack their ideas they associate it with a personal attack. If your ideas are that rigid than you have a major barrier to success my friend.

2. Live and let live. This is crucial to any entrepreneur. Do not run my race my friends. I am a firm believer that the critical elements of successful things are fairly similar but if you do exactly what I do you will fail 10 out of 10 times.

3. Learn verbal tricks. What? Mess with people? Verbal tricks are critical for any entrepreneur to navigate the world. It may be easy for example to judge someone or jump their ideas. Save your energy, who cares! People will conflict with your sense of self, justice, and politics. But really forget about that my friends. Unless you are seriously doing something about it, the vacuum of ideas is as useless as a rusting lawn mower. Be the bigger person. Listen and do not judge. More...

Do not let your setbacks drive your actions, motivations, beliefs, or desires. They are there for a reason. They may motivate you to do something bigger or better. They may teach you a valuable lesson. They may just be giving you some tough love. But most importantly love yourself, love your ideas, love your friends, and love the future success, that respecting your dreams will bring.

Enjoy your success, you earned it. But always strive to go higher, be faster, and stronger. Most importantly be brave and fearless. I admire those qualities in people.

Also by the way, I would hate to break the article that is ongoing, but please follow me on Twitter, I would love to connect.

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I Dare You To Be More Social

Many people when they think of achieving success, they imagine locking themselves in a small room, and working until millions of dollars roll in. Unfortunately for this model most people end up doing a lot of work and little success. They often turn into a victim, and lash out at people who do not understand where they are comming from. In reality most people succeed simply by being inspiring, and hanging around inspiring people. Say what?

Here is the thing, people thrive around other people. It is what we are wired for. Our physiology loves nuture, and when we are around people who stoke our success, all of our prophesies get fullfilled. When we hang around other people, our deepest and most brilliant ideas come out, in ways that few people could get just with a few exchanged words in an attempt to expand an 'us' network.

We are very lucky these days, because the internet brings together webs of brilliant people, who were once isolated by countless factors, but now can share ideas, in an instant. Because they know of each other, they can meet in person and furthur their dreams, goals, desires, while having fun.

See most very successful entrepreneurs, though their time is ultimately the most cherished thing they have, would not think twice about having a night out with friends, family, or fellow entrepreneurs. This balanced life is one that is full of changes, big ideas, and big success.

Meet some people. They don't bite.

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