I Predict A Major Market Shift In 2010

2010 is going to revolutionize product sales, business and marketing. If you put your feelers out now you can catch some hot trends and make some good money. If not then no hard feelings. Watch this video for a head up and please follow me on Twitter.

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What The Business Community Can Do To Reduce Twitter Spam

It is important for the online business community as a whole to be smart about business spam. Many businesses for example promote what they call 'ethical spam.' In reality spam with a business name attached to it is just spam. Good job destroying your brand my friends lol , keep up the good work. Well watch this video to see what the Twitter community may have to do to greatly reduce spam the easy way. Also please leave a comment, it is getting quiet in here.

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Los Angeles SEO

Few places know the search engine optimization industry as well as Los Angeles. Here are some LA SEO links:




Joseph Lancaster

Web Search Engineer

Promoting Group

Crest Media

Single Grain

Online Marketing SEO

These are really just suggestions that I grabbed off of Google which is one of the sites that search engine optimizers looks closely at. If you are a regular reader of this blog than I suspect that you know enough about SEO already to open your own shop, lol. Well anyways please leave a long and detailed comment about search engine optimization and how it changed your life.

- Joe Gelb

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In The Twitter Era Do Not Loose Sight Of SEO

I love Twitter as much as you do but SEO is still a big deal. Sure Twitter is a part of the seo picture but it is also important to consider the web as a whole when trying to achieve goals like strong sales funnels, high page ranks, and successful advertising campaigns. That is enough gibberish, please watch the video for furthur clarification.

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