The Real Winner Of The Mobile Wars: Blackberry Curve VS IPhone 2009

Unfortunately the debate as to what the best mobile phone may be is highly irrelevant. Sure taking a top flight smart, video, picture, and strong multi media phone may be a lot of fun for Twitter in some ways technology still has not delivered the nugget. Smart phones are still in Beta mode. But the companies know that the hype is all that they need. (On the other hand your iPhone may save your life.)
My dream phone would be as adapted to the mobile environment as computers are now into that environment.

These phones still have incredible features and are a part of a fast evolving mobile technology revolution. (one that takes our money and gives us nothing)

First case in point. We have the iPhone which is one of the most attractive, fluid and advanced American Based phones. (I could only image what phones I could buy in Japan) The iPhone pushed the limits of reinventing the touch pad, and essentially scaled down a web browser to the iPhone. The iPhone has a powerful satellite connection where people can remotely surf the web, check email in the cloud, and text and send media to their friends. The iPhone is well ahead of its time.

What are some reasons not to buy the iPhones:
1. iPhones are extremely expensive. We can for instance post pictures and videos on the web from the free phones that the phone companies give with a plan.

2. The power issue is an on going hurdle for Apple to overcome.

3. You want little buttons.

4. The phone bricks up, but all mobile devices do this so the iPhone is not unique. This is also related to your mobile carrier. So if you can never seem to do what the person does in the commercial I bet I know which company you use! Just kidding but not all phone companies are the same. Choose wisely.

5. The phone has too many features and is too simple. You perfer a more simple time when all we did on phones was live chat.

The arch nemesis of the iPhone which may be the Blackberries took the concept of a regular cell phone, smoothed out the rough edges and added more features and in some models many more buttons. I really like how the Blackberry has many models unlike the iPhone that produces really just one model(sorta 2) per generation.(in larger and smaller size of phone and data capacity) The Blackberry has a battery life that borders on 7 hours which is great for such a powerful phone. Blackberry like the iPhone is a good data transfer phone through the net or even connected to a computer.

What are some reasons not to buy the Blackberry line of phones:

1. In many ways they are similar to any other phone in feel, function, and manoeuvrability. This means that you can't really surf the web but you can use it and sometimes faster than the iPhone.

2. The iPhone and G1 phone are aestetically more pleasing. Think round edges and glowy touch screens! This can be important if you are trying to brand yourself in the business world.

3. The buttons are hard to press that many companies chasing the revolution have done much better.

4. The Blackberry can be more frustrating than the iPhone because it is not very fluid on the web or doing the phone functions. This command delay can be frustrating.

The new kid on the block in the mobile wars is Google's G1(next gen Ion also) Android powered phone. This phone was open source and drew inspiration from tablet computers, the Blackberry, and the iPhone. The G1 Google phone Android technology is currently being employed to other companies. This will probably be the future of smart phone production that the companies will exchange technology to close the gap on the many common smart phone problems. In many ways this phone fused the two but still has functionality, scaling, power, control and other basic problems that smart phones are still working out.

Reasons not to buy the Google G1 Phone: This Android phone is first generation. With the Google talent we all expect the second or 3rd gen Google phones to blow all of the competition out of the water. Also Google seems to love giving away free things. Could computers and phones be next? I am preying for that day to happen.

The next set of phones are the late adaptor clones. There are so many of these but they do represent a great monetary value. If you buy these which on contract they are usually cheap or free you realize that a year from now technology will outrun your phone anyways. Many of these do many of the same things that the phones above do and in some cases a bit 'slower.' On the flip site many clones have internet and multimedia technology comparable to high end smart phones for a fraction of the price. The trade off may be in how the phone runs but if price is an issue there are amazing budget phones that can act like a Blackberry, IPhone or Google phone without the wallet draining price.

Reasons to buy the clones:

Some of these phones may be a laughable pieced together puzzle of different features of different phones but many are doing quite well. I really like how many phones bring powerful browsers like Microsoft my personal favorite computer software and internet company.

Reasons to buy clones:

1. Affordability and convienence.

2. You can do many of the same things that their more expensive relatives can do.

3. You can get on the internet with a low price barrier. (often spooled in with other fees like texting, data exchange, and gps)

Reasons not to buy many clones:

Because many are coming out with new and improved models soon that may bust the big players for a tiny price fraction.

What are some of the mobile wild cards?

Keep an eye out on the Palm phones as well as the Black Jacks. Both are going through major changes this year.

Other rising stars in the smart phone wars are Sony, Mobiado, Nokia, Quallcomm, LG, Koolu, Ericsson, HTC, eNV, General Mobile, RIM, Alcatel, Toshiba, Hitachi, IBM, Mivvy, Modu, and the list goes on forever. It seems like every engineer, tech, electrical and computer company is trying to get a foot in the mobile door.

There are also companies that have many regular phones(like motorola) for people who have a perfect little computer and connect type of card and do not want to waste money on making their phone smart. (this is the cheapest and most powerful way to the mobile net to date.)

To conclude the mobile phones will mature around 10 to 20 years from now. Google is obviously the player that is really sending the competition into overdrive. I expect that many overseas companies will do much better and America will see a more wide spread distribution of many companies that at the moment I am not familiar with but have big market shares in other countries across the globe. The internet is changing with the intruduction of the wave which will play into mobile technology and I suspect that the internet will adapt quicker to mobile phones than mobile phones to the internet. Apps are going to evolve and become much more useful than at present. Once again probably Google will drive this home. And finally besides having robots in our phones I predict that there will come a time when we will not even have mobile phones. I suspect more people will use innovations like Google's wave to just communicate camera to camera on small computers. This will happen when innovation outstrips money and the roof will fall which will happen sooner than we all think. But don't throw away your phones yet because much like TV's we love to hold on to (and waste cash on) useless technology forever!

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Why Don't You Bring Twitter Elsewhere

Why sit around and wait for your Twitter account and promotions to go viral? Take action today and see the difference a day can make in your Twitter obsessed life.

There is a reason that the social media elite take their accounts everywhere. The reason is that links work. Banners work. Twitter banners with your posts work. Check this out:

'Why not get a Twitter Sticker. Bring your tweets to the adoring world. Winning social media is that easy and fun.'

When I first heard of the importance of promotion I thought is was some kind of joke. And sure if you do a little promotion things will not jump. But if you do a lot of promotion over the years things build up and reach a tipping point. Your promotion draws links. And wait Google loves links so in effect we are vying for a limited ammount of links in an unlimited world.

But that is what Twitter and viral stickers are all about taking the game to the next level. Having the right sticker is the difference between social media guru and someone with no followers. I am working on printing out those bumper stickers with my twitter address as well at and people will follow me while following me in traffic. Pretty good idea right?

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Where Are The Twitter Hives?

Cities generally have many Twitter users because there are many people in one place. Each city has a Twitter click where there is a lot of bouncing of ideas within the city.

If we drew a map and connected the replies between Twitter users everything would come back to some person sitting in the middle of some city somewhere just ignoring real work as usual! This is excellent because that is what the entrepreneur life is all about. Setting our own hours. Doing what we want. When we want it. And answer the how question also.

There are many great Twitter tools that help us enter these hives and talk to the queen bee. City Tweets is the magical tool. I love watching the tweets happen then replying to a person that I know little about. That is what Twitter is all about. Twitter has put the SOCIAL back into the game of social media. At Least I believe it has done a good job of that.

The game can be changed by targeted interaction with perfect strangers. I approach the City Tweet game like any other. If I live in Mexico City for example I would target people in Mexico City and people who bring it up in conversation. Thus geography becomes a commonality to build a long lasting business relationship.

Usually courting a stranger occurs in 3s. We first make contact. In the contact stage we exchange Tweets that are the equivalent of 'nice weather.' The next stage would be to bring the person to the list, become a friend, and follow. And finally the person may opt into a conversion. At that point we both won.

Isn't Twitter fun?

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Geo Targeting People On Twitter

What do you do if you are in the business of filling up your motel in Memphis for instance? The Internet is a powerful Geo locator like no other advertising and promotional medium. Google maps has increased many national economies because finally people could go anywhere and find local small businesses that served them.

If they wanted that vegan pizza in Memphis Google maps happily pin pointed them to it. But we all know the biggest issue with Google maps has to do with business priory. Because of this if we are promoting our business through the strategic use of Google we may want to look elsewhere to get our hotel rooms filled on a Tuesday night.

That place would be Twitter. Twitter is an information dissemination device like no other. If you Tweet that your Memphis hotel really needs some people odds are the word will get out in a few hours. But to further complicate things how can you be sure that your message is going out to people in the Tennessee and surrounding areas? You need to Geo pinpoint active users through Twitter tools like Local Tweeps. This way a group of 4 people visiting some friends in Memphis can easily zip locate the hotel that we are trying to fill up.

After you Geo locate your clients you may want to do some hash action and try to get some local viral tweets going. On the site I also learned that if we put #LT then your listing will rise up in the stack for your location. Basically decoding tags will allow you to finally get that stream of patrons to your Memphis motel. If you do not own a motel then get one at a government auction.

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Leveraging Local Markets On Twitter

Marketing to your local market on Twitter is the most powerful wealth creating tool ever. There is no easier way to seek sales than on foot. This is why in the movie Napoleon Dynamite his uncle and brother were living the high life!

Why does local marketing work?

1. You already have a network. You can exploit this to grow your network.

2. Locally you are actually a real person. You can on a daily basis use Twitter to invite people over to your place and socialize as well as close some hot business deals.

3. You can use your online and offline LEADERSHIP qualities to leverage your brand and create valuable lasting bonds with people.

4. Local is the new best practice branding technique. How many successful companies name themselves after the places they are located? A lot.

5. Once you rise to the top of your local network you can move on to other places and start a movement around your brand. How do you do business differently? Emphasize this.

6. Local is the perfect creation story. Every Internet guru is tied to some location. I know that most people wake up and are genuinely tired of living where they live but stick with me here.

What are the best ways to get into my local market?

As an entrepreneur you will realize that not getting a job is the best way to make money. What do I mean by this? Instead of traditionally going to the newspaper to get a job you would rather go there just to network. See if their website can feature your blog, and your blog can feature their website. Promote each others products and Twitter account. Learn how to approach your local tools to accomplish maximum synergy.

Where is the Internet component in this business article after all the name of this blog is 'Internet Business Revenue Pro?'

Well back to Twitter. If you want to make a local splash use the tool Nearby Tweets to discover and follow everyone in your area. Put aside at least an hour daily to respond to their Tweets with some healthy @s and #s. Help people out. For instance someone might Tweet that their car broke down. At this point get off your computer and go there and give them a lift. It is gestures like this that will drive the riches to your wallet. Not to mention probably a $ 20 dollar tip.

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Twitter Video Outlet

Watching videos like this one made me think how crucial the video experience is to the Twitter experience. Twiddeo is a fast and easy way to bring your real multimedia experience to your Twitter friends.

How can video benefit your business? Video is the most predominant viral content mechanism online. Video drives deep connections and creates residual traffic that never fails.

Why should I share my videos on Twitter? Think about it. Giving back is the best way to get. Showing the validity of your business and intentions is more potent than any truth telling or myth busting available.

When is the best time to post a video? The best time is the present. Most people put off video production and end up never doing it. Others very wisely only make videos. Where do you stand?

Can I promote my business on a web cam? Absolutely no way is more simple, fun and wholesome.

Can I use copy righted music in my video? YouTube has lately been turning off the volume or stripping copy righted videos. Other video companies are doing the same thing.

What is your business video going to be about?

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How To Expand Your Twitter Network

One of the hardest thing for people to grasp is how the size of Twitter network is directly proportional to earnings. Targeted followers are great but diminishing returns will come into effect when you get every person who could follow you to do so.

The next step is to expand out your general Twitter network. One way to do this is to target people with many followers in other niches. This way you bring their network indirectly into your own. The best way to attract these people is with branding and sales funnels. Try not to be labeled into your niche. Rather step out and present yourself as a person and bring other things to the table too. This will open up your network.

A larger network will deepen and enhance ROI, sales, traffic and your general value to other people. There are many other reasons that this is a good idea. First off the world changes quickly. Having a broad based Twitter network ensures that you may be farther ahead of the curve than someone with a small niche orientated circle. Secondly you will be presented with the opportunity to network successfully with more people. This is the perfect place that you can hone your online social skills. And thirdly a bigger circle adds value to your followers. Go figure.

An easy way to find new network circles it to use Twtr Frnd to see if you have followers in common. If not then it is of great benefit to you to try to get them to walk into your circle. I believe Chad from Alltel invented what I am saying.

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Learning The Twitter Language

Twitter is one of the hardest languages on earth. To make matters worse this language of champions is changing every minute. To keep up we need a good Twitter dictionary. The correct word might be Twittonary.

So what does using the hottest Twitter words mean for my business? The secret to becoming an expert is looking and sounding the part. Twitter is new so baffle people by learning every word ever spoken about Twitter. Some day people may look back on you as if your knowlege of Twitter is a magical power.

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How Successful Is Your Brand On Twitter

Many people mistake the number of Twitter followers as a sign that they are doing well on Twitter. This type of thinking is a major trap. Let us say you are at a party. You got every person at this corporate party to sign you company's year book under their pictures. But after you get to this party not a single person looks at you or talks to you. On the other hand someone you know goes around and has good conversations with every single person, and even excellent intimate conversations that last hours on end. At the same time this person has 2 signatures in the old company year book. Who is positioned to make business deals you or that person?

Twitter works the same way. Engagement is much more important than followers. There is a general inflation of what a follower means because of the land rush for Twitter followers, Twitter Automation Abuse, and Follow Abuse. At this moment someone can easily become the next superstar of Twitter that is just a fact.

My personal goal of this year is to increase my Twitter brand at the cost of my followers. It I loose followers or gain followers that is insignificant compared to my number of interactions. It is interactions that will bring people solidly into your social media landscape. It is interactions that create magnetic attraction to your brand. And it is interactions that will get your foot in the door of becoming the next Internet superstar. Interact and succeed at it wildly.

Creating content for instance is a major waste of time compared to interacting with people. We can create content all day but if we do not stop and reach out to people much of what we do is creating an echo chamber even if it is a grand castle. (of invisible people)

Make Twitter your home, and your followers your family. Share you life, promote your business, find new passions and dreams. Evolve with other people. Grow and see the new and look back on the old. Twitter is a time machine. Fly.

So how can we really gauge the concentration of our brand in the tweetosphere? The answer would be to analyze stats that have little to do with the number of friends you have. Twitter Friends is a non linear Twitter stat site where you can see how well you engage the world of Twitter as a whole. You may be the top of but if you are not the top of Twitter friends you may want to change you game on Twitter. That is just a thought.

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Twitter Farming 101: How To Determine The Value Of Your Twitter Account Then Put It Up For Sale (Then How To Do This On A Larger Scale)

Every thing we do online holds tremendous value. Videos that people upload to YouTube are worth zillions of dollars. Domains and website content is worth a lot of money as well.

Realizing the real and apparent value of what you do online can be a tremendous psychological boost. Then putting your real estate up on the market and selling it is merely a proof positive that you can do well online.

With an established brand you can just repeat and sell. This is how people do well on eBay, Craigs list and most importantly Twitter.

There is a great Twitter tool called Tweet Value where you can plug in your Twitter profile and see how much it is worth. You could then use the Tweet Value widget on your blog to attract perspective followers to your Twitter account. The badge looks something like what I posted below.

My Twitter is worth $1760

The next step is to sell your Twitter account for more than it is worth because of the hit to your brand equity that selling a Twitter account entails. Then you would have to start all over.

Other options would include creating many automated Twitter accounts. These would aggregate web content, feed you landing pages, and automatically follow people who follow the account. You could then sell these automated accounts (with pictures of beautiful women as avatars) like a Twitter account farm! Just think about that for a minute. This my friends is the future of farming! (Would that build or bust your online brand? What do you think?)

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How To Block People On Twitter You Follow Without Hurting Their Feelings

A very important lesson in business in life is a general tolerance of other people. If you are a person who blocks and flags everyone online at the end of the day this will impact your conversions and bottom line.

Also being argumentative in forums, being loud in communities, or just being strange can have a big negative effect. This happens because people are extremely sensitive to impressions on line. They want to have real relationships with others rather than play games and move around in arguments.

Usually the people you would least expect become your biggest advocates. It is important to reach out to everyone that does the same to you. Communicate. Gather. And make the world a better place.

Certain people on Twitter do either robo posting, excessively posting or are just hard to follow. There is actually a way to get their posts out of your stream for a certain amount of time. The service is called Twitter Snooze.

What are some potential side effects of Snoozing people. One problem Twitter Snooze has is that when you re follow the people, Twitter Snooze informs them of that. This may potentially hurt their feelings. There are many great alternative Twitter reading services out there to check out. They are here for us to use.

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Business Week Vlog Roundup

It is very important when starting an Internet business to do something that you can easily repeat. If you have a niche blog perhaps you only need a post a year but in reality the blog will give you more brand value if you could easily post a thousand times a day. Bring this bubbling momentum to you Twitter game as well. Bring content from the web. This will bring you followers through content, keyword, and network channels. I also covered the importance of marketing a book and how it really has to go somewhere, be about something and make a splash. Finally this week I covered the importance of education in the make money fast lifestyle. Basically do education if that specifically is your dream. If not leave the box and your two options and come up with an innovative order to succeed.

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