Smak News Byte: Social Bookmark Your Way To Financial Success

What a provocative title. I may regret this later. Well anyways according to many people the vote of the social bookmarking sites is like gold.

Social bookmarks never go out of style. Google loves social bookmarks so why not get started. So what is the best social bookmarking site on the web? Smak News is a great bookmarking site that is all about smack talk. I call this smack talk gold. Leave some comments.

My final tip is that vlogs get socially bookmarked more if you have unique furniture and home accents in the background!

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Business Litmus Test On How To Become A Self Help Guru

There was a time when I believed that I could personally do everything. But now I believe that I can do anything that I am fairly good at. Why is this? The answer is as simple as that is just where I am at. Can I get good at things that I am bad at? Absolutely. But there are some things that come easier than others. This can be applied to most people trying to find a way to make money. It may help to just stick with what you are good at. If you really know a lot about cars start a web community about cars, if you know a lot about crafts than sell them online. When these natural paths open up that is when a lot of money is made. Most people who make money fast say that they can feel it and see it before it happens. Visualization is always good but innate visualization is even better. This can all be developed on paths of self discovery. The most successful people I know are extremely open minded. They drive for new things, read new books, go new places, and always find what they are looking for too.

You have to have goals. I am not talking about specific goals like you want to become a ballerina. Because as soon as it does not happen or your values and aspirations change then what? I am talking about over arching general goals like I want to make money fast online, or I want to be happier. Then you must do constructive things to achieve these goals. Achieving goals is a constructive process. You must be willing to try on costumes and test drive vehicles.

Well back to my original though. Many people I know want to become a self help millionaire. The theory goes just publish the book and money will rain out of the clouds. To weave this post together I firmly believe that people in the self help field have to be exceptional. I personally could never diffuse conflicting people during the 911 incident. Just watch this Anthony Robbins video to believe it. This guy is surreal. If you can watch that video and honestly say that you can do better than that, I would say that you should do everything in your power to become a self help guru. If you are like me just amazed by the miracles that Anthony Robbins does every day, then you may be best looking somewhere else for your genius.


Make More Money Online By Just Changing The Way You Think

In this blog I just try to lay out some good resources to help people make some money online. Much like my hero Anthony Robbins I am just here to help people better their lives through financial empowerment. This site is dedicated to starting successful online businesses, and enterprises. I will be the first to admit that I am far from an expert on really anything. I never claim to be an expert at making money online. And finally I really do not want to be an expert at marketing either. I am just an average person, who leads an average life, and does average things.

One thing that never ceases to amaze me is the number of comments that this blog gets along the lines of 'I lost my job, my house is going into foreclosure, my family and kids are starving to death, help! Can you help me make money within x ammount of days. I need thousands of dollars.'

First of all I am sorry that this happened. We live in a tragic world. Much of it is outside of our control. But at the same time my first reaction is that I have spent a lot of time putting together this resource site so people could grab and go. Unlike most make money online sites that are part of an affiliate sales funnel runs ads but I tend not to solicit the get rich quick advertisements unless I am trying to be funny. Where was I going with this?

Firstly I believe that people need to change their expectations. Making money online is a direct skill. Sure some of the most successful people who do it use very crude methods. Many of the best marketers keep it simple and low tech. Because of this it is very easy for the average person to get carried away by seeing this stuff and saying that they themselves want to learn that.

First off you need to learn how to design landing pages. Learning this comes from studying successful and authoritative landing pages and in effect copying them. There is endless software and products that can help with customizing landing pages. Some of it is free and some is not.

The next step is to create web content related to your landing page then hyper linking into it. Many marketers actually automate social media, and blog actions to further this by having robots leave comments on all blogs that rank high in google. Everything like this must be made to create the sales funnel.

The final step is to learn the process and improve every day.

That is the basics to making money online, but what this post is really about are the mental aspects of it. First no one unless they make a lot online will be into what you do. This makes people not take the Internet as seriously. It is only twitter who cares right? This whole 'its all a scam' mentality will sabotage your sales and marketing genius. Pitch us why we need this product with captivating language.

I am amazed by the amount of people who honestly do not believe in the process. You have to have making money online as your goal and what you work for. You need to implement ideas quickly. You need to do a lot of research on your topic, on making money online. Doing this is boring. Researching is not about reading the hottest make money online product for the latest cure all product that they are selling. Rather research starts in search engines like twitter, google, and technorati where you really get your resources together so you can really do a good job. Then you must work at it.


Tweet Tips: Twitter Is More Than A Game Of Just Followers

We all love twitter followers. Suffice it to say that more may be better. If you want more followers you may want to try a service like Top Followed. On the other hand the quest for followers is not as profitable as people make it out to be. Remember twitter is first and foremost a micro blogging service and secondly a social community. The tweetosphere is built around the information that you provide. The quality of your account is judged on how ethically and judiciously that you use it. From a marketer's stand point if you have many accounts that are product specific for example that you leave on auto pilot you will get more conversions versus your master twitter account. Also it is important in twitter to also bring in free information that will benefit people. Your ability to collect and be helpful ultimately determines the monetary value attached to your twitter account.


Book Recomendation: Beyond Web Cams Google Books

Google books is a great place to get your digital book read on. Apparently google may even compensate the authors. Well there is one book that caught my eye. Suffice it to say the biggest question that I get is where the web is going. This book called Beyond Web cams explores how it is robots and not web cams that are redefining the Internet. Robots is the biggest Internet business opportunity ever.


Back Twit

Back Twit is a site where people can look up the twitter replies @ for anyone.


Marketers Love Twitter Bots Because They Are Good For Business

Every time a person gets online, many robots record their every activity. Pretty soon these robots will be able to weave the personalities of you and me and create our offspring. Just imagine how effective an online robot could build a personal brand if they take your most successful traits and my most successful traits. The synergy would make a cash generating machine that would even catch the attention of money gods like Shoemoney and Chow. Because many of us live in a money driven capitalistic world it is safe to say that most robots are created to solve life's problems and hopefully make a profit. For example car companies use robots to create car parts quicker than people can. There are robots under the sea, in space on the highest mountains, and online. Robots are everywhere. Automation is very similar to robotics. Where the two meet is a fuzzy line. If you are looking into how these robots can help your online business check out the website Robotics which covers the industry of mostly terrestrial and functional robots. Robots solve many of our problems online and off. Now days robots are cheaper than ever. Online marketing robots for instance can cost around 100 dollars which is a bargain if they are good at what they do. The robots that many online marketers are into are on twitter. Because this is twitter week on I feel really good just saying that!


YACY A Robot That Can Do Internet Business Marketers A Whole Lot Of Good

I have written a few posts of how robots are set out to destroy the financial livelihood of people online. On the other hand there are robots that can do people good. This one robot is called YaCy. YaCy allows a marketer to run an anonymous web search. This is good because super marketers are always being spied on for techniques, tactics and key words.

If people discover your make money online revenue streams, they could divert the money to themselves, leaving you high and dry. With that information would you give YaCy a try?

Silk Botanicals and Home Accents at


Day Trading Robot Video

Day Trading Robot has a fascinating video on robots that make money. Whether it be a science fiction inspired scam or not I have no idea.

The thing that excited me is the idea that a robot could turn into a profit machine. I personally do not buy into any online get rich quick scheme. But this would seem like a hot affiliate program to run on a stock trading site for instance. What do you think?


Get Paid To Recieve Email : That Is The Idea Behind People String

People String is a strange money making concept that I have never heard of before today. Basically people get emails then get paid to do certain things. I have no idea if this is legit or not, but would love to get that answer as a comment perhaps.


Mac Stories

Mac Stories is a cool new(?) blog that covers the world of apple mac computers and related apple products. Just ignore the ad my friends. I bet you can't resist it. I call that attraction marketing! Macs really sell themselves. They rule and so do you.


Twitter Is Either Too Hot To Handle, Or We Are All Fooling Ourselves : What Do You Think?

With this being twitter week here on I feel the need to get something off of my chest. Many times in my personal life I have ended up beating on a dead horse. Many examples of this include thinking pop stars are sent from heaven, seriously believing that there was a fortune to be made making banjos, thinking I was the next Jimmy Buffett, thinking I was the next Donald Trump, and the list goes on. Here is the kicker my friends. Imagine that we are all over hyping twitter. Imagine it is all just a bubble that feeds itself and that is the reason twitter is king now. It is all a perceptual thing. Does this sound familiar. In web 1.0 and 2.0 if you will the historical constructs of some proliferations of Internet marketing technology we have seen some weird things that now seem pointless. I remember thinking these online store front commerce sites were magic. After all where did the money go? Ha! Do you feel what I am trying to say. Do you believe that the twitter thing is the greatest thing ever (that is my opinion) or do you think that the tweet crew is a bunch of people chasing a rainbow only to discover that the pot of gold is only on the Lucky Charms box and not in real life? Please I really want to hear your detailed comment!


I Robots Has Opened My Eyes To The Value Of A Real Money Making Robots Business

IRobots is a company that sells robots. I am a big believer that the next big wave of things for making money online is both virtual and real robots.

Why should someone buy a robot to make themselves money? The answer is simple. Robots can do every day things and as a result you could be a robot owner. People could call you who need things done. You bring your pet robots and get paid for what the robot does.

Other robot related businesses that are going to become very lucrative include robot repair and robot patent offices world wide. When I think of an Internet business opportunity I think robots. What do you think of that?


Forex Robots To Make Special People Money Online

Forex Auto Pilot is a program that uses automated robots to make people money. One of the benefits of robots is that they help good people make money online. I am not sure if this program is good or not but what I do know is that the future of online wealth will be generated through smart programmed robots and automated social media accounts where the buttons will be pushed by a robot that will always have a bit smile on its face. Please leave a comment if you are as intrigued by robots as I am.


Where Can I Discover Stuff About Those Robots Online

Alicebot is a great blog about robots by the distinguished Dr. Richard S Wallace. I do not know much about robots but I do know that they are the future of making money online. I have also seen that money called the Terminator which paints a crazy picture of robots. Do you think make money online robots are good or bad? Educate me on the subject.


Blame MR. Ro Bot : Robots Have Destroyed Web 2.0 Run For The Hills My Friends

Microsoft needs to stop marketing to me my friends, because I am falling for it. I am just a kid. Kids really should not ever touch a computer or a phone. Those things are for the big people. LOL. Let's move on.

The mobile phone situation can be wild but Microsoft has it locked. If you want to make some serious cash online the Microsoft compatible phones are wild. They are like little computers. A new blog niche is setting up micro blogging mobile submitted sites that people can work on and make money from anywhere.

These people grab the Internet from the sky. They bust a tweet, commune with friends, or work on a serious big online project.

Why go with Microsoft? Microsoft has great online compatibility, lovely buttons, plenty of memory, nifty screens, and price issues. The apple mobile products are built more for entertainment and have some issues with the batteries, type pad, and privatized apps still. I love apple but that is the honest truth that it is really only good for people who really honestly need it and I do not.

Microsoft also makes really good small computers for people who are sick of the mobile situation being in all honesty way far from perfect. The little computer can bust like a connect card and you are golden. The Internet can't hide from an Internet marketer and that is the honest truth.

If the Internet is hiding and you do not mind, then it may go to sleep. Because of this I feel that all marketers have an obligation to over hype the Internet so that people can continue to make money off of the user generated movement which will end as soon as the robots take over which in all honesty is already happened.

It is hopeless! Ha! I am ranting like its 2004! Help me invent a cool online bot my friends. It will love us!

Watch this special video on robots that I made.


Why CSS Is Still Essential In A Twitter Tweet Tweetosphere Kind Of Online World

We live in a twitter world my friends. Information is moving so fast I can see it change before my very eyes. I blink and the twitter meme is something else.

Tweet Meme for instance is like the next Technorati if that makes any sense. It makes no sense to me but I enjoy talking about it.

Well anyways twitter is also the aggregate of information all around. Marketers are still going to have to leverage CSS landing pages. Like pow they need that beautiful CSS beauty and speed. Not to mention blog look alike landing pages are all the rage. I would call this marketing deception. Deception is a bad word so I will change it to detection and going in the right direction. CSS basically can help us make money, but what is CSS?

CSS in my mind stands for something that I know little about. These Cascading Styling Sheets can make beautiful pages that can make even more crazy sales funnels for the Internet marketer. If you take my CSS advice your page will get a virus but if you check out CSS Tricks you may find some CSS information. Information can be applied to an action plan. The action plan leads to marketing success. Success leads to money. And money leads to food. We eat the food. Then we are thankful for the fruits of our labor. We live in a very complicated world. Just ignore the ad below, I would not want to draw your attention to it!


Web Developer Alex King Has Some Amazing Free Online Resources

The Internet world is pretty crazy my friends. With this week being twitter week, I am forced to look back on the amazing gifts that people put online for free and that I can learn from. One site that is top notch is that of Alex King. At first when I saw this site in my one true love google, I thought that it was some kinda of play on the phrase Alexa Ranking. To be honest in my incessant quest to get my Alexa ranking down, because low is good, I clicked out on the site. What I got was some cool twitter tools. I am a bit lazy to do any of it, but the site seemed cool, and helpful. Cool is a hot key word my friends, remember that. And do not forget to check out this blog


Be Respectful Of Your Blog Commenting Fans Because They Are Contributing Real Content

Many bloggers fail to appreciate the time that their readers spend reading their blog and commenting on their blog. Blog comments are legitimate blog content and serves vital seo google juice properties. When people comment on your blog they are helping you. Comments are your direct link with a viable blogosphere social media. Wordpress is made for comments. The amount of extensible widgets, plug ins, scripts and what have you are surprisingly endless. Extend your blog and add value for yourself and your readers. Given that this is twitter week I would like to weave the two topics of blog comments and twitter by just mentioning a way to bring the twitter avatars to your blog's comments. This would be a form of leveraging social media through the use of extensibility tools. Whatever that means. For blogger you may want to look into the blogger buster comment section. Blogger Templates has also created their own widget to solve the blogger comment dilemma. Thirdly blog doctor has some blogger solutions for the blogspot comment troubles. Beautiful Beta has a very light comment widget. Um I forgot what I was saying. But the comment situation is much better in the land which is why if you are a pro blogger or want to become one it would not hurt to have at least one wordpress blog community. This post may be kinda good or an epic fail with all of the linking but the real link I wanted to share was an emerging comment beta named Line Buzz for very good reason. Line Buzz is on to something because I believe that this whole 3rd party comment tool is the future of comments like twitter is the future of social media. The old adage goes that the more that is built outside the house, the cooler the house is. That is a weird saying that I made up but kinda makes sense to me and hopefully one day it will make sense to you. Leave a comment.


If You Want To Be Successful On Twitter Turn To Your Followers For Help

This is twitter week on because I love twitter! What was I saying? OK I remember now. I would like to start this post with a simple but profound question: What is the difference between how a social media guru uses twitter and a celebrity uses twitter? Are you stumped? The answer is simple. The social media guru actually deeply and profoundly interacts with their followers.

Every one of my hero social media and blogging rock stars have followed me on twitter. Sometimes even when I never followed them. Despite the fact that they probably automated it from something I did, still there is something to this. These people go out of their way to interact with people who help them. They realize that their success online is directly tied to their social capital. Social media gurus also realize that less followers can mean more if they really interact with each and every one.

Celebrities on the other hand never follow anyone back. They mock the gurus. Everything is about them selves. In all truth within the next few years, decades centuries, millenniums, or to infinity the grip of the celeb is loosening. Celeb blogs for instance are not as popular as they used to be. Internet celebrities are gaining influence in the equation.

By my estimation most Internet celebrities do a much better job, at being social on the social media. I love interacting with bloggers, video people, video game people, tweeters, that, are way better than my newbie self. But they do take the time to actively pursue communication. I am more likely to return the favor. In the end when celebrities run out of steam and the world does not care any more, there will come a day when the Internet marketer's limited, but intimate social capital will come out one top.


The Twitter Bot Is The Most Effective Use Of Social Media Marketing That I Have Ever Seen

James Saunders may not like me talking about his marketing of The Twitter Bot this way so I am sorry. Well anyways The Twitter Bot is a pretty typical landing conversion type of page for this automated twitter system called The Twitter Bot. I scrolled down because I am a big fan of twitter automation. After all that is why we all love technology to make our lives easier and more stress free. Where was I? Well I scrolled my way down the page and I saw the typical share button! Well I scrolled down even farther and here is the kicker. James Saunders offers a discount if people tweet the product! This is probably the most ingenious and functional marketing tactic that I have seen in my life. Further this landing page gets a lot of traffic on Alexa so I know that this social media leveraging is effective. To conclude it may help to leverage social media on our landing pages. This adds to direct user generated promotion that will help any marketer out there make more money. Thank you James for the tip!


Twitter Fail Lessons

Twitter is great. And getting better at twitter is cool too. I believe that the best way to learn the twitter secrets is through the mistakes of others. Twitter Fail is an engrossing blog about people who may need to tweak their social media strategies just a tad. Twitter Fail is also an excellent opportunity, to profit off of negative marketing! I hope Twitter Fail stays around because many times these extreme niche blogs come and go quickly.


Order To Business Chaos: Branding By Intelligent Design Structure

There is nothing that I love more than a generic title like that is present above. 'For all intensive purposes branding is dead and design is like not important.' Is a perplexing statement that has a lot of meme power. Upon closer examination I would say that design is as important of an element as ever. But why do people still have this mindset? The answer is extremely simple. As technology evolves at an extremely steep exponential curve the returns on the average designer diminish. This has largely to do with the technology behind design, the extremely short lived design fads, and the infinite amount of people pouring their time talent and treasure into online design related types of activity. We have programmers creating programs, software, apps, tools and other related gadget-gizmo-thingies that quickly out date privately produced designs. People are able to for example design a professional avatar for free. People can customize themes and templates for free. People can use design software for free and it is quite intuitive. People are at the helm of the ship as new waves of the way the Internet is used evolved. So where would a designer fit into this picture for people into Internet business? The answer is in functional designs that drive branding. Branded designs, and emblems may be extremely difficult to conceive. Also some of the most successful online brands that I know of are not entirely complex. They may be flared but overall they usually convey meaning. This is a lot like the signs on a road. People for instance may not be able to read but they still stop at a stop sign. Branding in business and blogging works in much the same way. If a designer wants to make a lot of money online, it is best that they study how images can communicate to people. Twitter for example is super genius branding. Many micro blogging services have used pointless dumb words that mean anything. Twitter on the other hand gains a lot of communication capital in its employment of the bird. People on twitter much like birds chirp to each other and to the world. Their short broadcast is like the tweet of a bird. This image incorporates the word twitter and conveys the activity of the site all at once. Anyone perceptive enough in social media before twitter popped up would realize the stream of the feeds of information. Twitter brought this together and the branding conceptualization combined with the infinite power of twitter 3rd party tools, apps, and countless aggregates and other craziness built around it created a monster. This monster even gets out of control. That is when you see the whale carried by the birds. The branding in this is significant. The system is overloaded much like a heavy whale or something. Twitter is the epitome of genius branding. Study it, copy it, and succeed by it. You rule. I do not know where that came from except that I have been watching one too many of those succeed by changing your mindset videos. To conclude the worst branding mistake you could make is to pretend that you know what you are talking about when you do not. For me I enjoy doing it because pretending to know stuff is mad funny!