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Making money with Twitter is easy. Twitter drives conversions on websites and businesses. Twitter builds brands. And twitter gets things done.

When people search for something they realize that twitter offers the newest and best content. So wouldn't well targeted twitter ads make a lot of money? They do.

Take Tweet Bucks for instance. With Tweet Bucks people shorten their url which gets framed by ads. If people view or click these ads then people get money. If you refer people you make 10 percent of what they make which is a rocking residual in my book. The other advantage of twitter bucks is that the payout is around 25 dollars so people need not make a lot of money to get paid.

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Social Media Tools Roundup

Social media tools will define a generation. Facebook and twitter are gigantic onions of stuff. But using the tools can be big game changers. I remember the first time I used a Facebook app. I though wow this page looks different.

Twitter is a special example. There are probably more twitter related tool, and app type of sites then there are actual users of twitter.

So what are some interesting things to add to the social media tool roundup week? How about People Browsr. People Browsr is a complex and powerful site that helps people more fully use social sites especially the best one on earth named twitter.

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A Twitter Tool That Helps People Figure Out The Impact Of A Tweet

With followers on twitter going up and down people are generally not sure how their updates effect this. Tweet Effects is a great service that helps people learn what the effects of their various tweets are. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when using Tweet Effects:

1. If you loose 700 people on one tweet and gain back the same 700 on the next tweet you may have not really lost any followers. This may be a twitter glitch.

2. I have noticed that tweeting generally makes more followers than less. As a result it is a mistake to be so afraid of people not following you that you never put out the content.

3. There is nothing wrong with people not following you. Maybe they just outgrew your message.

4. I noticed the tweets that got the most unfollows unintentionally looked like some get rich quick scam. This is problematic because I usually promote many posts about making money online. As a result I may rethink how I word the tweets that link to this blog and tweet meme.

5. Tweet Effects has a cool badge for the brave. Seriously this is a great concept in being open about your success and failures. Being transparent is big money.

6. Usually when I got followers for a tweet, I noticed that over the next few tweet these people unfollowed. This could be because my automated reciprocity follow has not kicked in. This may also be as many have stated with driving followers that most people in general unfollow over time. An example is that the #followfriday has the #unfollowsaturday and #unfollowtherestoftheweek.

Tweet Effects is a great twitter analysis tool. At the same time there is the same trap as with google analytics in that people spent to much time analyzing and not enough time hustling and producing the money making contents.

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An Easy Way To Make Twitter More Interactive

Twitter is a very social type of community. Many people are rated by their ability to be social, do social things, and have an interactive tweet stream. These are the people that interest us. They are people magnets and they can help us get more followers as well.

Besides re tweeting and throwing @s all of the time there are some other options. Take Tweete Rate for instance.

Tweete Rate can also help promote your profile, because the site keeps track of popular users. Effectively becoming a power user of Tweete Rate could mean more followers.

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An Easy Way To Increase Twitter Followers By 2.87%

For many people getting twitter followers is important. We need followers to buy our products. We need new friends to innovate with. And we need good reason to actually use twitter every day.

Tweeting the trends is one of the easiest ways of getting more twitter followers. After all many people try to follow this stuff every day. Trend tweets enter aggregrators and can land you thousands of followers in an hour.

The best way to market into trends is to know what they are about. What The Trend is a good site with this information.

Once you know the trend it may help to have an angle. Maybe run a quick search. Then execute a master tweet and watch the followers just pile up. Plain and simple.

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An Easy Way To Promote Your Twitter Profile On Your Blog

I have seen countless top bloggers really not doing that well on twitter. Bridging twitter and blogging is easy and an essential part of any good marketing campaign.

Most bloggers will for example go out of their way to promote countless products that will cure skin problems, and fix flat tires but they will not do one thing that will help promote their twitter profile.

See twitter works in synergy with blogging. You bring people from your blog to twitter. They follow you. Then people from other sources see all of your followers and follow you too. Then these people go to your blog as well.

This also allows you to swing promote any project, or affiliate deal for example online. Now you have twice the marketing power that you did. You have the fast marketing power of twitter and the long tail search and social market of your blog.

What are some ways that people promote twitter on their blog? One way that I see many of the twitter experts is through badges(Twitter My Site), widgets, blog posts, and any other way imaginable.

Also try bringing your social media synergy from other social media experiences as well. I have seen people effectively promote myspace and twitter as a synergistic couple. This also works well between facebook, friendfeed, digg, and any other social media site. But remember my friends sprinkle the twitter on everything and your online brand will grow like a tree.

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Ways To Crack The Twitter Code

Twitter is in many ways a journey. Just like video games there is a learning curve. We have to find the first level and get the gold nugget or whatever. And just like in video games we see emerging patterns in apps, tools, and twitter tricks. We get better at finding this stuff. As a result over time if people apply themselves to twitter they naturally get better with it.

Twitter is a social media site that actually gives back. I know countless people who got abysmal traffic on other social media. They turned to twitter as a last ditch effort and are now rock stars.

On the other hand I have entrepreneur friends who are teetering on ideas. I keep telling them that social media will help make their dreams come true. Twitter is the ONLY social media site at the moment that truly connects all people in both an intimate and practical way. Twitter is in a league of its own.

Among the Tweet Later type of tools I will bring fourth another one called Easy Tweets. Easy Tweets is both free and for pay and does some automation.

Tools are what make twitter fly. Think of them as time and productivity hacks. Your followers will like you more because using automation tools can bring out your professionalism and skill. Twitter is great. I love twitter.

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