What The Google Valeo Partnership Means For You

Google rocks. Google is one of the most fore ward thinking and visionary computer companies on earth. Google has brought the computing experience online. So why do we now need computers for? I do not know. Google marks their amazing success with an unlikely union of Google and Valeo. Why is this so special? The reason is that people used to question the validity of a company like Google with an extremely large company. The Googe Valeo Gmail App marriage is proof that google is the best web option for online business. I would say if you have a web business, do not think twice, about including google in your plans, to become very success driven. Google in its inspiring note told us how cloud computing is the future. Bringing the stuff into the clouds frees up computers for more important things, like cool screen savers which will be in the cloud as well. Google has once again made a very strong case for itself. The Google brand is not hype but rather one of the greatest tools for people who are into online business.


What Motivates You To Succeed in Business?

I may not have a single answer of how motivation is defined, edited, or used. I recently read a motivation related blog article that got me thinking. How is it that you shape yourself? Most entrepreneurs that are successful never woke up and said I want to do this. Usually the genesis is a long evolution. Many times success comes in messaging. These little bursts of good give people fuel to be motivated when times are tough. This is why certain people seem to be able to walk up stream back wards with their eyes closed. Could it be a better life, or just better fortune? Many people are driven to ideals. These are distant mottled lights that symbolize hope. We see this in the Grand Canyon and we see this up in the north woods. I believe most entrepreneur has been in a spot where they can not get across and the only way to create a bridge is to take the leap. The journey is long but can be done by those that want it. Why do you do what you do today? Are you living in the past or are you willing to try new and innovative things to drive the green backs into your hand. The most visionary people live a life of growth. They grow and can easily abandon old chapters of the book and move on. They never waste their life doing failed ideas. Are you relevant? I mean this in the most honest form. Do your actions have relevance to your business plan? Are you in the zone? Do you have the eye of the tiger? Specifically what are you doing now that could pan out and get your real beautiful gold!? If you could turn back the time where would you go? If you could go to the future what would you be? Take these two principles and make them the present. Who do you admire? Try being like them for a day. Then the next day pick some one else. Play these games so you learn to not take these figures to task. They are themselves and you are your own person. Live it up. What have you done lately that is genuinely fun and social? We are social people. Do not lock yourself in a room and work on your Internet business forever.

Make it a habit of breaking your habits. It is good to do things every day but do you really need to do the same thing for hundreds of days in a row? That is what is so different of the internet and business you can set your own hours. You can do what you want. You can sell any product online you want. You can have a completely origional blog. You can be cooler than any person on twitter. You are a bird take flight. Set big goals. Every night before you go to bed imagine what it would be like to have a billion dollars versus a trillion dollars. This mental activity will make you take your business seriously because you see exactly what is at stake.


Do Businesses Really Need To Know How To Write Online

There is a reason that they call it a copy right. Because they really should have just called it a copy cat. Writing on the job implies just doing what the boss wants. But how can a person write to get rich quick with their Internet business. The most important thing is to be smart. If your writing, and plan do not make sense then people get confused. If you are selling stuff, do not just have descriptions, but rather pitches. How can you better move those office pens you are trying to sell. Secondly make sure your spelling and grammar are excellent. More people love to send stuff online without even doing this. Then they wonder, why are people are not to fond of their writing style. On the Internet you have one and only one opportunity to make a good impression. After that you can pretty much bank on it that people love you, or fall asleep reading your stuff. Thirdly be bold. How can you grab attention in a concise way. We do not want to have to read anything superfluous. Be to the point. Fourth why does your business rock the world. A long detailed description is essential to any business. If a business does not have a long detailed chronicles of its inner workings than you better sit down tonight and get that online. Fifth different sites take different write ups. I am tired of people blogging a few sentences and thinking it will cut it. Give us the break downmaking some sense. Include figures and long and important write ups. Make sure your words are organized into concise sections that grab attention, through the rare gift of GAB . Sixth this is your business. Own it. Write like you are proud of it and if not than get someone who can do this. And finally let that pen fly, draw pictures, and crunch info until you get it 'write!'


The Real Secret To Using Linked In

I am amazed how many poorly made linked in profiles that there are out there. Let's first start with the picture. The better the picture the better. For instance using your power shot will make a better picture than your ten year old cell phone. Secondly fill out all of the information head to toe. Utilize every application and leave no field blank. If you do not have a website get one. If you do not have a home page get one. If you do not have a professional profile on every social media site online get one. Winning the online game is life. After your profile is done get your sales pitch up. Use the same tactics that you see in those google money system ads. Really sell the world why you are the best. You will teach the companies how to generate revenue on auto pilot. Also you are the smartest and most interesting person on earth. Just remember that before you start making your linked in page. You could also click here if you want to read more articles on getting a job with linkedin. I am just a person trying to help you achieve optimal success. You can do a ropes course, a trust fall or any thing else but if your linkedin profile is not number 1 then you should get it there. You rule just remember that. In order to rule even more please leave a long winded comment.


How Does The Mobile App Industry Impact Online Business

Mobile apps are big business. Imeen for instance is a search company that wanted a piece of the application money pie. Music and applications go together like maple syrup and lemonade. Add a little pepper and you have a cleanse. This is exactly where the online money is going to. Mobile is the new power play. This is one more reason twitter will play strong in the future. Twitter is definitely something people do when in line.

The biggest player in the app game is going to be google. Google does a good job of bringing many diverse players together. Google goes with all phones and people.

How will the app market differ in 2009+ from 2008? The answer is that more people will be building apps as services that let people byo apps come out of the wood work.

The apps that I care about most look like Fring. Fring is an app where we can take the Internet business revenue journey for the world. After all social media leveraging is everything. We must not waste a second not doing it.

If you know something I do not you are obligated to leave a lengthy comment. Include links and a picture of your favorite lol cat!


What Is The Future Of Myspace

According to an article that I am reading, claimed that Myspace traffic and revenue are down. According to Alexa Myspace Traffic is going up actually. I have no idea what their revenue is. One thing I have noticed lately with Myspace are those gigantic advertisements across the top. It is hard to even know what to do. Myspace has always been confusing but this is as maxed out confusing as a site can get. I really hope that myspace regroups from loosing a lot of traffic to facebook. I think if they hired some brilliant engineers myspace could become the next twitter. As a marketer I would rather all social media do well. This would give me options. Twitter is huge now but that does not mean in a year it could be gone. On the internet things happen fast. I miss the days of old when business never stopped. Just kidding I really do not care because if Myspace tanked it would have no effect on me. I hardly even know how to use it! Help Tom!


Business Functional Models For Stability

Seth Godin makes some good points in his article. Basically he talks about how a business that is dependent on something may not be the best way to go. This article probably makes me feel bad because I started a website about getting a job. What if the job market changes? I am banking on the fact that there will always be serious unemployment regardless of what the experts say. I am also banking on the fact that people without jobs need serious help. They are willing to engage in the content in ways that will be profitable to me. Seth Godin's example is a business magazine. I hope that he did not mean that online. He meant that things are changing and we must create money making systems. Well that is my interpretation. I personally believe that an entrepreneur should never bet on anything. This is where the whole multiple streams of income came from. If one stream dries up is matters little because we are creating new and exciting income streams every day. I also have issues with people willing to pay big money for a business. There are times when this is find but most schemes fail even with the pros making action. I believe that if you build an effective online business that is something you believe in and see preliminary results I believe you will do well. I believe that the strongest business plan is intuition and adaption to new stuff. The world we live in changes. Perception and markets change in the blink of an eye. I think people who understand where the world is and where it is going will be extremely successful. This is related to making sense of information. I would bet on the wind in a different sense. I believe that wind power is the next big business thing. Even though the wind comes and goes the power grid is built for the farms. Electricity is what drives the area where I live. These flowing electrons and their magic energy is worth their weight in gold. Online businesses built around this visible gold acquisition will make too much money. But you should never listen to me. Because I just made that all up! Please leave a comment if you know what I am talking about.


The Internet Business Revenue Pro Vision Of Copyright

Online copyright is fundamentally different than offline copyright. For example an aggregator like they do picks up an article of mine. With the article is my affiliate ad. This rules because my marketing is transferred virally across the web. My ads also make it onto social media like the facebook through my notes which is the feed from this site. Now I have facebook people that I could potentially woo with my ads. This is great because much of the facebook crowd does little else online. Many people though are not as in love with aggregators, search engines, and other viral stuff grabbers as I am. I have a hard time understanding their point of view when my business model is dependent on content dispersion. Without this stuff not a single person would ever go on ibrpro.com ever. I view content as a marketing and sales funnel vehicle. I have seen some news papers start to do this. Unfortunately they ran an affiliate scam. This is a horrible way to introduce your readers to the online media world. This is why newspapers are suffering. There is greater value outside their sites. I believe that the papers should create online news aggregrators and use ads like the rest of us. They should just fire their whole writing crowd, hire tech people and try a google slash twitter clone. I am tired of traditional media suing and ruining lives because they largely do not understand a thing about the Internet.


Make Your Internet Business Green And You Will Make Millions

Green is the new black. The green label may be relative but toting green principles is a great way to line the pockets with green. Whether it be apartment complexes that have organic grass, or an online business that uses alternative energy to power it the consumers always vote green. People realize the power of saving the environment. Perhaps saving the green is a rich person thing but profiting off of green is a fun thing.

We all enter Internet business wanting to do good. We leave jaded realizing that money is more important. The integration of the two creates magic. I call it the magic of green attraction marketing.

Green food, saving electricity, saving people, feeding people, getting justice, and the list goes on are all causes that can propel your business to the front of the world. Having a conscience is the most powerful marketing tool. As soon as people get a sense that you care they will care too. I call that market karma.


Better Business Cards Get More Business

I remember the days going into my parent's offices and picking up those white business cards. The paper was a nice weave and the letters were like melted in plastic. I thought these cards ruled. What I did not know is that these cards were the cheapest business cards available. Later in some bigger cities, at more foreword thinking businesses I was amazed at the cards. These big money companies want it done right. They know that the good impression increases conversions. A business card is similar to an online advertisement. If there is no bit than the card is nothing more than a name and a number. In this case your business cards that you spent your hard earned money will end up going into people pockets and spin in the washing machines. Many bold people will just throw the cards on the ground. I mean why not? Why should people carry something around that they feel probably rightfully has no value. On the other hand it may help all of us to invest in the hottest business card technology to date. Bold business cards make a statement. People are more likely to hold on to your card and take your business seriously. This can be especially effective for people who are in the 'high tech' industry. Why not wow people, win the first impression game and make millions of dollars in the process. Just put some good info on the cards.


Why Trading Is Bigger Business Than Money Making

Just the fact that people make billions of dollars trading forex proves that there is something fundamentally wrong with money. The issue is that money changes its value all of the time. As a result people who do not have much money suffer horribly. In steps the Internet. So much junk is traded online that a new non money economy has emerged. If you want to live in Los Angeles on some one's porch for instance you could accomplish this online. A few telephone calls and you got is for free. If you need a chair and you have a bunch of tires you could do this trade on craigslist or eBay. If you want a new faucet you could trade your microwave for one on the face book. Increasingly this 'underground' economy is making people extremely rich. Whether is be that Canadian person selling a paper clip for a house there are countless examples around the world. The richest people who will emerge from this recession will trade into people's junk namely buy old stuff for money, store it, then take the junk to market. Some might call this the antique business. I call it the best make money fast opportunity ever. Like how much capital do you need to break this business? The answer is practically nothing. If you want to be rich do not hedge your bets on the faltering currencies of the world. Rather put your time, talent, and treasure into trading stuff. You will become rich and thank me personally!


Should I Buy Twitter Followers?

Call me the twitter 'fan boy.' To be honest I like all social media and the good that it does. But this article will once again talk about the twitter phenomena. There are countless services and tools where people pay for followers, or pay for super automation programs and robots. Do some of these things build up follower counts? Definitely. Can pumping up the followers increase income? Yes it can. But what are some consequences? The largest consequence is that social media profits are made from real and honest ground work. If you have millions of followers why should people care? Do you create great twitter content? Are you a celeb? Have you invented something? A marketer for instance can build many followers. But most marketers that I know of have a tremendous ground game. They interact with countless people on twitter, so there is little question as to why they 'deserve' the large number of twitter followers. Many of these marketers do have good content in association with themselves. I believe yes more twitter followers are the goal but if you can not effectively communicate deeply with all of them than you desire for more followers may be misguided. If all you want is the next promotion, or money, fame then I would say you may need to also invest the time and talent online that most people do. Pay the price with yourself before you go out and buy friends. Also many of these followers are automated accounts. Do you really want to be watching a twitter stream of bots?


Design Element Rules 2009: Movements, Columns, Images

Web design can play a crucial rule in web success. Some might call it the law of attraction. A pretty website will attract more people. Some industry standards have come to include multiple columns, linked logos, and design elements on the bottom of the page. Achieving all of these elements was all but impossible. That is when this tutorial came into existence. If you read the tutorial you will notice how easy it is to move columns and mess with the elements of any website.