How Can I Really Make Money Online Fast Is This Possible?

Recently I was reading a blog about the fools gold of Internet scam. Most of these sites lie to people to force a conversion. Few of these programs work. Few of these programs are actually made by someone who knows something about the money systems.

The Internet is so full of money making scams I want anyone reading this post never to take anything online serious ever. In reality markets are developed off of strategies. The real money making potential comes from work, patience, understanding ad revenue, creating a saleable value among other things.

Obviously if someone knew how to make money online they would hide the system. Competition would destroy any make money process. An example of this would be the clogged real estate market. It can be next to impossible to fish real estate notes because of the amount of speculators already doing this.

The same could be said for key words. No marketer is going to give away the software that exposes keywords and phrases worth a million dollars in an hour. The truth be told there are infinitely few hot key words, and there are infinitely few hot concepts. Most people develop average keywords and create revenue streams. With the admission of enough revenue streams basically anyone can make a lot of money online or in real estate.

Revenue streams are hard work. Money can also dry up as was seen in the make money online market. As a result many of these marketers focused else where namely twitter.

Social media is honestly more of the realm of marketers than bloggers. Why is this? On the surface the tangible returns a blogger experiences from social media is minimal. What does an article have to do with some person trolling facebook for a few hours in the afternoon? The marketer can entice these people out of the social media by mind reading techniques. What do people want on the facebook. Early on this was easy. College related stuff was a gold mind. Books, scholarships, clothing, and everything else that can be pitched to college people.

Now social media has evolved. Twitter has ushered in a new crew of people. These people excitedly follow stuff going on in the stream. All eyes on the stream. And you know what they actively promote affiliate links! This is definitely what I call the absurd long tail marketing system. Think about it. The replies and 3rd party citations and the zoo will send traffic to your affiliate deal forever. Why?

Originality. Recently I made a YouTube video talking about a product. People could care less about the product but the video was cool. As a result people prop the video they are in effect marketing my product. The video went viral and now I have a traffic rush on an affiliate item.

Let's now focus on microblogging video promotion. The video is benign. So we tweet it, digg it whatever it. The video creates a more powerful sales funnel than merely linking to the affiliate program. The video does not waste time. The video can be spread. The video attracts eyes and souls. A few slip in and make a conversion. I think we all win.

Making money online is simple. What is hard it the patience and skill set to develop simple but effective sales funnels.

Try using affiliate deals with incentive multi tier type of offers to entice people. Without incentives affiliate ads are highly ineffictive. Incentives, email, zip , pin submits, pre poppable offers, etc make affiliate marketing more profitable than ppc any day of the week times a billion. Trash the ppc for affiliate if you want to make a living wage.


Make Twitter Money Online Like A Bear Through Blogs Quickly

Make Money Online With Grizzly is a make money online blog written by a person who writes many other sites on similar subjects. Unfortunately the punchline is about making money slow. Personally I do not have the patience to work for 6 years, developing keyword density, and followers. Nor do I have the skills or drive to make money the real way.

But if you really want to know those things check out the Griz blogs. One of the sites is really interesting because it is stripped down. The whole point is that people put too much into all of the stuff building the site up for no reason.

Blogs need key word structure, in coming links, social bookmarks, a good happy audience and some other things that I will pretend to know alot about. But I do know that these sites are legit as any of the make money online legends ever.

I believe personally that the next frontier of the make money game is twitter. The twitter memes for example can only be voted up, unlike sites where the down vote is cranked by the social bookmarking police. Also blogging takes time to develop.

Leveraging twitter traffic does not take time or experience. Twitter can be automated. Twitter can be branded. Twitter is infinitely extensible. Twitter is the future of the web for at least this year my friends. Imagine dropping $100 dollar affiliate links from your mobile device walking the beach.

That is the future of online marketing. Twitter is the gold rush. Twitter is the newest get rich quick vehicle. I would advise everyone to sign up for twitter now!


Make Money Helping People Get Jobs With Companies

There are actually sites that pay people to help other people find work. Does this sound too good to be true? Well check out Who Do You Know For Dough and tell me what you think. Or you could just try the offer below to learn how to earn google cash.



Noupe is a good blog on the topics of webdesign and related topics.


Dells From My Kitchen Table Marketing Mastery And Etc

From My Kitchen Table is a well made professional level marketing blog. Marketing is everything. Well if you want to make money much of what you do relates to marketing. See leveraging technology is a form of marketing. Aesthetics is a form of marketing. And even tweeting on the weekend is some form of marketing. I have no idea what marketing really means but I hear it might be important. A good example of effective marketing might be Dell computers.

Basically as the story goes Dell was founded by one persons vision of delivering a great computer at a low cost. Dell's marketing genius then dips into the way that they treat the tribe. An example of this may be the savings coupons for your next computer. At the end of the day a Dell owner pays little money and in return gets sleek great computers.

The latest Dell promotion that I heard of was a computer for under 100 dollars. In return people just sign up for the connect card plan! These little computers sold like hot cakes. Once again Dell blows my mind as the marketing master mind of the century.


What Is Wakoopa , And What Will It Do For Me?

Wakoopa is a large software related social media site based around what software people use. Wakoopa is extensible so you can use it to leverage your web properties, run promotions, and make money online.


How To Get The Digg Button For Your Business Blog

Why keep submitting stuff to digg and risk looking like a spammer? You can get the digg button for your website. Encourage your readers to digg your blog posts. Having other people leverage your site is the best option.


IBRPRO Vlog: Twitter Automation May Be Missing A Few Points


Marketing Matters! Twitter Revelations And Tweet Deck Visualization Skills

Tweet Deck is a twitter browser that helps people have a better twitter experience. Even if you do not really want to use Tweet Deck it may be important to try it anyways.

Why is this? Because any good marketer knows that you need to see twitter from the prospective of other people to effectively use it. With the explosion of 3rd party twitter tools and apps the twitter experience is so diverse that few grasp how special twitter really is. Understanding twitter will help you exploit it for cash. Doing these things is not a waste of time. If you put the time into twitter you will be paid. Most casual twitter marketers see an increase in their monthly income by a significant amount. Now just imagine yourself as a twitter guru after a month of learning every app, tool and service! Twitter is a better medium to leverage affiliate sales than is blogging, and all other social media combined at least today.

People will follow you for advice. You will get more blog traffic. People will respect you more online. This looks to me like an amazing branding and public relations opportunity. Do not pass up twitter or whatever is the next hot social media site.


Twt Petition

Twt Petition is a service that allows people to make twitter petitions. The marketing potential for this twitter tool is tremendous to say the least.


Twitter Professional Forum

Twitter Pro Forum is a forum for twitter the greatest online social community on earth. Forget all of your other accounts and focus on twitter!

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Twitter Feed

Twitter Feed allows for the automated posting across services including twitter of feed content. This may be helpful to article marketers and other people who do not want to constantly have to waste the time re tweeting their articles over and over again.

These simple twitter automations can cause problems but they can also make life much easier. Some people to mix it up turn various automations on and off so their followers do not start to recognize patters. Patterns feel like spam. Spam is to be avoided. At least that is the plan.

Because when one spams the consequences are far worse than playing the good person.

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Bill Crosby

Bill Crosby is a person who talks a lot about twitter marketing, and makes tools related to twitter like the Twitter Traffic Machine.

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Tweeter Getter

Tweeter Getter is a viral twitter system among many others to get more followers. It never hurts to try these things or even make your own system. Luckily the twitter 3rd party wars do not really exist. So be creative and give us something to talk about!

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John Hawkins Unrated

John Hawkins Unrated is a good blog about blogging and social media.

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Review Crushers

Review Crushers is a great blog that reviews different people, products, and things related to marketing.

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Twollo is a 24/7 twitter auto follower.

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Twollow is a great twitter app that lets people auto follow based on keywords!

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Tweet Later

Twitter is the biggest thing to revolutionize the world since photosynthesis. So what is the best twitter tool on earth? The answer is Tweet Later. Why is Tweet Later so good? Simply it does everything for free and even more for pay which is cool.

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Buzzom is a great twitter tool that helps people manage their account more effectively.

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I Love Twitter Spam

Twitter spam is great! It makes me laugh. Most people do not like twitter spam. To them this spam is worse than garbage. Just imagine some person who does not like fake twitter people following them! Well guess what this is just the beginning! Leave a comment detailing the funniest twitter spam story that you know!

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Who Should I Follow

How many twitter followers do you have? Millions? Billions? Well for people like myself with no twitter followers there are apps built to help. One great app is called Who Should I follow and is way cool. The exact word in marketing is called targeting. If you are looking for easy conversions target people who are new to twitter, and unfamiliar with your product. Target people in your field if you want to network by niche. Etc. This tool is limitless in its greatness. I am only scratching the surface. Unfortunately they bought one of those surface guards!

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