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Twitter is bigger than anything on earth. Whether people talk of the iPhone or Oprah , Twitter seems to be the place to see and be seen. There are more celebrities these days on Twitter then there are in Hollywood.

Twitter is much like a club for people who love socializing online. This is an extremely important way to get your business message out. Make people believe in you. Have people help you in your life. If you have questions, millions of people have answers on Twitter.

Tweeting content is part of the party and the chase. Content and links are a bait on Twitter. People blindly re tweet ideas and content and as a result if a person comes up with something within the next hour their idea can travel to every Twitter user on earth! Imagine if that idea was your product. I call this the Internet sales miracle.

Well the meme is great but there is a new cat in town. The Retweetist is much like the Tweet Meme but a bit different too. The Retweetist is big on stats too. See how well your content was Retweeted last week.

So how are you going to get your content retweeted this week? Will it be your cool titles? Probably the trust worthiness of your site coupled with a decent story can consistently get you far with the online meme game.

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How To Learn About Your Twitter Followers

Twitter followers are an important mystery for many people. When followers jump on the boat by the thousands daily it is extremely hard to keep track of people and indivdually know each follower. Yet we know it is good business practice to intimately connect with all people. To find out what their passions are and share business cards online.

A great way to improve your online business rituals may include using Twimailer so we can read our mail about these new followers. This is much like a summer camp councelor that learns all of the kid's names from pictures before they come. The devil is in the details and staying ahead of the game like this can pay off big time through friendships, and lifelong business partners.

It is important to really grasp where they are going with their profile and tweets. Connect with their interests and they will give back to you. Mutiality is the most important business tactic. The richest online business people and marketers give back more than they take. Generosity is worth big money.


Should I Post To Twitter And Facebook At The Same Time

This is an excellent question many marketers have. With the rise of automation and power posting services like Hello Txt the debate is raised whether bloggers, marketers, social media people, and other web aficionados should mega post their life work.

On one hand these tools are here for that why not use them and benefit. On the other hand excessively self promoting in social media can negatively impact viral growth of content marketing. There is really no right answer in this debate.

So how can people more ethically use these services? One way is to create a few accounts on the social media sites. Link the two accounts. Communicate in your 'professional account' that people will be receiving updates about your weekly podcast radio show, your blog posts, and your vlog about building a business. On your personal account just have fun sharing web content. This way people can opt in to your content rather then opting in to you and being left with you stream of content that they do not like.

Many marketers will often have accounts up with links and seal most of their affiliate sales with email to keep their marketing tactics and communication private. Also they can have hotter calls to action that other people wont be bothered.

The automation, bulk action versus by hand debate will continue. But one thing is for sure. People like dealing with real people at the end of the day. Once a marketer removes the human element out of the equation the question remains how can the marketer tastefully and humanely automate the money making process.

Stay tuned because within the next few years the Internet will experience a pandemic of automated blam, junk, and virus packed craziness. Keep it real and play nice.

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Are MBA's Worth It

I have been contemplating this question a lot lately since the last post. I do feel that because this is a business site that business education may be a small part of the equation.

On one hand we all know that people do not need an MBA to win the Twitter game. This new world tech order is a major game changer. The degree in a practical sense may not be as valuable a tool as tech training per say.

Yet at the same time if some one does learn the tech through a computer school on the weekends and an MBA during the week this could open up some doors. The MBA would be used to break into the corporate sector of the company. And the technology computer, robotic, engineering skills would be used to get jobs that are better positioned to make a large impact on the bottom line of the company.

I knew many people who did this when I was in college. Some guy for instance was getting a masters in Geology and Physics. But during the summer he got certified for programming, IT, and many other computer skills. Basically he really diversified his asset package. As a result he is in a much better position than I am to be innovative and successful in the corporate world. He took control of his situation and in being a leader in his life people will in turn recognize this.

I think this person realized how insignificant school was but kept at it because of scholarships, and job involvements.

But if you are detached from the system and do not take this initiative there is a great possibility that you could be working a low paying job with an MBA. If you do not stand out and order your life up in terms of your goals and passions you will never get them. And an MBA won't get you any closer. Never loose attachments from the online communities for instance because many times school takes so much energy that day to day making money online type of stuff will be back burned.

For instance while you are writing your papers all night long for 3-5+ years I will be cranking out this stuff online. You may be able to cover the overhead publishing your papers online with AdSense for instance so in some sense if you try to monetize your school experience an MBA may not be bad.

There is actually a major shortage in the business world of business leaders with executive experience, know how, education, and foresight. Countless companies do go under because the owner does not know solid business principles. An example may be a fast food joint that serves slow fast food. There are many of these out there. They give us more real cooked food for a little more money. Many of these companies because the owners could not mechanize the production process, had no foresight on their Internet marketing campaigns, and no ability to expand their limits with new products causes the place to fail. There is a big demand for knowledgeable MBA's in these companies. But they will probably not hire you until you have experience. And you can't have experience without work. So we are at square A where you figuratively have to mop floors in a cubicle jungle until some over worked crazy person will accidentally promote you.

I would rather be an entrepreneur. I mean look at me. I am average but if I make money no one can argue with that. These Internet checks in the mail are something that I am proud of and have gotten me some good jobs. The employer could care less about my endless work experience or education. To be honest I do not care either. But when I tell them that my real passion is Internet marketing and my small success they perk up and hire me even though I talk funny and am eccentric. This is kind of how the world works. If you produce money they will hire you. But once again it is a catch 22. Why would you want to work for a lame company if you are already producing a comfortable 5 figure+ income on the Internet? That is what this blog is all about. It won't make me money but I enjoy sharing stuff and gaining cool twitter friends from it. I love and appreciate every person I meet online. We are here for a reason to make money online and improve our lives one dollar (insert your currency) at a time.

So please follow me and begin the web money journey today! Turn up some tunes and begin the journey.


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