Could You Mine Good Information On Twitter For Blogs?

Blogs are hard things to keep info fed. Every blogger needs many blogs to keep the stuff flowing. Unfortunately all bloggers develop an alpha blog. This is the blog that they spend 90 per cent of their time. This is the blog that they associate their online identity with. And this is the blog that they tell the world about. The only problem is that it is extremely hard to come up with reasonable content day in and out. How many make money online articles does it take to make the mind go blank? Pay pal, Google AdSense, ouch my mind just went blank! Then I go and mine technorati. But I notice like most search engines after I have mined all of the rising posts I am out of ideas. When my mind thinks nothing I feel like I can not even type a word. This is where twitter comes in. Twitter is the most powerful information mining app on earth. Whether I am searching twitter directly, gathering memes from 3rd party sites, or whatever I have realized that my strongest sources of info are my followers, which I follow. I ask questions and I always keep an eye on the tweet stream for my idea engine. I am not the only one who does this. Pretty much every pro blogger and online money person says stuff like 'twitter is the best.' Do not take my word for it. See this secret for yourself.


Simple Is The New Radical Design Element

As many sites spiral out of control with crazy design elements, some of the most respected names online go simple. Take for example google. Google is the biggest name in advertising yet their site looks little like an advertisement. Google has a big problem. How can google fit all of the stuff on their site. The answer is simple. Go minima! Google did it and won.

Scobleizer the most important name in the history of blogging stripped his blog for a new beginning. In his mind there was little value in the way things are going with blogs. So he returned to his blog and busted the legendary thesis theme and bam is back going old school with some cool hack integration tweaks that he assures us are so easy to do that by next week everyone will have sites within sites. I believe this was inspired by Darren Rowse's Twitip which is a stark contrast to his pro blogger and photography school sites. Twitip is striped down, more socially functional and is much more open to ideas than his other sites that were more concerned with really specific things. I believe that we are headed to a new web and all of the rules are quickly changing.

I remember a similar post on tech crunch how we were leaving web 2.0 behind for greener pastures. I believe that much of the hype will calm over everything. People are realizing that crazy design is nothing more than a time trap.

And finally twitter is an old idea. Wow you have to see that! Nothing changes. Only the hype always looks bad even a year later. I hate nostalgia but that is just me.

Your thoughts?


Turn Your Tweet Into A Mini Podcast Tweet Mic

Twitter is the love of my life. What would life be without the tweet? It would be sad I tell you. Well twitter has revolutionized itself. The latest and greatest app brings the power of the voice to the tweet. Try Tweet Mic on for size. This will definitely not be the last talk to the twitter on the phone type of tool that will come out.

Why should one use Tweet Mic? The first thing that comes to mind is that it would get more followers. If we take a look at sites that live broad cast stuff they get the lion's share of traffic. I say why not bring the lion to your twitter account and bring your money earned to the bank.

Twitter Mic is a marketers dream because multi media is a much more powerful communication tool than is text. If a picture is worth a thousand words, than the voice is worth a trillion. I really mean that.

Your voice is going to rock the twitter meme, you will succeed and be happier than ever.


Today Is The First Day In History That The Internet Mattered

Internet Business Revenue Pro is a concept built on the greatness of making money online. Recent news has placed this goal to being even more legitimate than ever. Who would have thought that Internet people get taken seriously? That happened today. Finally marketers can make money and people will start believing that those beautifully packaged checks are real. Finally people will stop getting harassed for spending 10 years strait making and editing YouTube videos. Finally the world will start to understand the importance of multiple streams of residual income. Finally more people will flock to twitter. Finally we can create more celebrities from all walks of life all around the world. Finally we can move beyond copy right laws and not sue people for embedding YouTube videos. Finally today is a great day, in a great year, in an excellent time. To be honest it feels good to be alive and know what all of this is about. It is legit. It is the real deal. It is big.


How To Create A Recession Proof Business

Believe it or not but people will buy just as much stuff during this recession as they ever have. The quintessential return to basics consumption pattern has driven entrepreneurs scrambling to meet the new demands. Luckily for the one person Internet business, these large businesses can not keep up with the changing trends and are closing their doors by the millions. The gap in competition makes websites like yours and mine extremely profitable. Why not target basic products. Create web stores of uniquely useful genuine and fair priced products. If you do this sales will fly off of the shelves. Need I say you will make a lot of money. The yahoo article points out to things like canned ham, good shoes, candy and precious metals as being particularly recession proof. I would hedge my bet on anything that is sold in a store versus products in the service economy. People who were used to going out are now buying groceries. Canned coffee for instance is probably a new hot item that was long forgotten to the decadence of the drive through. Camping products will be big this summer as people down grade their vacations to cheap camping trips. Higher quality clothing will sell well when people realize that their over priced under quality stuff is not doing so well. One thing is for certain that if you give these next bad decades to Internet marketing you will do really well. To your wealth.


Building A Successful Resume Requires Ingenuity

Many times we want to work for a company to help us get our foot in the door of some business. Unfortunately it could be our resume and not our experience that is causing the companies to close the door. Even though writing a resume is a skill if people apply marketing techniques to their resume, they will not only get more jobs, but they will make money also. So why should I hire you? This is the first fundamental question that must be answered on a resume. Most employers care little or past employment or even references. Motivation is key. If you can communicate why you will add value to the company, you will stand a much better chance of getting hired. Secondly how does your resume differentiate itself from others? Do you have an online component with a 10 minute video that displays your talents, and how they will translate over? Most resumes lack a human component. Most people do not want to hire off of words. And finally how professional is your resume? Does it convey the subliminal to the targeted audience that is trying not to hire you?


Why Do Internet Technology Projects Always Fail In The Corporate World

Businesses love and hate internet technology experts. On one hand they love it when they come in and hit the button that magically fixes the business online network site. Businesses hate having to dish out big bills to people who come into the office in Hawaiian shirts and sandalls. Because of the so called cultural differences, internet technology projects in business are always abismal failures. This makes all tech companies stoked when they realize that no body can ever touch them. If you worked in the google IT department for instance you would not have to waste your time explaining over and over again why some technology rocks while people stare at you and do not know a thing you are saying. If you worked in google you would not have to fill out a form that explains how better computers and internet technology networks will increase the bottom line. Unfortunately we can't all live in Mountain View, Ca with its perfect weather, wifi and every important tech figure ever just hanging out at the coffee shop. Most people who graduate with technology degrees are forced to work for companies that in all honesty do not know that the internet even exists. Obviously the pay checks that help us pay rent, or the payments on stuff, or get us our house force use into less than ideal situations. I believe any job like this should be a stepping stone. Use them for the recommendation then get the heck out of there.


The Future Of Open Source

For all intensive purposes the open source debate is over. There is a long tail effect where people will always need to know what it is about, and companies who make the mistake will have to learn from their lessons. Online open source projects have brought the most meaningful and lasting technology innovations. Whether it be the open source app industry that hauls in billions of dollars a year, or the open source mobile industry that rakes in trillions of dollars open source is the greenest technology around. Open source is what connects all of the social media sites for example. A site that is not in line with all of these sites usually has problems. Projects like word press would not be around if open source codes, programs, and stuff were not used. Just imagine where innovation would be? We would be stuck in another era full of technology that does not work and is incompatible with anything. Google made the google phone and it pretty much redefined computing in a second. I do not know how much google makes off of these projects, and it may not even matter. But the cultural impact of the open source projects have facilitate the making of tremendous money by people like me. Just an average person. As we move fore ward with open source the question is now specifically how rather than why.


Customer Service and Transparency Is The New Sales Pitch

Tech people love non transparent companies. You know what I am talking about. Businesses that so obviously run themselves to the ground because they abandon the simple wikinomics principles. Some of these companies do well be we all know what happens when the customer is not taken care of.

Customers, networks, making friends, and exchanging information are king. We are far away from the days when people wore silly office clothes and had big words for every thing. I apologize if you work for one of those places but do not be surprised when their sales figures fall flat, or they introduce products that defy basic trends and logical demands.

This is where internet business gets really fun. See you can play that person that you have always wanted to play, which is your self. You can build, buy and sell business at the speed of light and watch a lot of money come in.

Who would have thought that such a simple service like twitter could leverage so many people and businesses to greatness. The best tools online are absolutely free. Then when you start making the greens rain there are many valuable tools for a price.

The Internet is the only place that really rewards people for their time, talent, and treasure. Do not have you boss make you think that you can never be rich. If you set your mind to it, it could happen. And if not you will still get some money for your troubles.

The Internet should be your outlet if you want to monetize. You should be proud about adding value to our many great online communities. You should be excited to produce videos, and star in them.

You are a celebrity my friend. You are powerful. Keep an eye on your goals and use the Internet, blogging, social media, websites, etc as your vehicle and huge things will happen.

Let out that ingenuity that society, your school or your job never let you do or speak. Walk the walk online. Put the haters away and love yourself in 2009 and start a business that is in line with what you love.

Also do not be afraid to sell out. Money making systems are boring but if they make you money by all means do not stop.


The Future Of Video Blogging Business

Video advertising accounts for a lot of online revenue. Yet when google closed down the adsense for video ads I was suprised. I suspect that they will relaunch a different video ad type that people would enjoy. For now we just have to wait. So what are some other video advertising companies? One company is Ooyala. One thing that I noticed that Ooyla has is many tools. Tools are important to analyze the data to make smart choices for ad type and placement. The sum of smart choices usually makes people realize how undermonetized their video, blog or online business is. Here is a video that Ooyla has on their site.

What is your experience with online video advertising? How much money do you make with it?


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