Can Apple Exist Without Steve Jobs?

Apple computers is a powerful brand, that in recent times has been the vision of Steve Jobs. Few people can explain products like Steve Jobs can, and few can bring hope into a largely cynical and bored tech community. Apple effectively redefined what it means to computer, how we listen to music, how we communicate with mobile devices and the list goes on. Few blogs seem to talk about products from other companies, as they do about what Apple is going to do next. I personally like Microsoft but for some reason I know more about Apple products that I never even owned than my own computer. This is what Jobs did. He restored solidarity back into the tech industry. His compelling products have inspired other brands to follow suite. As a result Steve Jobs's contribution spans well beyond the borders of Apple computers. He is a visionary. He is at the heart of the world. But will Apple be able to go on without Steve Jobs, when he retires? Only time will tell.


Gabe Strom Has An Educational Youtube Channel

My first exposure to Gabe Strom was watching a video for Twitter Traffic Machine. In the video Gabe interviews twitter master Bill Crosby with a cool necklace. Obviously the attraction marketing of these guys is powerful. There are countless people promoting this product. I wonder how to get on it but back to his YouTube channel. Gabe Strom makes many great points in video including why it is better to figure out systems to make more money while working less, basic ways to be more successful on social media, and other interesting videos. One message I believe is the importance of social media. The most successful people online and in life network with other people. Why waste the time? People work best in teams even if you do not do work with people, bouncing ideas has led to more wealth than reading a million books, make money blogs, or crazy systems. I believe that Gabe is the next super marketer.


Be Design Inspired

There are many sites out there to become inspired by. Design is a tough topic to win. Some very bold and irregular designs do really well in the design reward game. Web design is a lot like fashion. Design continually changes and evolves. Many of the best designers take incredible risks and do not always make designs that make all people happy. Rather they make designs that make certain people really happy and others not so happy.


The Two Most Important SEO Tips To Date

Recently I was reading a blog about SEO. The article made me think how important search engine optimization was to any successful blog, in its ability to make easy money. It is often, the people who come off search engines, that really check out different ads, and give the web master those happy clicks. Also few blogs or websites appreciated how integral seo is to their genesis and traffic. What are the most important search engines right now? Probably in no specific order yahoo, google, msn, technorati, and other related search and social sites. So how can I get my site in these search engines? Most sites just go in but many people submit their site to be sure. How can I maximize specific key words? The answer would be to use key word research software and formulate content that supports major key word and key phrase ecosystems that dominate the major search engines. I hear a lot about sites getting banned how does this usually happen? Linking to bad sites, doing strange things in content development, spamming others sites for promotion, duplicate content, and other things can lead to serious search engine optimization trouble. Why is it that my site never does well with the hot key phrases? First of all the so called hot search terms are relatively worthless for Roi. Why? The answer is because more specific search terms yield less traffic but if action directed like 'I really want to sign up and pay for a get rich quick program now' versus 'get rich quick' a much simpler high traffic yielding phrase that will ultimately get few if any conversions. Why is it that all seo professionals talk of link building? Links are the foundation of the world wide web. Without these links search engines would not be able to effectively gauge the relationships between various websites. Also where a blog links can have a direct effect on its overall quality. In a nutshell links are the most important search metric in determining the relative monetary value of a site or blog. Search engine optimization is largely about the links. Is twitter now a search engine? Twitter is fast becoming an important search engine that is talked about in the same category as google. A reference on twitter is very similar to a link. The general twitter memes and stories reflect relevant and current information on the web. Also many users are flocking to twitter every day. Because of this twitter is becoming a dominant search source for many people, especially those who know how to exploit it.


Mark Ericson Boosts His WiFi Signal By Making A Cell Phone Dish

Being an online entrepreneur having Internet access can be a challenge. I remember being in an apartment and the free wifi being up and down and then down. If I had only known how important it is to make this tinfoil satellite dish I would have been a happy camper.

In another video some guy increases his wifi by putting tin foil on the transmitter device. I wonder what would happen if someone combined the two methods! My personal experience with wifi is that if it is sunny out and relatively calm wind then the wifi comes in very nicely. On the other hand if there is storms and stuff then I have to get really close to the transmitter. Another solution for this would be to just buy the connect cards as wifi is quickly getting a lot of competition.

Another note if you are looking for new wifi areas you may want to check out the Free WiFi Spot Directory.


When Social Media Can Become A Negative

I was recently reading Career Renegade about the negatives of social media outsourcing. The page also has a Gary Vaynerchuck video. In the video they talk of success. All of this has made me think of some things. At the end of the day how important are we really on social media? With the inflow of talent I wonder how much of their strategy is involved in who they are? My example is how aggressively any social media guru promotes something. If I promoted that hard I would end up having no friends, and labelled a spammer. I believe this is the heart of the issues. That much of what is said about social media is false. It may be important to be on twitter for example but how you leverage it may be more important. How can you keep people on your team is more important than how you can mass produce links.


Google Tisp Plumbing WIFI Is Real Or Joke?

Dr. Eric Schmidt is the distinguished CEO of google. In this google video Eric Schmidt talks of technology and search engines. I like how he talks of the power of the Internet. This is why I am a long advocate of people bringing their lives, their business, and their ideas to the Internet. Eric Schmidt also talks about privacy issues. The issue I see is that there always seems to be people who can hack it. I firmly believe that anyone online should do a lot to not do things that can be taken or used against them. I have had friends who have had their identity taken and it took them a year to piece it together. Eric Talks of some bad sites that seem to run counter to what needs to be in the search terms. I am not sure how this ban may affect people. Eric assures us that most of these sites rank badly. The talk goes on to click fraud. I have read many blogs where people get their AdSense account deleted because of click fraud. Apparently now they adjust for click fraud with google AdSense and have better detection systems then they did when the video happened in 2006. Eric Schmidt also talks of the discrepancy between information about ads and how much money people would make. Most make money online people know this that a subject that does awful and another one that does good counter intuitively. Eric also stops the interview to talk about how great radio and video are for ads. My space is also mentioned as an under utilized opportunity. Eric also wants to bring ads to TV. According to Dr. Eric Schmidt ads that are not targeted to people are wasting their time because they have no use for them. He talks of standardization. Eric Schmidt also talks about how the success of AdSense has led to more fraud. IGoogle is also discussed for helping personalize their google experience with google. Eric Schmidt also talks of how google search is being placed deep within the web architecture. One great point is that Eric Schmidt talks about how they use non link structure to build on their search. In this way your site can be referenced without a link and it is still like you get a link. He talks about how the law suits are business based. They talk of google problem solving like the free wifi. I will let you watch the rest of the interview.

In anouther video Dr. Eric Schmidt talks about web 3.0 and what is to come.


Going Green Is A Good Way To Do Business

Businesses love to cut corners but the green revolution is taking root all over the world. Some of the best businesses are embracing this. Unfortunately the Internet is not very green. Computers run on electricity which is largely produced by oils, coals, natural gases, and other bio fuels that release countless toxins into the atmosphere and environment. Businesses never has to pay the cost, but rather it is the people who live around the plants. Soon everyone will be in deep water with global warming and other climate change issues. As the old saying goes, with climate change we have only seen the tip of the iceberg. One day the whole iceberg glacier whatever will melt, the oceans will rise and the majority of the major cities on earth will be under water. The world will be filled with many cataclysmic unforeseen problems. This is why the price of going green is more important than ever.


The 10 Biggest Obstacles In Effectively Using Social Media

1. People do not have realistic social media expectations. We can't all have as many followers as Britney Speares has without working at it. The best way to do this is by creating your web of stuff you do online. This allows people on one of your places to figure out what else you are doing. They may or may not come. But just linking up people will take up your offer occasionally.

2. Diminishing returns is especially powerful online. There is more than a fine line between quality and quantity of content. You may be better off with a great picture of you and an extremely short description than a billion bad posts.

3. Once a social site is not the next big thing it may pay to move on. This is especially true if you are trying to maxamize your profits from social media leveraging. Right now Twitter is important, so spend a lot of time there.

4. Open up to all people and do not judge. Just because people have problems with you does not mean that you need to be stuck in that trap. Most angry people have been wasting their life online for decades and do not make much money. Times can be tough I know, but do not take this out on strangers or people you are jelous of. Use their strengths, learn from them, and benefit from being in their network.

5. There is a major communication gap in social media. Communication is still the hardest thing to do online. People from all over the world will communicate with you in a medium that may cause more confusion. As a result communicate wisely. Keep this in mind.

6. Take breaks. We live in a streaming life now. But I bet if some people got outside once in awhile it would do them a world of good.

7. It is not a competition. It is about communication, collaboration, and lasting links around the world.

8. Have something to promote. Whether this be a website, your profile somewhere, or a product generally have some external purpose.

9. Open up multiple accounts. We all have many emails. Try automating an account or trying a few things. Multiple accounts can also help splice up your different sites or products you are promoting.

10. Do not worry if people say bad things to you, because most people probably disagree but do not care enough to get involved in web arguements.


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