How Can I Market My Book

Books may be the strangest testament of wasteful resources that I can think of. Think about it. To get the paper people cut down perfectly good trees and plants. To get the ink toxic substances are made in a factory. To put the time in is taking away valuable life time that could be spent staring at the stars and the friendly UFOs that fly by at night.

If you are anything like me then honestly you are more interested in that thing called money. You know those greens looks especially good on autopilot! That is exactly what a book is about. Creating a revenue stream.

Books sell much like a blog post on tweet meme. First you must get the post in. Then you get a few people to tweet your site. Eventually if the title is good, the subject is a division your site will peak. At this point people will just tweet it for the numbers. This is a lot like best seller books that get sold just because they are best sellers. Some of these books are really nothing like the great poets of yesteryear.

But in the book game branding is not enough. Rather niche marketing is of the utmost importance. What do I mean by this? Books in book stores and libraries are arranged by subject matter. We want to buy a book about something, written by someone (usually famous) and this stuff better be great or else.

If your subject is business you may want to narrow it down to business in Missouri. From there you want to narrow it down to a specific shoe factory in Missouri. From there you want to narrow it down to an ant's life who lived in an ant hill near the factory. From there you want to have your whole book on a single second of that ants amazing life. This is why existentialism sells so well in the book stores. Because the best authors can make a mound out of a mole hill on any super specific niche ever. The devil is in the details in your writing, in your niche and in your marketing. Your book must both satisfy a basic need and have pop.

What do I mean by pop. I mean powerful operational prose. This is the stuff that grabs people, and makes them believe there is something deeper. Because in this world where there seems to be a million experts on anything you need you book to stand out. The pop is the reason why Tony Robbins sells a lot of books and some other person saying the same stuff sells nothing. He is bigger than life. I see the pop factor on all successful affiliate products, online infomercials, and books. Even Shake sphere did this. He went where he smelled the money and even wrote some strange books. Some of his books were even written by the publishing company and later casted out by scholars! Be like the best sales person that you can be and try to convince me in two sentences why I should buy that vacuum cleaner that you are selling. Notice that I did not say book.

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Where The Value Of An MBA Does Lie

With the economy doing crazy things many people are considering going back to school. Perhaps some want to get a masters in business. While that would be a great status symbol the real question for any entrepreneur is does the degree actually hold value?

The MBA is a degree with a wide range of curriculum's from various schools. Many schools break it up into specialties. Business is after all a very opened ended type of thing. Business happens on all levels. For example a business school in Miami may focus on trade whereas a business school in Los Angeles may focus on the music industry.

Because of this a major aspect of finding the value in the degree may be targeting to what is obtainable. For instance if you already have a foot in an IT company it may be beneficial to target an MBA with an IT emphasis. This would probably increase your job prospects and guarantee after leaving college.

But wait why is an entrepreneur blog discussing getting jobs? For the purpose of this blog I will say if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur you will face massive uncertainty, failure, hard work, and crazy journeys. School will do nothing for you. You will be on whatever square you are on. When you leave it is your initiative, mental strength and will power to succeed.

What about academic value? Generally schools do an abysmal job of giving people any real world value. Generally 1 percent of MBAs really score the job that they advertise on the school site. These people are generally well connected, have great social skills, and tremendous initiative in their self branding efforts.

Are loans and debt worth it? Yes and no. Being in a good debt is nothing to feel bad about. At the same time these loans could be used at present to utilize your skills to start a business. For instance I would rather spend that cash on domains so at least I have something to hold onto. If college is 100 grand a year for instance I would rather take a loan out and get a top level domain like . ( a billion dollar domain is out of my league but I would get something for the price)

What if college is too much and I get overwhelmed? Countless people drop out of the MBA game. Many never return to grad school again. Maybe its in their head. Maybe the school is just a hard one. Maybe anything else. But if you attend grad school do not be surprised if you end up not graduating and feeling bad that you have spent the money.

What are some alternatives? Take the loans and get computer equipment, programs and other gadgets. Relocate where there are more opportunities, jobs, good people, fast promotions, and a great life. Invest the money into more tangible goods like real estate for instance. You can get a condo in a big city for nothing these days. Travel the world. Open up an Internet cafe. The possibilities are endless. Never limit yourself to the choices that society gives you. You are smart. Think outside the box and answer the why question. Then do it.

What authority do you have in giving people career advice? Absolutely nothing my friends. It is your life. It is your choices. It is your consequences, successes and failures. You are the pirate at the helm of a pretty tight sailing ship. I know a storm is coming, but making choices like building your online brand will save your life one day. I can guarantee that.

To conclude leave a comment that is more intelligent than anything that I can muster.

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Rate Things On Twitter

Opinions are big business online. Everyone has an opinion and they are often valued. If you had a bad experience, most people would appreciated you sharing it with the community. This allows them not to make the same mistake, and make better choices.

Plodt is a service that brings the ability of people to rate stuff on Twitter. Plodt will give value to your tweets and allow you to leverage it to sell products for instance. Plodt also has a widget for the face book so you can draw facebookers to your Twitter opinions. I smell social media leveraging here!

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Create Simple Polls To Increase Twitter Engagement

In some ways polls are a litmus test for user engagement. When a poll is associated with a stronger brand then many people do the poll. Weaker brands have trouble finding anyone to do a poll. Because of this doing polls on Twitter may be an excellent way of engaging your followers and gauging how effective you are in making an impact in their lives.

There are many types of polls from complex million page multiple choice tests with essays, to simple straw polls that people answer a question from just a few choices. On all polls it may be extremely important to give people a reason to be polled. People do not like taking polls that are merely mining them for information. On the other hand if people get something good out of the polls they will come back for more.

One Twitter poll site that I have been experimenting with is Straw Poll Now. I am not sure if it works but feel free to give it a try.

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Ellie Drake Is Inspirational

I have been covering quite a few inspirational speakers on this blog. Whether it be Joe Vitale, or Tony Robbins, many of these people make similar points. This may be because there are some bits of advice that are really good. The equivalent of this in the make money world would be try google AdSense, affiliate programs, twitter and tell me what you think.

Ellie Drake is a big time inspiration speaker. She often loads the plate with many different things that can be hard to take in but in some ways they are condensed. This video is a series of blurbs that are like some of her greatest hits in being successful in business. Ellie Drake also has a Myspace page with many great videos. It is good to see people who sell stuff and making a lot of money still putting the time into creating the free net content for all of us to study. Check out here videos I highly recommend them.

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