The Quest For Million Dollar Links Through Negative Marketing

There is a big thing online about getting a website perfect. But there is also a way to get links if your site is not very good! Try submitting it to OMFG This Sucks. If it is bad enough then you win. I am personally trying to think of ways of designing this website so I could get a feature across the web design suck sites.


What Drives 86.3 Percet Of Money Bloggers To Blog Constantly

To many people blogging seems like a simple mechanical act. Everyone is doing it. A post here, a post there and soon enough the word blog becomes legitimate. To these people blogging is a waste of time. Why not just go outside? Why not just have a good time in life?

To the money blogger every Penny earned blogging is one less cent that needs to be earned in the corporate world. Many people may call this glass half full bubbling over the brim perspective as being nothing more than the gamblers fallacy. But in my mind, I am the one always picking up pennies and I see a penny here. And I do not mind those affiliate checks in the mail!

The biggest misconception about making money online is how difficult it is. Often less is more. Why waste your time promoting your site, building a beautiful site, or really doing anything when all you have to do is row out the posts. Pop a few ads and you are golden.


Lost Ball In High Weeds

Recently I have been reading Lost Ball In High Weeds. Basically the website looks at marketing mistakes. Many comments and I suspect a lot of google traffic make this blog and concept far from a mistake.


Tricks Net Monetization Strategies Secrets And Tips

Recently I was reading a blog called Net Monetization. This blog made me think long and hard what some good net monetization secrets are. I believe that the Internet is big but not that big. As a result to really get a lot of money people need to focus and leverage instead of merely preying for money. Through blogs or social media I believe that work is important and finding the right combo or what works for you. Often people take to the short term. They forget how much more money they would make with high paying ads. That is the key put your paper clips in the cups that pay the best. This way you need less action on your sites. Some people might call this the revenue auto pilot.


The Biggest Online Lies That I Have Ever Heard

Recently I was pouring my mind over how people should do things like make a resume. It occurred to me how much false information exists on these subjects. The question may be why help others when they become your competition. I guess it is typical in media to flash credentials or how much money is earned. This wows people. But what is missing is real, relevant and good information. It is a sad state of many people of the world when things come to this. The best way to combat these shout wire advice type of sites is to stop reading them. Put that time into writing ourselves. Digging our own well. Blazing our own trail. People need not get twitter to use it. People need not learn coding to create a simple image with a program or customize a template. I believe this is the whole classic basis of the blog on blogging themed sites. Basically we need not much to get going. And those people who keep going and push it do well regardless of how many articles that they read online. The world does not really care how fast people type a text message or how well they used software in 2007 or 1997. Money will be where you want to go. So just get there.


Social Media In Action : The Live Twitter Video Feed Resume

There is a story this week where social media resumes can score people a job. It is also important to see how social media can land conversions. More specifically micro blogging, and video. Become friends with your potential employer before you ever apply. Get the conversation started. I believe most bosses are interested in how you market yourself online, to how much money you make online.

This is all good but I wish people would cut out the boss and the job sites and go right for the money. The tweetosphere wants you. Will you heed its cry?


Twitter Tricks Tips And Hacks: How To Wrangle Twitter Followers

The game of twitter largely begins and ends by how many followers you have. The tactics that I will discuss with you are currently not being discussed at all. Here are the best twitter tactics to getting more followers:

1. First follow people. Some will follow you back. If they do not then unfollow them.

2. Wrangle in the power users to follow you by using the @ symbols. Make sure that all of the top 1000 twitter users are following you.

3. Serial follow and unfollow people who are following more people than have followers. These people will follow you then forget about you. They may also stay following you because they feel guilty about approaching twitter for the game that it is.

4. Use apps to make your web content go twitter viral. It would not hurt if some of this was self promotional for your twitter account.

5. Create a typical sales funnel to your twitter account. This may be counter intuitive but twitter is the best place to sell so take twitter more seriously than you do with your blogs and websites.

6. Create a twitter service. Have the requirement for use be subscribing to you.

7. Take out many twitter accounts and link them up. Many marketers do this to pass their own followers on to themselves off of different keywords, and subjects. This is what I call horizontal sales funnel multi branding explosion.

8. Set up programs or use apps that periodically follow, unfollow people.

9. Mine your email addresses and follow your master account. If you are following yourself you are the most loyal follower you can be. You then can follow back with no penalty to either account.

If you have any dark twitter tactics you would like to share please leave a comment.


What Is Your Internet Business Path In Life

Life is all about real choices. Internet business is no different. Sometimes just choosing the right topics to base sites off of can make a big difference in your returns. Most marketers target quite niches, then quietly convert until the cows come home. Others row hard in big and competitive markets like software, start ups, smart phones, technology, and news media. The choice is yours. If you truly believe in it, you will be OK. Also if you choose the right subject you may be fine regardless of what is on your mind. The choice is yours. My latest blog reading to date is a good make money online blog called the Internet Business Path. A good marketing blog that I have been reading is that of Kimball Roundy. Check them out and maybe leave a comment before taking off.


Twitter Cash: How To Get Paid Money Per Tweet

Twitter rocks my friends. Use it or loose out on it. Well the great question that I hear all of the time is 'how can I make money on twitter?' I also hear 'are there any good advertising companies for twitter?' The answer to both questions is yes and definitely.

So what is the best company to make money with twitter. For that I am not exactly sure but you could try Paid Per Tweet. The idea is very simple. This advertising company is a lot like pay per post of twitter. You may need followers, or this and that but people do make money on twitter. There are a few things to keep in mind. Number one, it may not be a good idea to promote products on your twitter account used to promote your personal brand.

Being marked as a bad marketer only makes you look bad. Secondly if you want to proliferate affiliate links it may be better to tweet landing pages, and have tweet meme and related service pick it up then to directly place affiliate links. The reasons for this are many but primarily it is important to send people to your pages rather than to corporate pages. Do you really want to send your valuable twitter followers knee deep into sales pages? This is not a good way to make friends online.


Who Is Johnathan Leger

Johnathan Leger has a great blog about making money online. Johnathan also covers search engine optimization, online advertising and other related topics. Overall his blog is an interesting read.


How To Make Money By Creating Video Games

Video games are the future. Gaming is extremely profitable. If you want to get started in online gaming try getting a sponsor. Crazy Monkey Games does sponsor developers so check it out.


Business Pitch 101 Draw Up An Action Plan

If you need funding for your business you are going to need a plan. This can be especially problematic for online business. Business plans must be concise, coherent, and well written. Formatting and branding can add to the pop of the business plan. Writing a business plan must have a creation myth, must find legitimacy, and have a call to action. Pitching a business must also have a good sense of rhythm.


Writing Professional and Business Formatted Letters

Communication is at the heart of Internet business. Writing letters in the email or on paper is an extremely important business activity. When writing a professional letter there are definitely right and wrong ways to do this. Some people actually buy formats and templates for letters.


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