Business And Social Media Are Like Oil And Vinegar

There are many people out there that believe that the two do not mix. Because of this I hope this post milks that long tail. Recently Internet Business Revenue Pro has been receiving some traffic on Twitter related key words.

Why would I like this? The truth be told that social media sites like twitter are the future of online community, collaboration and search. Business these days has moved beyond silly words that have been thrown around offices for centuries.

What you do online in blogs, social media, and your business tactics define who you are and your brand. Because of this countless social media topical sites are out to help people.

Originally I used to wonder how putting more time into twitter would land money. After all words like twitter, face book, and technorati sound very silly. In reality social media holds the key to taking hold of online media and effectively leveraging targeted people for your business.


Internet Business Collaboration Is A Simple And Effective Way To Make Money Fast

The inherent value of collaboration is huge. For example imagine the value that you give to a blog as a guest post, and the value that you receive from the link. There are millions of high caliber bloggers, and social media guru's who are actively looking for people to help them put the pieces together. Content that is diverse and collaboration related is also more varied and interesting to people who read the site every day. All major blogs are multi authored. There are few exceptions to this rule.


Tweet Manager

Tweet Manager is a twitter tool that helps people automate their twitter accounts.


Anthony Robbins Has A Blog

Tony Robbins has a great and inspiring blog. He is a treasure trove of inspiration.


Leadership Is An Important Personal Value That Creates Money

Why is it that every blog post returns to money with this site? To be honest the word money interests me more than twitter, google , or yahoo. Money is strange in that it comes out of the air. We dig for gold, then bring the pieces to the general store, have the nuggets weighed and get a strange governmental notes. Money is a lot like cash flow notes in real estate. And the value of money is in its ability to transform lives. We all live in places full of obstacles. In real life the barriers for some to earn money are far greater than for others. This is why the whole movement has come for equality. This is all good. But the question people ask is how can I crack the money code? The real answer is personal leadership.

If you are working on your online business for instance you will find people doubting you. Personal leadership creates perseverance. Personal leadership does not accept limitations, and leadership guides motivations and discovers. Personal leadership is about communicating with yourself and everyday revolutionizing your thought process. If you want to live in a tend a million miles from no where, then having personal leadership would be doing that today and not asking questions or expressing self doubt.

If you want to climb every mountain in the Rockies barefoot then today is the day that you must take your shoes off and start walking. There is a famous proverb that has origins in many places. It goes 'the thousand mile journey begins with one step.' Today is the day to begin your money journey. Another proverb says 'we are but a speck of sand in the wind.' I am not saying that we are insignificant. Rather this beach with the sand storm on it is the Internet.

The net is continually shifting. If you try to ignore all of the other sand grains and keep rowing eventually you will be successful in life. Everything you want to will come to you. You will be one with the world. I may be making this all up but Tony Robbins is not. Tony Robbins talks of immersion in this video. Also check out this Tony Robins interview. The watch Tony Robins's 6 factors. Finally watch this video by Tony Robbins on how to do stuff better. Last but not least Tony Robbins talks with Charlie Rose. I could watch Tony Robins videos forever.


Strategic Business Applications Of Twitter Automation

Twitter on auto pilot is a dangerous money maker, business promoter, and friend generator. Why not push the right buttons, use the right tools, and site back and watch your twitter profile do the work for you. This my friends is the real reason people are excited about twitter. See twitter is not just about the tweet, or networking, or somehow seeing the world differently.

Well those things are good. But twitter can be machinated and turned into your money generating robot. See I told you robots are the future of the world. Nobody still believes me. So I guess I will keep all of the cash generating robotic web site secrets to myself. What I will tell is check out the site Twit Response to set up automated tweets.


Twitter Rule Number One: Never Follow People Who Do Not Do The Same Back

I got a little carried away with the title. In reality follow anyone you want. But if you are tired to promoting someone Else's twitter account without benefit to your own then try to automate this. Once your account numbers look good try Adjix which is a company that will let you make money off of twitter.

Automation of your twitter account can lead to substantial profits. Look up twitter automation on google and tell me what you see.


Expanding Your Twinfluence And Leveraging An International Audience

Most people do not realize what an international phenomena the Internet is. We all blog or tweet thinking the only people who see our stuff, live in our town, or share our same interests. In reality your audience is statistically more likely to be from half way around the world, than anywhere near where you live. The Internet is the ultimate globalized communication vehicle.

So what is the most common problem people would have trying to understand your tweets? The answer would be language barriers. I am not an expert on languages but I do know that few people are going to take the time to translate the web for themselves unless there is a system already in place. One Hour Translation is a powerful translation tool that is generating a lot of buzz on the tech sites.


The Ultimate Mobile Twitter Trick For The Real Hard Core Twitter Users

If you have paid any attention to the twitter meme lately than you have seen the success that people have had with pictures.

Many of these pictures are uploaded from mobile devices. Because of this it would seem that mobile multi media tweeting would be easy. But how do they do it?

The answer is Twitxr which works with many types of social media as well.


The Most Effective Way Of Driving Offsite Twitter Followers

There can be something disconcerning about twitter followers. On one hand we are grateful for the people who do follow us, but on the other hand we always want more followers.

So what good is a follower? Followers rule. On a blog we want billions of readers, on twitter we want billions of followers.

That sounds great but what is a good plan in achieving this tweetosphere goal? The answer is Just Tweet It.


The Best Way To Get More Followers On Twitter

Exploiting reciprocity is one way. There are many tools for this. One is TweeP Me.


Isolate And Market To People On Twitter

Most email marketers often create lists of people. Because they often have ways that people can communicate to them what kind of information that they want the marketer is able to market different items to different people.

Twitter in some ways gives people the ability to market to other people in much the same way.

For very individualized marketing campaigns try Twit Angle.


Twitter Search Tweet Research And The Tool We Call The Tweetosphere

Twitter is the only place online where people can find hot trending topics. Searching twitter is the most effective research tool for the information age and the best way to figure out how to make money right this second.

So how is your URL doing on twitter? Twitturly is a search engine generally for domains that are tweeted on twitter. This is a powerful research tool into seeing how viral certain concepts are on twitter. Any marketer can see the value in this. Knowing what is good allows you to do the same thing but a little different. These small tweaks let you replicate success.

The power of twitter search and the twitter meme are beyond that of anything.


Just Host

Just Host is a web host that made it onto the wordpress recommended hosts. I deffinitely want to give Just Host a try. Just Host looks cheaper than normal and more feature rich than normal. At the same time I am a bit reluctant to do it because many hosting companies are pretty bad. If I sign up I will be sure to read the fine line and make sure I get a refund if I suspect something is up. If you use Just Host please drop a review. That would be highly appreciated.


Are There Any Make Money Online Get Rick Quick Schemes That Seriously Work

Really the answer I regret to say is no. Can people get rich quick online? The answer to this one is yes. So what does it take? Skills to pay the bills.

Why are there so many business offers like this? In all honesty scamming people is an addiction. Creating fake make money fast schemes and then watching money leave the hands of innocent people is wrong.

In reality there is little legal course of action that people can take. Spending time and money on lawyers or whatever is a major waste.

So what is the solution? The best thing to do is just not sign up for any biz opp. Instead learn through free information on websites, forums, blogs, videos, pdf files and other places online.

Is there really a lot of money to be made in the get rich quick type of deals? The answer is actually yes. Some of the most powerful marketers online make their money exclusively through the get rich quick medium.

In reality there is a new breed of marketers who do leverage programs that are regular business opportunities. These may not guarantee a lot of money but they do fine. Top 5 Biz Ops for example takes statistics from biz ops and publishes them to help people understand the reality of the situation.


Maxamize Your Followers By Being An Aggressive Twitter User

So you are doing everything with twitter right. You automated many aspects of your account(s). You created a traffic funnel to your twitter account. You targeted specific keywords. You communicate your brand clearly. But now you want more. You set up crazy deadlines like gaining 20k followers a day. How can you set up your computer so you can always be in touch with the twitter panel no matter what you are doing. The answer may be that you need to you need to use Twit Kit in your web browser. Now you can really bust out and become a twitter power user super star.


Twitter Master Non Automated Panel

There is much to learn of twitter. Remember how much face book opened up as the learning curve was addressed. Twitter has its own tools to master. Tools like Twannabe that help people leverage other people's niche. Followers in some ways are like key words. Some people have really good followers that really run with their tweetmemes. This is ideal and must be replicated in order to be very successful marketing to twitter. Twitter is not a video game my friends it is a powerful marketing tool.


Digital Goods And Services Flipping Trading Bidding For Fast Easy Profits

The market for digital good is big. Whether this is rightfully or wrongfully so does not matter. Digital stuff is just like real stuff. There are people who make their entire income just buying and selling this stuff. If you want to get a taste of what is out there check out the site Most Listed to browse some listings.


Bringing It All Back Home: The Art Of Turning A Business Into A Profit Machine

In the end I guess if anyone studies marketing long enough they can see a little bit of marketing in anything. They may go out side and write down why a tree makes them feel a certain way and how they can apply the branding of the tree to their blog. Other marketers often point out discrepancies in how business is run versus how business ought to be run and how the profits are effected. This revenue is what is on the mind of marketers first hand. Some of the best ways of making money online, for example pitching landing pages of affiliate ads and some writing on a service as simple as the google pages in the labs. Doing this will make people more money then they would make blogging forever. Other marketers see their blog as a place to develop relationships, ideas, and test niche markets for pay per click advertising. While other marketers may never even open up a web site and keep their game completely in telephones, email, and door to door. Whatever the case may be there is a need for what I call action words. Let's say that you are promoting some kind of pay service that helps people become actors for movies, models for clothing lines, musicians for the music industry or whatever. Structuring a simple blog post to look like an entry in Craig's list can be extremely effective. When the words bite and grip people they loose all control and will not stop till they purchase the product. This is the most effective way to market. Unfortunately other people may be on to us. As a result people get angry when the pages are so effectively set up that really it is not fair to the consumer. In this case I believe one of the most effective tactics is to take the game underground. I am not talking about the typical chasing social media and websites, but rather marketing as the product you are promoting. In this case it may take some design to create official pages, ads and offers. This state is marketing nirvana and people should proceed cautiously. Making money really does hurt. Those dollar bills are heavy, and governments love to eat them up. Taxes are to be minimized. Well yade yada back to what I am really here to talk about. See marketing is a zero sum game. Marketers leave with what they take out of each and every piece in the learning experience. We all know how to market, but we have to re teach ourselves what we are scared to do. Direct simple pitches, actions words, stories, descriptions and good structure. Marketing is the ultimate application of our imagination. Because there are endless possibilities to market anything. When we get complacent and we try to promote too much stuff instead of just perfecting one product then we are lost. Revenue streams are great but marketing is won or lost on the game of a single product.