Effectively Leveraging Google Finance

With the current economic situation why am I talking about finance. We all know that the people telling everyone to invest in stuff love watching the investments of the 'regular people' fail. In some sense we should run from the market.

But you my friend as you read this website are into building Internet business. In some sense if we build a big enough business we must rely on external market forces. Whether this be the real estate market for our offices and land investments, the forex market in how we decide our international money collection policies, the loan market if we need to leverage large amounts of money without risking our personal assets, the local market to spread the word of our product or the stock market if we go public.

The world is moving away from the traditional stock markets. Business is changing to the point that the MBA is essentially a worthless degree. According to Guy Kawasaki people with tech skills add value to the company while MBA's subtract value. These ideas obviously display his bias because tech companies made him. Guy Kawasaki can not see beyond his scope. But there is a lot of truth in what he says. 'People are measured by the dollar and beyond that nothing else matters.' This is why we are all here on ibrpro.com because we want to leverage money and add ourselves to people with a net income. I would rather be counting affiliate checks on a job well done than griping about how I am economically, socially, technologically screwed and behind the curve. Because my friends with the Internet and the wealth of information that it offers us, there is no stopping our dreams.

Google Finance plays a big part of this. If we want to be successful entrepreneurs we want to understand the channels that money is travelling. Finance and trends are very important in being an entrepreneur. The trends will 100% of the time point to the next big thing. All it takes from us is imagination. Ten to twenty years ago for example I used a computer. I had no idea that online advertising would make so many people millionaires through these years. Yet there were visionaries that knew this. They quietly built a few niche sites. Today they do not work. They live at home in the most beautiful parts of the world and share their life with their online friends. These people have driven a major part of the world financial culture. They have redefined what it means and what it takes to make money. These marketers have become important parts of tech companies because their interest led them to become closet computer scientists and probably the most skilled at programming on earth. I would encourage you to push to the next big thing and believe in your ability to make it happen and walk away with money and a smile.

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Master Google For Webmasters

I never understand why Google helps its competition! It seems like the irony is that Google's biggest competition is either A. a Google employee or B. some kind of affiliation to Google.

Google for Webmasters has an extremely useful tutorial that covers the various Google tools involve with websites.

The video talks about letting the happy Google bots in.

The video also talks about making Site Maps for the bots and your audience.

Google has trouble with hot updated content. This is why many bloggers who crank out posts get the most money on their day off. When the blogger comes on vacation the Google bot comes out to play.

The video talks about how Google Bot has trouble understanding flash and multimedia. A result of this is that we must really describe what people are to say. Think keywords and SEO.

The video also talks about how important the title and description are. They are what catch people's eye and hence are major traffic drivers of people.

The video talks about how content that repeats itself. Google may not know where the original content is or the appropriate place to go. The video has many solutions for this.

The video also talks of page rank, page violations, and webmaster tools.

Check it out.

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All Of Your Twitter Followers Deserve Twesents

In the game of social media it is important to give if you want to get. Probably the best way to be kind to your Twitter followers is to give them a Twesent. This is probably a much more effective way of becoming an E Millionaire than the usual automated link dropping game that looks like 'thank you for following me, now visit my site.com etc.' Twesents build on the law of social media attraction which is so essential for being successful.

There was a time when I thought all of this stuff in social media was ridiculous. But there was a common thread in the people who gave the most gifts. They usually had the most friends that were extremely loyal.

None of us can make it online as lone rangers. The quicker that people realize the power of social media to help their business the quicker that they can make the money rain hundred dollar bills in 2009.

Invest in others with nothing in return and people will give back, link in, talk about you. In effect you are in when you become a part of the twitterati. People will write on blogs about your Tweets and how you effectively use Twitter. This is much better than people calling you a spammer.

Love is the cure for everything.

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Using Google Product Search For Mobile To Save Your Business Money

Buying the right stuff for business is important. Continually buying the wrong stuff will end up draining the pocket book of the business. Eventually you will have no money to do anything. Then what?

Google Product Search For Mobile allows people to compare products on their mobile phone.

What are the best products to research? Probably one of the biggest mistakes businesses make is in their mobile equipment, computer equipment, software, hardware, office supplies, business cards, printers, and the list goes on.

Bringing Google productivity software into our lives is good.

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How To Contribute To The Google Social Web

'How can I use Google's social media properties?' 'I did not know that google has social stuff.' 'I want in.'

These are the typical sentiments of many people. They love Google and all it does but have trouble finding the Google social sites. After all it is much easier just typing in Twitter in our web browser.

Google is a social force to be reckoned with. Google launched their social blog this year. So to some degree I am breaking big news online.

The big shocker is how few people are following this blog so far. This is what happens when the project is so new. It is like stepping into that new car, and every thing just shines.

The latest Google Social innovation is content recommendation. Driving recommendations is what makes online society spin and evolve. On Twitter we re tweet. Google realizes the importance of this and is taking it farther.

'So I have a Twitter account. Why should google social concern me?'

The answer is that Twitter is hot and fast. But Google is consistent and slow. The race of the tortoise and the hare was not a draw my friends. Remember that. And good luck.

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Leveraging Adsense Like A Forex Account

This is probably one of my strangest thoughts ever. I remember reading a few articles about how AdSense publishers not in America can receive a benefit from AdSense if exchange rates are favorable. According to the AdSense blog I read that the total is counted in USD then converted. This in effect can turn into a forex investment of sorts. Lets say that you are a famous international blogger. You travel to different countries and change your settings in each country. As a result you travel and collect your AdSense checks only from the countries that are going strong, or weak or whatever. You end up making mad cash because of the AdSense for forex effect. This is a cool idea and I suspect someone is doing it.

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Google Ad Planner Is The Best Way To Increase Adsense Revenue

In the world of Google AdSense some people seem to get rich while others get ten cent clicks. There is often little difference between the two. Websites can get tons of traffic and do horrible with Google AdSense. While other websites get practically no traffic, but they make a living wage with Google AdSense. A major part of succeeding in Google AdSense is to promote your site on the web and through the advertiser channels. This way advertisers can have a firm understanding of what your website is about. They become more likely to take out your ad slots. If one advertiser takes out an ad slot and is successful more want in. In effect you need to learn how to market your websites to make the most AdSense money. Google Ad Planner a feature that was released this may takes the whole promote your website to advertisers to the next level. The Ad Planner is basically a stat listing that helps advertisers see if your site is right for them. This can help advertisers a lot. What size ads to you run for example, what is your site about, and how much traffic does it get. These are the foundation that will make advertisers hit your site. When it happens look out for the elusive 100 dollar click! Legend has it at least!

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How To Really Increase Google Traffic

Google is in the case of many businesses a desired place to get traffic from. Unfortunately there are a million bad myths surrounding the whole how to get Google traffic. The best way to really get Google traffic is to understand really how all of this works and exploit the system.

The How:

Google works like a galazy. It spins, expands, contracts, but is never really the same. Google is a robot that is continually searching for both relevant and new information on the web. Google then categorizes the info and incorporates it into the search.

How To Exploit This:

New subjects with a steep upward trend is the best way to get long tail Google traffic. If you are one of the first in on a subject, you will get seniority on the engine. If you are on top and viewed by Google as one of the sites to break the topic your site will be important. This is how most of the top money bloggers get a top site and endless revenue stream. If you on the other hand make the mistake of going after the hot topics, it is alread to late. When something is already discovered and trending your site will never get as much Google traffic as the founders.

Win The Google Game By Incorporating Non Google Information:

If the majority of your reasearch and content development is done using the Google engine then inevitably you will rarely find these untapped jewels. Because of this it can help to find obscure information and bring it to Google and be a niche pioneer rather than just anouther niche crasher.

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People First, Money Second

With the current economic situation people often misplace their online marketing campaigns. Trying to force things on people is a mistake. Take this energy and put it into you pitches is better. Trying to clog you site with ads is a mistake. Generating leads through effective funnels, words and videos is a good use of your time. One way to really reach out to people who read your site is through a news letter. There are numerous news letter services out there like Feed Blitz. Secondly how well does your site do for traffic. Exploit more trends and you will see an increase in traffic and engagement. For example I found this jewel when typing in 'make money fast' my favorite search term. I also noticed that the term affiliate program was going down hill. Adsense too peaked in 2007 and is now going down. Adsense alternatives on the other hand is up in 2009 especially in Delhi and London. Work from home was up but is not down. Internet business as a term is down as well. Twitter was up but is now going down. Blog is flat lineing but still going slightly up. Ebay is going down. Etc. Use Google trends to identify and target specific markets to leverage. If the trend is going up your are much more likely to make a lot of money than from a crashing trend.

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Do You Have Your Own Personal Bailout? Working From Home On The Internet

The present economic situation has been a strain on many people. Uncertainty has been probably the biggest misery driver. Many people are loosing their money, their jobs, their homes, their apartments, and life. Every day is different and we are in times where reality is redefined every day. As entrepreneurs we can see many opportunities in the shifting values of things, new businesses, commerce, and cracks in the global competition monopoly that is traditionally held by a few corporations. Personal brand has emerged as a tried and true money maker. Touring the country and world selling stuff online, on the phones, in person, and any way else has been redefining marketing. The economy has also driven a resurgence in the make money fast industry. This sleeping giant that has long been categorized as one of the hardest niches to make money on is now doing much better. New make money fast programs are being formed every day. Whether it be the 75 million dollar success story, or just how a couple of college students generate 7 leads a day producing around 700 bucks a piece we are all interested and intrigued. Some people reposition their business. They re brand the drinks they sell and grab hold of the inter webs for fast dispersal. People rightfully use their new free time in social media. They leverage Twitter and make more Face book friends. The most important thing it to have a plan. We need a method to the madness. Without this we could be under exploiting our web properties. Have you ever tried just pitching products in fun and funny YouTube videos? Sometimes a simple online sales pitch with an affiliate link can be golden.

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