Learn Marketing Through Doing It On The Job Fast

Marketing is a common thread of many people out to make money. One way of learning marketing is to do it on the job. Marketing is a system. If you work for a company you will have to crack the code on a day to day basis. You can then transfer this to your home game. After you make a lot of money on your own you can break the job and quit.

The high tech media is quite evolved and many new media companies can teach you a wealth of info, and pay well.



Spontent is a great website with content related web tools.


How To Loose All Of Your Blog Traffic Before Your Vegan Pop Tarts Are Ready!

Where did my site go!

If I got paid by AdSense every time I heard this phrase I would be a millionaire. Seriously people have been having serious problems keeping google locked on their website. One thing that I have noticed is that in many cases people suffer from try to hard syndrome.

Some times people try so hard not to get google banned that they get banned because the algorithm starts to penalize sites for trying too hard.

One of the biggest myths in the book is that if you have page rank than google loves you. This is simply not the case. A website can be page rank 10 for example yet if it is banned it will not even appear in the first 30 google search results pages in the exact phrase of the websites name.

Google is serious my friends. Many marketers who get banned will even drop the domain because the amount of time to get back into the google kingdom is such a make money online liability!

If my website has a lot of bookmarks will that make up for the google banned traffic loss?

Absolutely not. You will get a bit of traffic from this but only like 10 percent of the search traffic to your bookmarks will click through no matter how enticing the content may be.

Why does google hate me so much?

Google does not really hate you my friends. Rather google hates loosing money. The whole livelihood of google rests on good search results. Google is picky. Only the nice sites get in so play fair.

What are ways of getting my banned business back on its feet?

When websites get banned often the owner does some serious crying and soul searching. The best thing in my opinion would be just start another site. Leave the guilty site on the back burner and get on with life. Do not waste you life on a site that is unloved.

But I only want one website?

The reality of life is that websites succeed and fail every day. It may help to have a few just in case one goes.

Why do you keep putting thoughts in my head? And why is this article no different than the trillion fear google articles on the web?

I apologize my friends. I am a bit of a copy cat. Some might call me a blogging cheetah that blogs similar to others!


Geeky Grrrl

Geeky Grrrl is a blog that covers mobile media, social media, technology, and other related subjects.


How Can I Start A Home Based Business That Will Generate $100 A Day?

I really do not have any answer for you. I do know a few good things to start. Opening a twitter account and networking with other people in the field can help you substantially. It may also be a good idea to browse blogs in the field. There are many people and companies willing to give out this type of information. Thirdly it may help to devise a plan. From the plan it may help to attack concrete ideas. Once you have an idea look for an opportunity that suites your needs. Once you are generating money make sure that you are doing something that works. If not do something else. Do not fall into the time trap. People work their whole lives on single failed ideas. Doing the same thing every day can be consuming enough. But failing at the same thing day in and out is even worse. Identify what works. Then try to make it work better. Do not fall prey to home based business scams. There is not silver bullet or get rich quick scheme. Work, planning, skill and execution are more important than cracking any code. Discover the method and pay the price and you will make a lot of money. If you are still a skeptic of the work at home lifestyle here are some statistics I would like you to view. Once you earn an income at home watch the taxes my friends. Taxes are rough but just keep the leads coming. Please add you amazing home based business story in the comments section!


Just Show Up

This may be the most general article ever made in the history of the world. The message will be simple.

Many people say that 90% of success is just showing up. Anyone who has ever gone to school knows this. If you show up every day to class, take notes, go through the paces odds are you will walk away with a piece of paper that says you graduated.

This simple concept can be applied to Internet business. Just merely having a site up that over time you develop eventually if it is any good it will take off. More specifically and more literally as your business takes off online you may need to meet some real people in real life. You may collaborate. You may do link exchanges. You may do guest posts. But at the end of the day you both come out a little better than you started.

Many unions of people have lead to Internet superstar projects from twitter to my space.


Twibs Is A Place Where Business And Twitter Mixx

Who said business like yours and pleasure like twitter can't mix? They absolutely can. The website is called Twibs. Get your business there now and start on the road to social media leveraging through the tweetosphere.


Open Zap Is A Powerful 3rd Party Twitter App

To be honest I do not really know what 3rd Party Twitter App even means. I might just be saying that for key words and google. But I do know that the whole concept of Open Zap is powerful. Unlike other similar sites when people re tweet stuff on Open Zap the @ is preserved generating a known path which rewards people for helping others. This is a far stronger concept where on many sites upping other people's memes is merely a major waste of time unless you are a power user.


Miley Cyrus , Twittle, And Ashton Kutcher Are Cooking Up Many Hot Twitter Stories

Shame on twitter for ever being born! In one fell swoop you turned my world on end. You changed the online game forever. Let's forget of search engines, videos or even friends! Twitter is now the king. My blog is now worthless! Now because Miley Cyrus is so much cooler than me my blog does not matter any more!

Just kidding Miley Cyrus and twitter are cool. These are the times. I am a firm believer that it would be of benefit for any marketer to allocate a day a week where they learn how to use twitter better.

On this special twitter day tweet a lot. Use many of the 3rd Party websites like Twittley and expand your knowledge searching the tweetosphere, blogosphere, and search engines on twitter.

Twitter has the ability to crack what is relevant right now and not later. In the world of making money online twitter is a great way to discover the new hot rock stars before they go big on google or technorati. Twitter is the next google.

Google banned? Now it may not matter any more. I have spyed some marketers traffic stats where they used to be 90% google are now 90% twitter. How did they do this when their google traffic stayed the same? They embraced twitter like I am saying.

See with twitter there is so much to learn it is impossible to get to the bottom of it. Twitip for example has more stuff to work with than Pro Blogger these days. Darren Rowse spotted this early.

I will admit I got a twitter account the day it came out but I was only doing like a tweet a day on a good day.

Twitter is like a magic genie. The more I tweet the more it gives. The more I tweet other people's stuff the more it gives. The more traffic I feed it, the more followers twitter gives me and the better I can leverage memes. And this is only super basic twitter for dummies! See leveraging twitter can be done automated on many different accounts, in different names, on different channels, with different varieties of apps etc to create a twitter traffic flow worth millions of dollars.

This is what Ashton Kutcher realizes. If Ashton was not a billionaire already and actually cared he could compound market with his account and make astronomical sums just off of one account. Expert marketers actually twitter funnel through networks of their twitter accounts.

Lets say a marketer has 20 niche websites. They take out twitter accounts for each site. Then they funnel these 20 twitter accounts into their 1 twitter account with hot links to their one conversion site for 1 product. Without getting into the math they can leverage millions of people a day and thousands of conversions worth at least millions of dollars a year. This is actually more powerful than Ashton because lets do the math. Let's say that they have 100k followers in each account times 20 which equals I think 2 million followers! Plus their blogosphere readers at 100k per niche website so we have another 2 million people! Then to every social site which is millions more. Granted this theoretical person is a super marketer like Shoemoney what I am saying is a reality my friends! In some ways I am exaggerating to prove a point and In other ways I am not!!!


Pay Per Click A Dime A Day Secrets A Dollar A Month

Driving up clicks may be the number one pay per click mistake on earth. Much like affiliate ads, targeting high pay out ads are what make the money. Unless you are an AdWords genius, arbitrage genius, and social media genius you will never make a million off of one cent clicks. In that case you would need a hundred million or so clicks. On the other hand if you created a made for AdSense website then you are on your way. The next step is to set up advertiser channels in the google AdSense website. Create key words off of google into the box and create an AdSense profile that will stick out. Add value so advertisers can easily find your site and be willing to pay a lot of money. If you ads in conjunction are in a good spot, you site is clean, and you convert high on ctr then you will become a millionaire. This may be hard to explain, but if you do not do the work in your AdSense account you may never see the 10 dollar clicks that the gurus talk about.

If you find this whole channel marketing a problem, affiliate advertising may be much easier for you. In that case you can just pick your rate. Create a site around it. Funnel traffic off of satellite sites. And bam! Please leave a comment.


Fake It Till You Make It Vs Paying The Price

There are many marketers out there. A dime a million may be putting it lightly. In reality only a few of these marketers are legit. Most are not. So how can you tell them apart? Credentials. Testimonials. What else? Blog authority. Quality of product. In reality some good research is extremely important. There are many scam finder sites that smoke many of these frauds out. Because of this there may be no point in faking anything. What do you think is the right thing to do?


My Network Marketing Blog

Besides physically trying stuff the second most important thing to do is learn stuff. OK most stuff learned is through trial but there are many great marketing blogs out there. One such blog is My Network Marketing Blog.


Home Based Business Forums

If you need advice on how to make money in your online business the best place to go is a forum site. In forums people are honest and real. Best of all your profile and links will do well in the search engine. In this sense you learn and lay down some content paths for yourself. One great forum is the Home Based Business Forums.


So Why Do You Blog And What Do You Have To Show For It

There is a typical marketer mantra that goes like this:

People on YouTube with millions of views and no monetary accomplishment, have not accomplished anything.

In reality the potential of these videos to drive conversions is high. I would want one of these videos. These million view YouTube videos are a lot like your blog. Does your blog sell anything. Do you use your link juice for your sales page or do you blog just to blog. If you blog to blog who is getting rich? Probably the blog hosting companies and every other company built up around blogs and blogging.

My next question is how much stuff do you have on your blog? How thick are your paragraphs? How many comments do you have? Would people have reason to come back? If your blog is very similar to every other blog in the niche your ability to leverage the niche diminishes significantly. On the other hand if your blog is exceptional you will get 90 percent of your niche traffic even if the blog is not the best.

So what does this mean?

This traffic is something that you can leverage for affiliate commissions on another site. Linking between your sites is more powerful than just promoting on the site. Why is this? The answer is that linking adds value to both sites. The link will drive more traffic to the final site because the formula goes as follows:

First Blog Linked Second Blog = Greater Than The Sum Of The Parts

Linking is the currency of the Internet so deep linking within your system makes your own pages and properties much more valuable. Linking raises google's awareness, along with every other wanna be google out there. Linking increases search visibility and bot comb ability of your pages. Deep linking will increase conversions. Deep linking is a lot like what the tweet meme is now. Links drive technorati and google. The top sites in technorati are the top of google and twitter and etc. The common thread is links and references, page structure, and other seemingly small factors translate into cold hard cash. Start your promotions.

Why again should the business and the blog be separated?

The reason has to do with perception. People feel like they are going somewhere. There is a special sales term for this called spatial marketing.


So Web Make Money

So Web is a blog about making money online.


Multi Level Marketing Is What Drives The Future

Multi level marketing is something that is catching on around the world. It is smart to focus on a sales orientated company that pays by the percent or sale. It may help to keep it locked to the MLM Blog.

Why is multi level marketing right for people?

Last night I was watching Pitchmen on the Discovery Channel. It was not uncommon for people to invest a lot of money in the pitchmen. Even with the best sales pitch on earth by Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivann products tend to be a coin toss. This makes chasing the dream of creating the big idea very risky. I am not saying that the big idea is bad. Most people on Pitchmen would have been smarter getting private funding and starting sales online then bringing a partially developed product. In multi level marketing, network marketing, online marketing, and affiliate marketing we can take these proven successful products and re brand them. Effectively we become the online Billy Mays. Social profiles, and websites funnel traffic into our product site and bam we won. Billy Mays on the other hand must compete with the cost of television along with demands of people. Network marketing, MLM and affiliate marketing have not any set time frame and are usually completely free or extremely cheap to start.


Logoey Makes Logos

Logoey is a site that designs logos. Currently they are running a discount so check it out.


Tweet Meme Is Extremely Helpful Search Engine

Twitter is fast becoming the information source of the web. Twitter may not be the information but rather it is the glue that holds together some of the prime social meme information. Tweet Meme is a site that compiles stuff that is tweeted. Tweet Meme is in effect an engine for memes that proliferate in the tweetosphere.