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Bench Mark Email helps people into email marketing take control of their stuff. Email marketing is good for money, friends, fans and fun. I call that the 4 f's or the 3 f's and an M!


The Power Of Thought

There is a lot to be said of using the mind to make money. As people our ability to think is our most valuable asset. A subsection of this is our ability to feel aids us in making rational and well informed choices. Personal development includes bringing all of this together. When we have everything together we can start to act on life with the age old lessons and etch new and exciting contributions to society.


Email Marketing Software : Bronto

Bronto is software for email marketing.


Ad Mail XP

Many bloggers and businesses owners do not fully utilize email to make money. Email lists can be sent advertising and monetized quite well. One way of managing email would be through a professional service like Ad Mail XP that has features to make email marketing much easier.


I Want A Blog Network

Blogs Mu is a blog network building site that is cool. But why would you want a blog network? Here are the best reasons.

1. Traffic and buzz equals more money for you.

2. Greater networking ability may make your more green backs too.

3. Be apart of something bigger. Create a community to give back to. There is no money in this one.

I would encourage anyone who wants to get rich quick to start a blog community.

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Shoemoney Makes An Affiliate Program

Shoemoney is famous for making money online. He took google AdSense and made mad money. Google AdSense my friends may be the hardest way to make money online. If this does not tell you about the skill of Shoe Money I do not know what will. Shoemoney is great with websites too. He blogs, runs countless businesses, and does a lot of stuff. Lately I was reading his site and he made an affiliate program called Shoe Money Offers. I am sure it is probably really good and for people who want to make money fast affiliate programs are the way to go.

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The Best Blog Ever: Paul's Money Making Schemes

Paul has an excellent blog. The whole premise is that money is made through schemes. I like this idea a lot. After all we need a plan (scheme) to get the money making strategy to pan out. Blog comments according to Paul are good for seo. That is so true. Paul also covers the Mac World. I love this blog a lot. Check it out.

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The End Of Twitter?

According to Read Write Web twitter is taking away the ability to see conversations in people's streams. Twitter made it easier for its competition that ever to get a leg up. I bet if some twitter clone out there just mimicked the old twitter, the owner would become a millionaire. Many people site that the disabling of viewing conversations takes away their ability to find new people based on activity. After all who wants friends that do not throw @s all around the tweetosphere?

The same thing happened to the face book back in the day. The face book originally was amazing then it turned into something that lost all of its feel. Then twitter came along. If people say that everything has been invented online and do not bother trying any thing. I would say here are the cracks my friends, obviously micro blogging will take the online social community inventor a long way.

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