Study Your Audience

Knowing what people do when they read your site is essential. Sizes, shapes, colors, page types, and different designs can have a huge impact on the success of your online business. It is especially important to mix the viewing info with the clicks to make sense of the whole picture.

Once you get a good site up you may want to go a step furthur. Geolocate and geo source your posts. Search engines are in love with geo located content. Where are you talking about? Would a pin point map add value to your blog, business, or other etc website? Yes.

Start busting some pretty gadgets too.


Ear Phones Hurt Ears Say Apple

Many people have long claimed that iPods really hurt the ears. This has largely to do with the new frequencies delivered close to the ear drum. I was told by a sound engineer that using these iPods causes a lot of ear damage. Well now new news from apple claims that the Iphone and Ipod are electrocuting people's ears. I am not an ear doctor but I could imagine that electricity is horrible for the ear drum, and deep ear.

Unfortunately this is a case where people use technology blindly because of consumption patterns. Many people do not realize that listening to sound chronically, or loud for prolonged periods of time destroys the hearing. This can be extremely deceptive. Many people are unaware of hearing loss. If people progressive loose their treble range how would they know this if they are listening to bass that they continually turn up as their hearing cells and structure are destroyed. It is important to be good to the ears especially if music is your business and online money maker. Take some time off and read up on the new microsoft apps.


How To Make More Money Through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is not a walk in the park. Yet if people see results they will often flourish and make a living out of creating sales funnels. Packaged programs help people set up the basics so they can concentrate on laying out the viral promotion pieces like video, social profiles, and any where else they can drop the link to the landing page. These packages either have guidance for setting up niche stores and pages, market information, key word niche information and other useful things.

Automation is also a major part of many programs.*

For example some programs to increase affiliate revenue use complex automation of online classifieds for example to drive a lot of targeted traffic to the honey spot. This is how many people make money. Unfortunately many programs are scams so do not just fall for the next one that seems too good to be true.

*Automation refers to anything that can do administrative actions without being logged in. Essentially this is what marketers refer to when they make claims of not having to work more than x ammount of hours a week.


Some Times We Have To Be Recognized

With the Internet being increasingly social people have trouble establishing any real goals. Having a goal like I want more traffic may get people to say that traffic is not important.

Other goals like the need to make more money online may be met by people who say that building a personal brand is better. But there has to be goals driving at least some of what you do online so you innovate. So you will push things further and open up new cans of paint and start splashing it on your canvas. You may want to check out the Pak Ranks and sites like it. Become the top site today.


Concise Is Golden

I like reading blogs and recently I came across a good one. Only this blog broke all of the rules. It did not repeat the same topic over and over. It did not give out links, or use pictures, videos and other things. It made a lot of sense. I am really not sure if it is a blog, or just a resume, or social profile. The person did not really care about the whole online thing.

Actually I suspect it was automated! Ha. I wonder if this blogger would give me a business card? I call this the power of simple. And it all confirmed my feelings that twitter is positioned for business.

The business of doing good stuff for business. That is why twitter is a bird and blue and white colored? I believe that winning social media is engaging other sites too. Find the next big thing and tell me about it. Link in to do the talking. Wink. My bet is on Google.


Business Leadership Leads To Revenue

I was watching Seth Godin doing a Ted talk. To him leadership is creating some kind of movement. This is obviously a strange conclusion to the question what is marketing. But at the same time it is his interpretation of where marketing is going. I am personally not sure if current technology is really doing that as much as he says. In many ways I think it does build niches and change the way people think. But in other ways technology probably increases the inequalities of the world, outside of probably the affluent people that he is addressing. So where does this lead us in business? You can answer this better than I can. By the way have you seen the affiliate program AMWSO?


Does Twitter Change The World

Probably not. It can help people make money. It can help bloggers get traffic. It makes some people think that others are listening to them. Twitter is a game of perception. How people use it to loop in contacts improves the twitter power. Then there is the rank. Any time there is a hierarchy in life if we want to win it may help to climb to the top. People use the perception of twitter power to unload affiliate get rich quick programs. Just like with google money there is now twitter money. I have nothing against people who do this. Many people perceive the pyramid scheme of twitter where the power users prosper and to every one else twitter is a silly social site. Twitter is a good mechanism of announcements. Like you are having a discount on something you are selling. Twitter has cool automatic ways of communication. This is like doing work in our sleep. In that way twitter is the ultimate auto pilot communication tool. In that way the world is changing. I love automation and robots. Automation to income is the way of twitter.


Web Design Puzzle Pieces

All blogs and websites have a considerable number of pieces that people can move around, change and mold to their liking. Unfortunately these simple aspects of websites often cause people the most trouble and head aches. Smashing Magazine has a good article on this.

It is always good to step back from a website and say how useful is this widget? Do I get any real benefit from a rotating header? Simple yet profound questions can be answered with analytics.

Many people will find that really basic things do the best. Reinventing the wheel has made quite a few bad sites out there.


How An Official Twitter Shirt Can Land People More Followers

Twitter and tech shirts have been going around for awhile. I am not sure how well they really compete with slogan, and print shirts but all of this may change. Because today Twitter is officially trying its luck selling shirts.

Supposedly if people wear the shirt they will get more followers. This whole process is very similar to self advertising. I would take my own shirt and get my twitter URL printed on the back that would look like in a nut shell. People would see this then check out my twitter account and follow me. I would then put my twitter URL on a bumper sticker on my car and the list goes on.

I would recommend people took this avenue of self promotion. Because to win online is to win in life. That is my motto. I do not really live it down. But it feels good to say it.


How Do You Know A Blog Is Any Good

I was reading a hub spot article about quantifying the success of a blog or website. The only stat that I personally care about is how much money the site makes. I do everything in my power to increase conversions and make myself feel better with the monthly pay checks. What are the best stats for potential conversions? Traffic is highly deceptive, and may be the worse stat to check for potential conversions. I would track which keywords draw visitors to where on the site. I would then target that part with related ads. If a site does not have a plan then the ads may not get clicked enough, which decreases overall revenue. This is not very cool considering how cool money is!


Ellen DeGeneres Is Going To Overtake Ashton Kutcher On Twitter

Ashton Kutcher made world news with his million twitter followers. This is a big deal but he is about to get schooled by Ellen DeGeneres . The tragedy of this tech story is not what is happening but what does not happen. If these two people only knew what is at stake in twitterville. If I were them I would automate my account and set up many sites and pages promoting my site. I would use all of the twitter tools available including the black hat ones! It is sad that they do not do these things. All I have to say is look out Ashton because Ellen is doing very good twitter work.


Web Design Advice From The Pro's

Recently I was reading an article about web design. It made a good point about getting the little things right. Web design is like that. The details are where it is at.

Do not go overboard with your design promotion. I learned this by this Star Bucks article. It looks like Star Bucks is trying to drive up sales during these times by playing the home town proud stuff. I feel like gagging!

This is a marketing fail.


The Android G1 Google Smart Phone Versus The Palm Pre

According to a Gizmodo article the Android is a better bet than the Palm Pre for user interface. The video would make anyone with an iPhone extremely jealous as well. I like how the phone's interface was actually useful. On some of these phones it is a chore working the interface. The Android also has that wonderful touch pad. Did I mention that the Android is open source and evolving faster than any other phone on the planet. IPhone what?

Really it is about time these phones worked for the consumer and not the sales staff if you know what I am saying. Wink.


There Is No Way To Escape Telephone Spam

Am I the only one who gets millions of calls a day not for me? Recently a friend had been trying to call me for months. I blocked his number because he had changed it and I was not familiar with the new city area code! We have a pandemic. Unfortunately the phone spam is getting worse.

According to the article they can call anyone and their phones are set up to break barriers, and do anything. Basically no one is immune from bad telemarketing. But we all knew that.

On one hand I have always dreamed of starting up an online telemarketing business. I would call it the 'dream team' where money rains like a monsoon would be the catch line. On the other hand this telemarketing thing is really out of hand. Unfortunately there is really nothing people can do but stop using phones. Why not just use live streaming talk online, Skype, video chat rooms or whatever else the Internet has invented. All of that stuff is free.

I predict people will stop using phones in ten years the same year they stop using TVs and cars.

If you keep it locked to this site you will make so much money you can hire someone to answer your phones. Just kidding my friends.


Why Your Boss Loves To Spy On You Like A Creep

When people work the 9 to 5 there is a level of surveillance. People are spied on. After all the company does not want to loose money. So basically money comes before people. People become a commodity. Part of the production process. They even loose their name and face. They are only a number. And when the numbers and down bam the pink slip.

If that description of the corporate world is not strong enough evidence for everyone reading this to want to try to make money online. I do not know what will convince you!


The Palm Pre Is Revolutionizing The Mobile Play

I am not one to hype things but I am excited about the Palm Pre phone coming out on Sprint. Palm does a good job and this phone is fairly inexpensive. The mobile revolution really starts when the smart phones become affordable. Now would be a good time to start building apps and programs for the Palm Pre if making money is of interest to you.

According to the press release the Palm Pre is easy to use, compared to the iPhone probably. The features excite me a lot.

I have had more than a few smart phones and honestly I did the smart thing. I shut them off. Got a regular phone with a battery that lasts for weeks on. For my computer I got a second small dell that I can take with me with the connect card. This way I can do more powerful computing than these smart phones are yet capable of.

Smart phones are the future but the hype is quite silly. Baby computers are way more productive for the stuff that I need to do outside of the house.


Sony Ericcson Needs Bailout

Sony Ericcson is a mobile business collaboration gone to the birds. Now this joint venture wants a bailout. Nothing is funnier than companies who make a living ripping people off now want tax money from the honest working folk that risk their lives in the rat race every day, or are unemployed which is never a choice I can guarantee that. Sorry big bad corporations you do not deserve a bailout. People on the other hand are the ones that do. Am I the only one who thinks this socialistic way!? Well I would like to say this my friends if you are tired of bailing out business, join me and learn about making money online. I am hear to teach people how to create their own economic bailout. This site is completely free and actually useful to keep it locked to my friends.


Bacteria Orchestra Of Iphones Makes Viral Video Riches

Yesterday I wrote an article about the guys who played in an iPhone band. They were musically talented. This translated into viral video views and money in the bank. Send some of the big online media traffic to an affiliate link and I just thought of the best way to get rich quick online ever. Especially when every site covers these stories for weeks. Now the story of the bacterial orchestra is one that I forgot to cover. I thought that it had no relevance to making money online. Today I read the story and realized how much relevance it did have. Basically people do strange things on iPhone and use it to make money online. Well this is all said and good but this iPhone music video less than impressed me. I suspect the people in the video are not power users. Something is wrong and this story will probably end up on the fail blog as well. It is kinda cool but the sounds their phones pick up really does not make a shred of music. 3 year olds and harmonicas sound better to me.


Stock Market Dividends May Decrease During Hard Times

Yesterday I covered a story how old media wanted people to dive head over heals back into the stock market. I knew this was wrong. BBC news covers a company where the dividends decrease because of the market. If you made your career out of investing not getting dividends could really ruin you life. Most investors use part of the dividends to spend on themselves, part to reinvest, and part to save. The dividends are fundamental economic drivers. But now with them cut it is like the living 'wage' of millions of people are also cut. The people who suffer most from this generally have a more full dependence on the market, and probably in these conditions have considerable losses.

Investing is cool, but in the market right now may be not so smart. There are billions of great things to invest in that are not in the sick stock market that make people rich. Find these things and be smart.


Sketchy Logic, Strange Investment Advice, It Is Your World

Recently I was reading an article that said now might be a time to invest. I just did not buy the logic. Pretty much the article claimed that because we can not predict the up swing and the markets go up every year now is the time to invest.

This just seemed really fallacious. I would argue only invest in sound investments. Many stocks for instance could still disappear. I am no genius on the market but I do know that some more bad stuff could happen to companies. Then where does your money go.

Why not invest in things that are not a part of the market. The stock market is largely controlled by inside traders. Why not put some money into forex, land, gold, and other non stock investments until we are sure that businesses will stop going out of business.

Part of the fun as an investor may be the future discounts that we have yet to realize. This article seemed like an attempt to generate buzz for corporations that are also sponsors. Be careful what you wish for.

Remember the great depression because we may be heading for one.


Posts Across The Web That Readers Engage In


Take your ads up and paint a pretty picture with words. Get people to respond. What? Try the q and A type of thing.

The What:

Readers engage in websites for a variety of reasons. Some people they honestly want to meet other people who have sites, or are reading sites. Others want to promote something. And still others it is a form of entertainment. So where do you fall?


Why do you cover your subjects. What do you want people to get out of your website?

Cover exciting stories like the person who used twitter and social media from the highest mountain on earth besides Hawaii.

Be controversial. Go against the twitter hype. Take a risk. Be funny. Have fun. Stir up a conversation.

Do these examples inspire you to write blog posts that will set the world record for user comments? I hope so!

According to the times you may want to hook your readers in. I remember teachers telling me to do this. I had not a clue and I still do not have a clue. It just sounds so right.

Getting the right comments is like getting the right seat. It takes a secret to know the system. Know your secret. Know your story. Tell stuff to people. Make a really long video.

Make 1 million videos online that promote a single article. That way a million people will check it out. Love it and make a wonderful comment. Ha!