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Twitter at least this week is probably the hottest social community. This is not to say that technology or a celebrity endorsement for that matter could make twitter obsolete in the blink of an eye. My question is do you have a social media back up plan? If you do not it may be time to go down the yahoo directory of social networks and join a few new ones. The worst thing that can happen is that you never use a community again but your links get a little traffic. Often the best and most meaningful online social interactions for me happen on the non alpha social networks. A reason for this is that most people on twitter and the facebook for that matter are out solely to build online social capital but are not willing to invest in real social capital.

The ability to connect with at least a person a day will help you significantly. That would make around 300 a year 3,000 in 10 years and in 100 years 30,000 people! If you had 30,000 people in your immediate social network you would probably be one of the most powerful person online.

The social network that has caught my attention is Virb. So why not check it out, join it and tell me what you think.


George Ludwig Is Motivational

George Ludwig makes a career in the motivational help department.


Social Media Is Infinitely Small, Relatively Large, And Especially Grand

Social media can be effectively leveraged for substantial profit. Obviously the most important piece is creating a sales vortex. I love that language. It sounds like some cool tornado, or a vacuum cleaner. That is what social media is all about. It removes the dust and cob webs from businesses. In social media niches are the future. Like types attract. Clicks are made. Lines are drawn in the sand.

Where does your business fit into social media? Do you effectively leverage complex media technologies for the benefit of your business? If the answer is no then I have got news for you. There is no time like the present to get good at social media. It may help by mastering twitter first then working your way out from there.


Entrepreneur's Corner Spotlight : Bradley Will

Brandley Will has a good blog about entrepreneurship. Being an entrepreneur is important. Even though I do not know exactly what that word means I suspect is relates to being innovative, resourceful, and smart. Entrepreneurs generally like to walk the line where few have trended. The online world has changed the face of what it means to be an entrepreneur because the technology is changing very quick. Much of the world is trying to keep up some places better than others. This leads to a hit and miss online business game whatever that means. I like to listen to my self talk. Please leave a comment.


Why Online Stores Make A Lot OF Money

The online store movement is simple. Stores may not do well in seo. Because of this people use the power of hyperlinks from traffic pages into the store page. Easy right?

A couple good sites to get your store started may include Big Wooly and Web Plus Shop. I am not sure how legit either company is but the specific examples will probably create some delicious google juice and get ibrpro.com the much needed traffic rush.

What is your amazing idea for a cash generating online store business?


Instant E Store

Instant E Store is a company that does shop building software.

Burke Decor - Home Decor Boutique


3 D Cart

3D Cart helps people make a 3 dimensional online shopping experience. Talk about pop.

Home Decor Savings


Create A Store Dot Com

Create A Store helps people make stores. Online stores make money. Making money is cool. And being cool is what it is all about.

Hip Home Decor at BURKEDECOR.com


How To Create A Cash Generating Online Store

Creating an online store front is a profitable use of website space. Online stores can be turned into businesses, or some people make these into affiliate super conversion machines. Flying Cart will make your dream of having an online store a reality. Make your store then tell me about it.

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Twitter Is A Great Business Research Tool

Forget the online society that we call twitter for a minute.

You have an important meeting (to make a blog post for) and you need to know something fast. Where do you turn? Because this is twitter week the answer is twitter. Well there is a service built already on top of twitter's superior search capability called Twit Look up. Twit Look up helps people find important information like definitions and weather. Twit Look up is robust and will probably expand and become the single most important website on the web.

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