Why You Should Reconsider How You Spend Your Time Online

The Internet may be the biggest time trap. Unless people are willing to produce stuff that will stand the test of time they may have trouble making a life for themselves making money on the inter webs.

Marketing is an age old word and concept but does well online. Driving home products is the oldest skill in the book and is a lot of fun as well. Marketing is fundamental to making money online.

To gain a better foundational knowledge of marketing, it may help to check out online resources like the blog Web Feed.

Once you learn the tricks to how the marketing game works, just implement what you lean and you will be successful.


People Who Know Alot About Running Social Sites

Running your own forum social media site can be extremely profitable. Having other people creating the content can free up your time. Forums are amazing. I put one up and according to analytics software the forum averages 380 page views per viewer! This number is obviously distorted by what is considered a page. But at the same time my point is that forums actually engage people in ways that a blog never will unless it has social features built in. But with exciting social media comes issues. The best place to turn if you want advice on how to better run a forum would be going to the website Community Admins.


Reciprocity Is The Key To Social Media Success

One of the worst productivity hacks on earth is to spend all of your social media time browsing for news fans. Why not take advantage of the people who have already communicated with you, promoted something of yours, or have in some way associated with your or your websites. This social media reciprocity is a time consuming task but is something that all guru's do. Obviously on services like twitter reciprocity can be automated. But it is always important to reach out to maybe one person in ten or whatever and go above and beyond and communicate with them or promote their service. For twitter a good tool to sift through people who have linked to your website would be Back Tweets. I realize on any site of mine the number of twitter back tweets is endless. It reminds me of my email box. But this is not going to stop me from responding to a few people. This is not wasted time my friends. Crowd sourcing is so basic but so powerful. The mouth to mouth will spread and resuscitate your social media marketing campaigns. Think reputation management skills. This would be on my list numero uno of the most important make money online skills ever.


Keeping Up With Information

Sorting through information online can be a long and arduous task. I am amazed that I came up with the big word arduous for the big job. In reality I know nothing about these things. But reading feeds can be vital to people who need to keep up to date with their niche. The obvious choice may be twitter. With twitter people can actively question people on the information that they are giving. For example if a Doctor on twitter talks about a chemical present in mint oil that heals vision, and you would like to know any potential side effects you can bounce back at the information. If you have certain mobile devices that may not give you full view of the net, (This includes most mobile browsers)then you may have to create a hub at your inbox. Feeds can be redirected into you email with feed my inbox. You can then email your write ups to your blog and have them posted from your smaller mobile device. There are many reasons that you may need this hack for larger mobile devices especially when working with annoying files, apps and other none sense that always seems to be horrifically incompatible. Do not tell my phone I said that. I think its sad now.


Grow The Bubble Through Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a fundamental process to the marketers online experience. Whether it be winning links, being voted up or down, or building friends going under the microscope is the ultimate test to see if you ideas will sink and swim. Social bookmarking is one of the most powerful traffic drivers. Social bookmarking often is responsible for great residual income. Why is this? The biggest reason is key words. Social bookmarking sites tend to do really well with aggregators and search engines. If you are having troubling getting a valuable search spot why not market your article in a social bookmarking site at the same keyword. If the site has a much higher page rank than your site you could see some great search traffic, which will hit the up arrow, which will give you good bookmarking traffic. So what are some good social bookmarking sites out there right now? One may be Grow The Bubble! Sorry For being long winded but my hope is to create some google food if you know what I am saying!


Southern California Functional Programmers

Southern California Functional Programmers is a group for programming. I am not sure if this is an open group. But it is important to network with people in real life if you want to be successful online. Working on group projects can be a great way to succeed. Let's say you have three people. One is good at blogging so you have this one blog and promote your business. One is a good programmer so you have this person doing that work. And your final person is good with branding and marketing so you have this person work on that. These three people are an example of an effective symbiotic business partnership. Working together as a team can make bigger things than always flying solo. And if the team fails it will give you something to laugh about for years to come.


Land Bidz Is An Online Property Sale And Auction Website

Land Bidz is a great place to buy or sell land online. Finding value real estate can be a great opportunity to launch a business. Land is a valuable marketable commodity that can be used to create money. Land Auctions are an amazing opportunity to get cheap land.


Revision 3

Revision 3 is an online TV site. I am not sure how it works but it has shows like Tekzilla.


I List

I List helps people list and find things in social media.


Twitter Needs Social Bookmarking Twittl Is The Answer

Twittl is social bookmarking for twitter.


Email Marketing Newsletters With List Cast

The whole reason people get into social media, and blogs is to gain contacts. These emails are often kept in lists. It is wise to keep in touch with your followers with periodic news letters.

List Cast helps people make professional emails. List Cast has many great features that can help affiliate marketing, website promotion, and many great built in ideas to help people flourish in the email game.


You Are Your Biggest Asset - Build Your Unique Personal Brand

In many cases marketers remain anonymous. They use blogs or store fronts for one stop grab and goes. They do very well. In this sense personal branding is not needed. But the personal brand is also one of the most powerful brands on the Internet. Central to the personal brand is the concept of personality.

You can not be replicated. Everything you do online no one else can do. No robot or machine could truly be you. With social media, and blogs especially personal brands have become lucrative businesses. The traditional concept of personal brand is very important. Some of the best branding exploitations play with what we know. For example there are many blogs that look like John Chow's. And many people take elements of what they see and weave these things into their appearance. They stand for something. Online they are a key word. The live and breathe some kind of stereotype so people can figure them out in one second. An example of this would be Perez Hilton. Without his opinions, personality, site branding and skills people would perceive him very differently. For example imagine his website without any image of himself on it. Obviously people visit his site to look at his Perez Hilton graphics, fonts, colors, content.

One thing that is evident in any brand is the ability of the people to truly be themselves. People tend to quickly notice if people are being real or fake. These perceptions are not always accurate but it would help to work on your personal brand until people you survey put you in the real category, and really want to get to know what you are all about beyond what they can quickly grab. As a result personal branding often oversteps societal categories.

This both frees up your ability to push the limits of your agenda as well as reinforce who you are to other people, instead of the other way around.

If someone asks you what you do for instance, your first thought may not be that accurate to the things you do. Personal branding must be above person, places, and things. Words like coach may be better scratched.

Great branding makes people want for more. Stetson has some examples that I see around the net. The best thing to do is not read these things and rather test stuff and get the feedback of people which is the most important test.


Joshua Mcclure

Joshua Mcclure has a good blog that is marketing, professional, and business related. His blog covers other things too.


Wayne Liew

Wayne Liew has a great business related blog. His blog has great interviews with industry leaders, and plenty of feedback from his readers.


Back Flip

Back Flip is a good social bookmarking website. Social bookmarking helps marketers develop traffic to their affiliate ads or online business. Bookmarks are what drive twitter as well. Because of this never underestimate the power of signing up to every social bookmarking service and using them. Social media and social bookmarking are excellent.


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