Apple Is Experiencing More Computer Troubles

Ever since the rise of Google and the push towards computing in the cloud, Apple and Microsoft have been having a hard time creating software and related comparable products. This has allowed for the emergence of a new breed of computer companies. The most notable company is the winner of the micro blog wars Twitter. Who would have thought that communication could be so quick and powerful? Apple responded with apps and devices for this. But then every company came back doing the same thing. Some companies say why try to compete with Apple when we can sorta join them. The best way of doing this would be to clone the apple experience and save our customers a lot of money. Apple has had to spend the time and money making these clones stop. The economic loss to Apple is substantial given that it does not take up a large market share. To make matters worse Microsoft is doing well in the computer wars and has convinced many people that Apple is just 'too expensive/just looks/not for regular people.' These commercials have served to re educate the people to return to an honest computer company that sells equipment to get stuff done. Apple is looking to release their third model of the Iphone this summer. Unfortunately for Apple the mobile smart phone competition now has literally given everyone the Internet phones at a fraction of the cost. Apple needs a miracle.


Twitter Is Going To Redefine Online Advertising

Twitter is a site that seems to have an aversion to advertising. I have no idea how they make money besides outside funding. But according to recent news twitter wants to use its unique position in the online social sphere so in can specially promote big business for a price. This seems in one sense a great idea. But in another sense it could be the end of banner advertising. According to Blogger Unleashed when advertising becomes more efficient the cracks are sown. These cracks are what made people a lot of money back in the day when the ad game was easier to win. Now because of more options advertisers tend to care little of publishers and are more into the innovative search applications of advertising, which included google and now in the future twitter. The targeted advertising on these sites can not be matched by anything. This just makes pitching a blog a bit harder.


Viral Video Grows In 2009

Viral video may be one of the most important online social media events. Few ways can people so readily connect in so many ways. Live online TV has brought great interaction. New evidence suggests that videos sites like YouTube are expanding quickly. People look more seriously every day at online video and how it can effectively build brands and leverage markets. Twitter has made viral video even more viral. Micro blogging increases the speed at which video content travels around the world. This makes time sensitive video content able to more effectively leverage social search, and this creates a much stronger long tail content dispersal than the world has ever seen. Micro blogging is also making videos with smaller info more viral. In the past many social marketing guru's evangelized the long and complex descriptions. After all the more specific we get the higher Roi, active users, and conversions can be expected. Micro blogging has changed all of this. Ideas must be within the span of 140 characters including spaces. With the re tweet as the ultimate democracy of this system people will have a hard time re tweeting things that do not have a simple concept. An example may include a twt pic and caption that reads 'my friend is hungry' and have a picture of a dog with its whole head in the food bag. This differs from what succeed before twitter which might be a caption 'pug eats hungry dog brand dog food.' As anyone can see that the brand may have been good in a google search. In a twitter search on the other hand, and in twitter meme people look harder for feeling. If the information is now there must be some kind of emotional marketing.


Why Twitter Hype Can Not Be Separated From Twitter Technology

I remember once reading a comment on youtube around 2007. The comment said to the pro blogger who made the video, effectively the only reason people watched the video, was because it was on a high traffic blog. One side of me said yeah is that not the whole point of youtube, to increase your visibility, even if you need to promote it on your hot web properties? Why do we need to be a nobody to be allowed to put up videos. But than I felt the other side of the coin. These celebrities were stealing the wind, and traffic from many fan(boys) of youtube. I could see how this could be frustrating. People made and make youtube their life. If youtube can not give them what they want, then it is a messed up community. Well in steps twitter actually before I read that. But twitter is chugging along. Evolving its hype to the point of hysteria, in a short time. The celebrities came a long, and once again, we have people bringing external hype to win twitter. And they did win. But twitter is actually different than youtube. Fundamentally, twitter is a place where more people can succeed, who have nothing. Let me say that again. You do not have to have much, to do well on twitter. And twitter will have a positively impact your business. I have seen more people do well on twitter who have struggled for years on youtube, blogs, facebook, chat rooms, and every other thing thrown our way online. The hype is only helping this. Hype is the fuel, that makes every person create a site about twitter. These services are designed to help everyone. For instance if someone who follows you, or who you are following used an automated twitter traffic machine, you will receive benefits for doing nothing. This is the twitter ripple effect where there are so many people shaking the lake, that you need not create a wave to surf it. With twitter, people do not need the fanciest technology, to help them. People win with very simple pages, and well executed marketing. There are people who could not get a person to their blog. They open up a twitter account and now their blog is in the top hundred thousand sites. Twitter is a crack in the glass ceiling of online success. Make the most of it.


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