Are We All Really Programmers?

In a video I linked to earlier I remember Don Tapscott saying a quote that we are all programmers. He seemed to imply that someone uploading a video is a programmer because they are programming the web. So it is true I am a programmer! But with all words there are different meanings. Boo who oh!

The kind of programming that I am talking about is real programming. The kind that is confusing and puts me to sleep in a second. Well I am here to say that programming is good for the web business. Know your stuff and you will go far.

Programmers are some of the richest people on earth. How do I know this? I really don't I just have that feeling.

Well check out a blog for me. It is called Some Web Guy. It looks like he knows what he is talking about. If not then leave a comment.


Don Tapscott At Google Talks: Technology Revolution

Don Tapscott talks on google talks about our technology revolution now. Some of the high points include Geo targeting, web presentation, XML, the web as a computer, search, blogging, pictures, programming, multimedia, technology on the web, demographics of the web, the list goes on.

I do not agree with much of the talk but listening to these things can help marketers know who their audience is and perhaps how to get to them.

In the speech he talks of the baby boom as probably being the first bit generation. Marketers may want to market to their generation with stuff to make them younger.

He talks of younger kids good with complicated technologies. I would translate that into marketing video games on the computer to kids.

The list goes on but for people who do not know what the web is all about the video may be helpful.


Mind Over Matter: How To Shift Energy And Money Into Your Hands

Internet Business Revenue Pro is a blog built on the platform that I give people some useful tools and they can be on their way. But people can have all of the tools in the world and not get stuff to go. There can be many ways people resist the pull of success. One of the major ways is that they lack a certain tool or tweak that can really help them drive their destiny home. Often the same stuff that affects people can be turned into drives. The feelings that we have when we are at work that we are wasting away. This is more than just a feeling. It is a realization that there is more to life and bigger and better things out there. Other times people just need some communication tweaks and they can move people to want to give them opportunities. And still other people really need to be tweaked into the right mind set to just go out and get them. They need to keep their focus and composure. There are many other self empowerment teachings that people need. A good site to check out is The Self Empowerment Society.


Twitter Is Still Working Out Its Plan

Twitter has been trying on a few modes or features. I suspect that the motive was both privacy, and site speed. Twitter has a hard time keeping up with hot refreshing pages because tweets happen fast unlike a long blog post that happens slow. I believe that this is good because it means that people do this and actually like to do this. In contrast many social communities were and are largely a post and leave community. Whereas others like live chat and stuff are good but staying live is tiring. Twitter really solved all of our problems, but like most sites direction is the hardest thing to decide upon. What makes things even worse is that the name Twitter leaves many doors open. At least My space and the Face book the titles mean something. Nouns are powerful branding. Twitter is a made up adjective (or just a word I never use) that in my mind symbolizes the fast free wheeling mania as the world explodes with countless over hyped pointless technology. Twitter I think is deeper than that because it facilitates communication, and it brings the web together instead of tearing it apart. I think if twitter gets it right it will be around a long time.


Dell Chooses Intel

Recently I was reading the story about Dell and Intel. Basically the story believes that Intel is not a monopoly and plays fair. Whether this is true or not depends on what you know. I am not here to write an expose on these tech companies that I may need ad revenue from. If you want that go to Tech Crunch) I am here to actually talk about Intel's branding. Intel has a very strong brand considering that we all know about it and it is not a vehicle product like a computer. We have all had that family member who works for big computer company A and puts us all to sleep with tales of microprocessor troubles and triumphs. Well Dell understands the strong branding of Intel but is also wisely diversifying their portfolio for which they put around a year of time. I believe that most online businesses can benefit from this. For example if you blog, try a few topics on for size every so often then you might just be seeing more of those affiliate checks in the mail. Also try out other online money systems as well which are infinite in type and scope. Dell knows something that I wish many people would know which is Intel is a shiny nugget, but that does not mean Dell is not going to pick up some other nuggets to help their bottom line.


Design Blog: Ennui Design

Ennui Design is a good blog on web design. Ennui Design goes into good details, so I know I am learning good stuff. Other design sites only try to sell people stuff.


Design, Development, and Programming the Web: Luke W

Recently I was reading the reviews of a site. They were not good. People had a lot of focus on the design.

Why is design and branding so important? The reasons are numerous. First off no matter how good the site is there are thousands with equally good information. Branding allows people with a generic website to get a competitive edge. Secondly branding adds values for your readers. It shows that you care and are willing to put the time in and learn complex design or are willing to pay money for it. Thirdly branding has subliminal effects. People who scan the twitter memes for example are more likely to vote up sites that they are familiar with, that have powerful brands that communicate what they are all about.

How many top blogs have I retweeted? Too many for me to count.

Well where this article is headed is that Luke W is a great site about design.


Get Paid To Write Tutorials: Tuts Plus

Writing blog tutorials is a skill and a painful one at that. If you can compile information, weave together common threads, and have a decent ability to communicate ideas using complex multimedia than...

You should probably spend more time blogging, and less time waiting for the billion dollar book deal. In reality we can not all have a private island in a day. A week well that is a different story. Dream of getting your private island in a week. Imagine what it would feel like waking up and not hear the cars. Imagine what it would be like partying all night long, and having the best chef's on earth cook you food and be stoked you are paying them millions to do what they love. Imagine you are the greatest Internet celeb marketer ever and the money rains from the sky. Imagine that you replace the jaguar with helicopters and airplanes. Imagine that the heads of state come to you for advice on your area of expertise.

Visualization is key. Visualize you future.

Well let us get back to tutorials...

Tuts Plus is a good tutorial community. They pay money for information. I believe that this may be a future model of media in general, where it comes online in special forms like this and people are compensated probably much more than even the richest pro marketer today.


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