Finally After Infinity Years Facebook Gets Open Id Up

Soon! The Facebook probably one of the most important social networks is finally making it easier for the open id crowd to sign up. This may increase spam, more experienced users, and overall crowds of facebook. Basically the open id is good and bad. From my point of view this rules.

Let's just say that I am a marketer for illustration sakes. I bust an email with every web site I have. I then use that as the basis of the open ID. This way I could populate the facebook with multiple profiles. I could spread the marketing and really target people on each profile. Because I this situation I explain I believe that facebook open id is a dream. Also we are one step closer to making the Internet one big happy family.


Computer Programming, Software Engineering: Can You Fake It?

Have you ever dreamed of ruling computer land. Like have you wanted to create something big? Be a scientist of coolness? Computer programming or whatever you call it may be for you. It seems like the second answer to the computer programming question is very similar. Most programmer question people's motivations. They answer by saying only if you already program and love it. Much like life. If you are looking to re enter programming check out this article. School is for fools. Just kidding do what you want. Self better yourself. Make us proud!


Why Didn't I Think Of This!

I always thought that I was really popular with the girls online until one day I had the revelation. These were not girls but rather automated social media accounts. If you are having the same problem as I have been having than you would love reading this tech crunch story and the great comments that it spawned.

To be honest as funny as these stories are I see a stroke of genious in it. If only I was as smart as the spammers, I too would also have much money to swim in!

I love these twitter memes. I wonder if there is ever a bottom. It is like the glass is not only half full but in the bottom has a natural spring! The internet is infinite!


I Never Knew This About Twitter Followers

I was reading twitip and I stumbled on an excellent post. Minus the fact that it calls John Chow's site(John Chow is my favorite make money online site ever) a spam site I thought it had some good information. Basically the post chronicled why people follow a twitter account. I disagree that the only followers are people who follow just to follow. There are so many reasons. But I know for a fact that I started getting more followers once I promoted my twitter account. The more I promote it the more followers I get. I do not promote my twitter account enough. In case you do not know how to promote your twitter account just figure out your URL and use it. My twitter URL for example is I could link drop this anywhere on the web and expect to get more followers. Some of the other ideas were that people get listed on twitter and get a follower rush. I believe firmly and I have proved this that many followers come through using 3rd party apps for social and search features. That would be what I would have used as an extra number. But besides the few things I see this was a very useful article.

The article author was promoting a cool twitter service called calendar tweet. This is an excellent idea and I hope that they have a bright future in the twitter 3rd party tool and app game. Which is worth big money by the way. Get in if you like the smell of bills!

I am out of stuff to say besides my usual twitter rocks bit. I will turn the mike over to you and say you rock. Thanks for reading this bit. Peace.


Charles Yang Claims That Having An Opinion Is Good

John Chow has some great guest bloggers. Charles Yang wrote an article about reasons it is good to have an opinion. If people can categorize you then you will do well online basically. These are wise words.

Then I went on to reading the blog of Charles Yang. The first post was great. He found the four pillars of making money and shared them with us. I am glad I learned this information.

Good word thank you for all of this great reading. I am very thankful that there are people out there unearthing the big ideas every day. This way I never have to think of them. I can just pass on the links and hope people come back after they have amassed an online fortune.


The Most Amazing Use Of The Iphone Ever

A bunch of guys play iPhone instruments to an adoring crowd in the mall. They are better with iPhone than any band I have ever heard. My only question is how did they get that type of reception? And why did the phones not brick at all? Geniuses!

Talking about the iPhone, google's android has been having some scaling problems. The android that was originally marketed as a little open source miracle computer is now less than perfect. Now I do not feel so bad that I did not buy one. Ah technology, it never works.

But to help us make these silly 'smart' phones work is an amazing online Stanford course. Just like real school I have never been able to sit through one of these courses. I always go to sleep 7 seconds into it.

Luckily for the marketer Nokia is bringing ad supported stuff to the phone. This is the mobile ad revolution started by the famous AdSense for mobile. I call this the trickle away effect. One day money will rain. And we will thank these phones.

Luckily all of this energy will be saved in our smart grids. Bringing computers to electricity sounds intelligent. I just wonder what happens when these computers get a virus? Will the situation leave us in the dark?

If the lights go out I will be using a design generator to make me happy. Art is what saves the world. One person at a time. If only it could save us from global warming!

In related news web designers want your money. Some one wants some of the air plane cash cow. I say just go to flight school.

Why am I sounding more and more like Stephen Colbert every day? Probably because I just watched his show. Maybe I should legally change my name to Stephen Colbert and start my own online show. Maybe 2 people would watch in instead of one because for a second they thought is was the Colbert Report! Hello Nation...


Why Does Google Now Use The Blogger Icon?

Maybe it is just my computer, but I have noticed that google is not sporting a proud orange square white b. This is the same icon used for blogger. What is the deal?

I am really more interested in how to be successful in marketing. This is an amazing list. The list may make some people want to rethink their motivations. I say if the energy leads you to online marketing, then it is just destiny. Accept it. Some people might get that degree from the University of San Franscisco which AdSense has been promoting a lot. Any school that has to market the degree this much makes me question how good it is. After all Princeton does not have to knock on doors to have people line up for admissions. Some people may not even need a business if they just found some good ways to save the green skins on twitter. Some other may just automate a daily twitter ad to pay the bills. Whatever floats your boat. But if there are waves grab the surfboard and catch a wave.


Do Not Build A Pyramid

Pyramids build money but may in many cases be illegal. There was a travel company who may have done this. As a result they settled a million bucks. That is many bucks! It may have been easier just not making a pyramid no matter how much money it made.

The banks made a similar mistake. They created their own pyramids. Their silly I am a bank commercials will never fool me. Not for a second.

Some people try to turn their business into a tax shelter. That is good as long as it is not a tax pyramid if you get my drift.

Once you take down all pyramids associated with you try to get into a twitter business directory. That is how we do it. Was that not a popular song in the 90s?


The Marketing Ploy Code Named Business, And Why It Is Meaningless

When doing business online it is important to keep a strong b-s antenna so you do not fall into other people's traps. A major thing that marketers do to make people feel left out is bombard their blog posts with crazy 'business' jargon. These words are designed to distract us from learning truth. It is important to collaborate with people to build your brand equity through team work. But you should keep a lookout for people with these crazy credential and big words. A great example is the fact that people can photo shop their feed reader to say that a million people read their blog when the number is really zero. I have nothing against the fake it till we make it thing but also to beware of the motives.

In a related concept google is bringing small business to the forefront. This helps google a lot because much of their profits are done by freelance marketers who for example really do well with google AdSense. Google also wants to facilitate the ingenuity that may create its future talent pool. Eric Schmidt was arguing this on TV. Pretty surreal stuff here in 2009.

I believe that the future of business is in smart metrics. The whole problem is that most analytics, even if handled by the experts can be deceiving. Marketers have no way of figuring out exactly who is the active user. I believe analytics that can trace people to a deeper extent will be well received by the world of online junkies.

Mobile is busting business now also. Microsoft is finally filling the void. Their business minded technological advances will revolutionize the mobile scene.

But businesses do not have much to bank on lately. People's real personal piggy bank is what will drive small entrepreneur innovation in 2009 and probably for the next ten years.

I believe it may be better to hit your computer than hitting the road for business.

The common thread in this amazing report is business. If you want to be taken seriously be all business and all results. Market and get things right. You are the future make money fast guru. I can just picture you in one of those videos. That is my vision of business. Funny infomercials!


Twitter Turns To Business, Because It Feels The Heat From

Twitter is largely viewed as a social marketing tool. But in recent news twitter is positioning itself to become a business tool as well. Twitter must have seen the success of on tweet meme and got jealous. I mean that out of all honesty. Only I had this insight that business would be crowned the most important subject on the Internet. I knew that twitter was long jealous of the revenue and wanted some of its own. After all ten cents is a million percent more than zero cents, and I do not care that they own the majority of the web's user base. Poor twitter. What are we going to do with you!?


Probably The Fastest Way To Increase Twitter Followers

Increasing twitter followers may be the hardest thing on earth to do. After all the law of attraction has diminishing returns. We follow thousands of people and only hundreds follow us back! What is the deelio? The deal is that if a person gets on the twitter suggested user list they will get many more followers. The suggested user list reminds me a lot of the blogs of note. It is a magic and I wonder if twitter takes visa cards for that one?

I believe that if a serious marketer makes a sales funnel into their twitter account, and is fairly ethical on the tweets they may not need the power play of being featured. With that said I want to be featured, and so should you. Social media the wonderful money maker time taker is ours to take full advantage of. Live for today my friends. Win the twitter game fast.


Is Your Content Going Deep Into Cyberspace?

Content dispersal is the most important traffic driving force that exists. Mashable for instance is getting a great bump. Mashable covers social media types of topics. This plays into the whole social wars. On tweetmeme Mashable seems to get every other story. Because of this Mashable is getting its share of traffic and links. Mashable is basically going deep like Dan Marino were throwing it a football. If you want to make some serious money with a blog or online business getting your content out there is a commendable goal. Some ideas work better than others. Surfing trends and getting people riled up is a time honored blogging tradition. Scamming Twitter Trends will for example be a meme that will last until twitter is over. After all people love getting angry at scammers. Twitter is so pure and beautiful and then bam people ruin it. This is a story. Other great stories for example answer a question. The 100 Most Creative People In Business for example helps people learn who is driving creativity in the make money fast world. This makes a great dinner conversation especially with the people who believe money is everything and chase their delusions of grandeur. But many people out there simplify the world considerably. This is the stuff that marketers love to leverage. This is why people buy cigarettes even though they pose health risks. I think there is a marketing lesson in that. Basically anything that people want they will buy. And most studies point to people wanting a lot of stuff. This is why the glass is always half empty with material people living in their material world. Is it just me or am I starting to sound like Madonna? Well that is another great example of marketing. I firmly believe that Madonna is unstoppable when she makes these albums. They sell like crazy. She makes made money. There is a lesson in this. I just can not fully grasp it. What does this really have to do with content dispersal besides the fact that these people disperse content?


Naked Pizza Rocks And Twitter Is Helping It

Back in college I ate probably thousands of health pizzas. I was in a health town and I realized how important all natural and fresh ingredients made to life in general. Naked Pizza is a rocking pizza joint in New Orleans a great city for food. Well as the story goes this pizza joint is backed by the twitter people.

The goal is to make every one eat naked pizzas around the world. Luckily twitter is the best place to market anything. So I assure you if this naked pizza place rocks, one day people will be able to buy it in the middle of the Sahara Desert! This is no joke, but rather a masterful use of buzz and online social capital to move a place with a vision for good and healthy pizzas to become the biggest pizza place ever. The pizza wars are over. Go naked.


How Much Is Donald Trump Really Worth?

According to the Wall Street Journal the exact net worth of Donald Trump is the subject of fierce litigation. Trump claims that the appraisal within the many hundreds of millions of dollars hurts his image. By Donald Trump's assertion his net worth is in the Billions. Many people would find this hard to believe considering the epic fall from grace that many of these real estate titans are experiencing. Many are buying up their own properties in hopes of riding out this economic storm. I can see why from a business stand point that appearance is everything. This is why people go into business deals with their best outfit on. This is why bloggers have buttons that say how much traffic they get. Perception is extremely important in a marketing situation. In Donald Trump's situation this is especially important because his brand relies on the fact that he has to be the best. This results in the legendary Donald Trump ego that some people love and others hate. This is an extremely interesting story that should have an interesting ending!


Fast Easy Quick Online Money System: Sign On The Line

The quest for online riches has led people to do some crazy things. For example you never thought you would be reading a blog called 'Internet Business Revenue Pro' that sports various captions from make money online fast to unearthing easy money systems. I would like to remind you that you have come to the right place. I do not intend to hide methods, or strategies. I hope to tell you the web like it is instead of contributing to the web of lies that we call make money fast scams. See making money can be done, solidly , effectively and quickly. Every day affiliate programs watch as super affiliates bring home cash in barrels with their large network of websites. If you do not see monthly affiliate checks in the mail do not feel bad. Your sales funnel is not in place yet. Once you get a lot of stuff pointing at and promoting cool affiliate deals you will see the revenue auto pilot that everyone is talking about. You may even learn some automated systems that will increase your revenue substantially. Do you believe in yourself? I just have to ask that. Do you take making money on auto pilot seriously? You better. Will your future inspire others? It will if you learn the simple money making techniques that have helped millions. Once you learn the secrets to making money rain will you tell your friends? I hope you will. Sharing is caring. If you do not care your life will be void of real love. Without love there is no hope. Without hope there are no dreams. Without dreams there is no imagination. If you can not imagine anything, nothing will come true. This is why the mind is the most important tool in any get rich system. Secondly do you have faith. Can you imagine a million dollar revenue stream? Do you honestly believe in the possibility? Thirdly do you have the tools? Are you willing to invest time, talent, and treasure in learning from the best? Fourth do you have the drive to implement these things that you learn? Can you find your own unique and fascinating money making way? Are you willing to pay the price and do what it takes? Are you motivated and driven to discover new things and Ideas. Do you see yourself as a business leader or a follower?

The new money system is about going green to see the greens Ray Anderson style. Driving massive twitter traffic to your landing pages you will need to master the re tweet attraction marketing systems. You have better research general make money quick operations and understand the consequences of doing things the regular way. The richest people do not spam.(unverified) The richest people do things right so instead of taking the low road close your eyes for a second. Transform yourself into your favorite fiction super hero. When I clap your hands you will become a super marketing wizard. Clap. Are you with me? Keyword trend analysis is essential. Know the curve. Understanding where your business and its subjects stands. If you blog have many blogs or you are missing out on some sweet niche targeting pay per click frenzies courtesy of the world's search engines.

Every great marketer knows the power of the people. Mechanically marketing on social networks is the number one marketing mistake ever. The marketers who treat these networks like a sales meeting miss a networking opportunity that is super strong. If you rock the network and everyone loves you, your silly link will be clicked on like crazy. Your attraction marketing strategies will make people b line to your business or product. Be good and the good will come back to you. Twitter has a spam pandemic. It is too tempting to drop links on the newest age reverse creams and banking $100 a piece. Rather be friendly, nice, and fun and in a few years you will be in the six figure range. This is not a joke. Take people seriously. Be friends with everyone. Do not just spam follow people. Rather create funnels off of your websites and other social profiles to twitter. This way people follow you. This puts the ball in your end of the court. It is like winning a game by taking a nap and waking up with a million followers. Belief turns into greatness. Master the hash system. Marketers see hash tags as super key word funnels. Make tonight a hash fest on twitter! Also learn how best to sell your content. Content is not king at all. Rather how much cold hard cash can you turn that stuff into. Many people make a million videos on youtube and never link a single one to an affiliate program, a money making online business, or an ad laden website. Traffic is always worth a revenue stream. Youtube and all other video outlets do very well with the search engines. Bring social media together and have it work some amazing synergy. Make sure people can share your blog content across the face of the earth. Get badges and other things that help people link up to your profiles and content. When other people spread your stuff they do the work for you. I could spend my life promoting this post across the net. It would work. Instead I know if the ideas and especially the title are any good people will do this for me. Bam I type into google and people spread it! This is what it is all about. As much as this is just another make money quick in ten minutes type of thing I want to point out that you need to contribute targeted and good content. Billions of people around the world want to spread it. Once you have something that consistently can enter the world online conversation you have won. You can take your pads off, retire your palm palms or you can do the smart thing and open up a different and unique revenue stream. See the more different places you can generate a revenue the better you will do. Do some domain research on the hosting sites. Double it up with hot google key phrases and other software for key words. I am astonished how many exact phrase key word domains are not taken out. I take a good one out every month and exploit it. If the blog, business, or community is any good then it will be easily on the first page. This is big because it is the whole auto pilot traffic thing. This is when article marketing can become fun and easy. One idea is the clash between media types. If you could spin stories well on this each and every day you could get huge traffic and sponsors. You could also use your website as a traffic funnel. The power is in your hands. You can do it. Make money and give your self the ultimate economic bail out which is a revenue generating quick cash ATM stream!


The IPhone Era Is Over

A year or two ago the IPhone was all people talked about. It was the Twitter of mobile technology. We all fell in love with those make believe keys, slow loading videos, and the battery life that made a half hour iPhone session seem like a blessing. We spent long hours before going to bed surfing the Internet just because we could. It was like the invention of the computer all over again. We checked our email, bought expensive music and apps, and we even took this little magic brick with us every where. Well the iPhone days are over. This is a chapter for the history books that already seems weird. But I can't be too harsh because the Internet will always be littered by those beautiful and warped iPhone images. Wow what times we live in. So have you checked out the newest Blackberry? Ha. Leave a comment.


Rethink Your Business Brand Today For A Lasting Impact

Brands may not even matter online. If a business is decent how much of a brand does it need? The real reason to build a brand has to do with the legacy of your business. How you invest in its future, determines its ability to transform peoples lives. And we are all about change. It seems to be a thing on everyone's mind. The facebook changed every week since it began, google has changed every day, and we should all transfer these changes into our own business. Is our business model compatible with apple? I believe that too many people miss this opportunity. The argument goes that well my business site can be read on an iPhone. This is true. But is it part of the consumer complex in association with apple computers? See apple opened up some hot consumption patterns on their technology network that can translate into cold hard cash. People who can leverage this market can become rich or at least famous like Fabio. You can do it. I have faith in you. We must remember that these people are just people. If you give your self the right tools and work hard you can do anything you want. And I mean anything.


Never Buy A New Technology When It First Comes Out

This may be highly counter intuitive. But this simple truth will set you free. It will save you millions of dollars and using stuff that simply does not work. This is why I get the cheapest computer, camera, and whatever. I can buy new ones every year. This is why the Microsoft commercials are so successful. They reined in the herd of people who had paid the amount of money for apple products that could buy them a farm. Technology is great but smart shopping is even better. But do not take my word for it. Check out this article. It is pretty safe to say that the tech power plays today are Microsoft and Google. I believe that everything is migrating online. These 'free' communities get a lot of smack. But they do offer tremendous value over paying for networking. Free information online is said to always be wrong. But we all know that the people who say this are highly misinformed. Free is the new entry point for technology. In forward thinking cities and towns across the world 24 hour access to the Internet on computers is absolutely free. We need to believe in the revolution of free and excellent technology. There are a lot of people who hate google. I say why hate if google can help you in ways that zero companies had done before.


Personal Web Apps , User Generated Applications, And The iPhone

Just as we all made blogs, got twitter accounts, and enjoyed the face book we must all start building apps. This is the online way that we can insure maximum content dispersal on smart phones, on social sites and beyond. Walt Mossberg has his app so why not get yours! The first place to build an app is on facebook. Facebook is a good place to start. Even if you app is merely your business with a few goodies onto an app you will reap quick benefits of traffic and visibility. Also news papers love to talk about the facebook. The next place to make an app is on myspace. Myspace is the largest online society on earth perhaps. People on myspace would be excited to see your master work. Ruby On Rails is a magic app builder. Ruby is powerful.


Customizing CSS

I have been recently amazed by the sheer number of website customizations avalilable. It seems like there are many ways to do the same thing. If you do not like the layout of your blog for instance you may want to check this out. The article shows people how they can make their site more like a news paper type of layout. The whole boxed up site look is amazing and is sure to make visitors say wow. This is almost as cool as Steve Ballmer's magic wand. Pretty soon we will have the ability to make these website edits with a magic want. That would be extremely cool. Once our site is together we may want to create some photoshop icons. The icons build branding and rapport with customers. And we may even want to try some graphic design on for size. I am personally more interested in making money online. Because of this I take what I need and apply it to my sites, blogs, and other things. Google cash always overcomes web design short commings!


What Do Network Marketing, And Social Media Have In Common?

Nothing makes me laugh at all of the made up words for the same thing. The focus of marketing now is Twitter. Until the hype dies down twitter is the best. According to this article the future of network marketing and business is the mlm multi level marketing game. The article did not go into what makes a good marketer. The answer is that good marketers understand the tools and techniques that allow them to succeed. They also understand social media. According to this article the home based business thing is easy. So who are we to believe? I have not a clue. In this article there are claims to why old media is not social. The real reason is that because they are going out of business they are not considered media anymore. Who cares right? I am more concerned with the latest Twitip roundup than anything else. The latest and greatest Twitter people, places, and things seems so important and relevant. And we always have to focus on design.


Wolfram Alpha Is Different From Google

According to BBC news Wolfram Alpha is the next Google. What exactly is Wolfram Alpha? Basically Wolfram is a knowledge search. Does it pose a threat to google? Not at all. Wolfram is a lot like Cuil in that the search is slow. The results are very similar to many of Google's subsidiary sites. So BBC calling this a site better than Google is pretty much completely wrong. After using the site there are a billion Google products that are a trillion times better. The fake hype around this site will be over before it ever started.


Online Business Is Giving People What They Want

It was a normal day on the Internet when Hulu started pulling shows. This hurt Hulu because people found the same stuff elsewhere. The same thing could be said for sites. Many bloggers who have valuable content are faced with the dilemma to turn it into a book or ebook and sell their good content. In theory this is good, but it may drive a stripped down blog into obscurity. This same principle can be applied to the adoption of offline media companies online. Many want to charge for everything like old times. Most people will not pay. Everyone knows that online content production is done better online so why waste the time? Doing business with late adaptors is extremely risky because even they will eventually evolve to the changes. Some solutions for surviving this gap besides serving up the best content include B2B marketing and social media. The B2B marketing may be to allow bloggers to fully syndicate old media onto their site. This way old media can meet the content dispersal quota to spin a more serious and less laughable income. But if old media went out of business I would be happy. Who wants the competition anyways.