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MLM Woman is an excellent long standing multi level marketing community.


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Kim Klaver Blogs is an excellent and authoritative blog covering marketing topics.


Internet Business Revenue Inspiration Resources and Tips

I have recently been looking through a list of multilevel marketing companies. Granted the business is legal mlm is a great way to make easy money. Often when we are paid on tiered leads, quick and easy money is made. On tier 3 for example an email submit might make you around ten cents. On tier 2 you generate a viable lead so the company may pay you a buck. And on tier 1 you make a sale where the company may pay you 40 bucks. To me the equation is simple. Sell a million pieces and you can become a millionaire. Lets cut this in half and you would still be a millionaire. In reality you could sell under a hundred thousand parcels and be well off. If you are the pitch person of the online world these figures are obtainable. Networking marketing is in your future then.

Many of these businesses move with the times. If you are marketing shirts for instance the company granted it is a major player will frequently update the design. This will position you to hook people up with pre sale deals and clearance discounts neither of which are found in stores. These special offers are what make the marketer rich. Sales is the key word. Most expert marketers only deal when they get the special feeling. The litmus test is to make sure that the product has teeth. Does it satisfy the compulsive consumer. With an effective traffic feed and landing pages marketers are set for big money. You are the future of online business, and not just an affiliate like the sceptics want you to believe.


Mo Luv

Mo Luv is a pay design directory that also helps people make better sites. Also check out the blog Mo Luv.


Tim Scullin

Tim Scullin has a blog about blogging.


Money Gurus From Around The World: Samantha McSween

Marketing is probably one of the most important aspects of Internet business. This is not semantics my friends. There are many people who have a lot of disposable income, extreme big computer skills, but never really can drive home ideas.

The web is littered with great sites for nothing. These people never had a plan. These people never had a traffic funnel, or conversion pages.

On the other hand there are marketers who make a lot of money with basic concepts. They tend to have an ability to make more with less.

As I have previously noted many of these people have the dreams and the initiative to stick with it, learn the ropes, and execute. Most people quit in a few months. Many expert marketers on the other hand do what it takes.

If you believe that you are the next Internet marketer a site you should check out Samantha McSween.


Michael Gerber and His E Myth Rules

Michael Gerber has a great site E Myth, that he does not own any more. Michael Gerber's products help small businesses and entrepreneurs discover systems to become the next big thing.

There is a great Michael Gerber interview on YouTube. Check out Parts 1, 2, and 3.

Michael Gerber and his vision has evolved into the dream. The dream is to inspire people to do great things.


Mario Remedios

Mario Remedios has a good blog about marketing and networking.


Robert Allen And His Best Free Message

Robert Allen inspires a lot of people with his messages. On YouTube the mere belief that one can make it according to him is the most powerful tool anyone can possibly have. An example of the way destructive thinking can lead to financial ruin goes as follows:

Let's say I want to buy a property. My motivation in buying this land is to rent it, farm it and ultimately make money off of it any way I can. Well now I go to a friend and tell him/her/them my vision. They will tell me that it won't work. This dream is impossible. As a result if I buy into this I will never try and as a result I will never have an opportunity to succeed.

On the other hand let's say that I internalize that I can do it. I go buy the property. I make good money. The money leads to more opportunities. Twenty years later I legally change my name to Donald Trump because of all of that money I made.

This is often called the power of positive thinking, or mind over matter. These thoughts are what might drive someone from working an under paid summer camp job to spending that wasted time on Internet marketing or whatever their passion it. Ultimately it is the mind and choices that drive success.

If we choose to succeed we will eventually succeed. If we choose to fail we will inevitably fail. Personally I believe there is something deeper than just imagining wealth. I believe that this can go farther. Just imagine that you got a mere 100 dollar check in the mail. Perhaps this is not a life changer. But then imagine having a fun night in the clubs or going camping with that money.

I believe that this can often drive people to make constructive decisions to get up and try things to make money rather than just wasting time shopping for instance or just spending another weekend staring at the chains that hold them down.

Believe that all chains those in the mind and those outside can be broken. Just dream of the greatest delusions you can think of. For me it might be living in a nice house in Venis Beach,CA. Here I would step outside, and watch all of the people hanging out and having a great time in the sun. Maybe I would hop on a skateboard and get a tattoo, then have a great dinner!

I believe these thoughts can drive people. Being the seller can bring a lot of wealth your way. And billions of dollars are possible. But so too are a few bucks for coffee. Why not celebrate what you have, imagine what is possible, and go out and win.


Find Markets To Make Money Marketing

The basics of marketing is something worth hearing again and again. The video talks of multiple streams, niche marketing, the learning curve and other related topics. I am a firm believer that the people who make the most money online are people who pick normal things. People merely go through an affiliate program and merely make a site for every product. The best research tool is free. See how well these things search, what people are saying in forums, and how the video communities are reacting. Many marketers speak of how you can push the envelope.


Interactive Return

Interactive Return is a site about marketing.


The Salary Marketer

It is not uncommon for marketers to hire people to create viral content to drive traffic towards the conversion sites. It is not uncommon to pay these people some form of salary. is a website that may help people with salary numbers.


Bring Pictures To Twitter The Easy Way Snap Tweet

Twitter is nothing without images. We pop images on our mobile devices and want to bring a few to twitter. Snap Tweet makes this easy.


We Live In A Twitter Nation. Please Join Us!

Twitter may be the most useful Internet service ever invented. Twitter has now been myspaced with the new inclusion of celeb profiles. Ashton Kutcher as a marketer drove home the stuff. The Twitter Blog is the new blog about blogging. There is a world build around twitter as well. This increases the viral aspects of the tweet. Often the long tail of the tweet looks like a gigantic mountain.


Jeff Johnson and His Underground Training Lab

I am a big fan of marketers. I always feel a bit sad that their products cost money. But at the same time their tactics are extremely interesting. Underground Training Lab has gained my interest. This program has an affiliate program as well for people of related niches.


Doctor Twitter

Doctor Twitter helps people design their twitter profile backgrounds.


Twitter Images For Your Twitter Profile

Twitter is the hottest online instant messaging experience. People on twitter drive leads, make friends, and have fun. In order to drive followers a hot background is important. Check out Twitter Images.


Twitter Patterns

Twitter Backgrounds helps people decorate their twitter profiles.



Zynga is an online social community build around video games.


With Twitter Never Settle For Less Ever

Twitter is big my friends. Twitter is so big it is safe to call it the next Myspace. One of the most profound lessons from my space is that people who owned the space won.

This can be applied to twitter. People who own the medium always have the upper hand. People like to make friends with people who have nice looking profiles, nice sounding stuff to say, and oh by the way millions of followers.

With the right stuff there is no telling how far you can take it. Twitter is powerful. The top users will soon have billions of friends but even just ten followers can be enough.

All you need is one person to be on twitter, or pop your story. As your story lands on their profile the onion is peeled back and your weblog or web business will get a traffic rush like its 1964!

Twitter rocks for this reason.


Does Your Website Have A Single Function?

Clutter may be the enemy of many people online. Confusing sites can hurt the campaign. It is light a person who goes camping and takes so much stuff that they can make only 3 steps on the trail. Single Function is a website that chronicles this.



Agglom is a social bookmarking website.


My Tweet Space Helps People Get A Better Twitter Score

If you want to make twitter your home act like you own it. That includes spending the time and money in designing your space and avatar. There are many options for the background out there. One option might be My Tweet Space.


App Scout

App Scout is a cool site that covers topics like the Internet, technology, applications and the list goes on. I definitely keep it locked to their cool web sites list.


Make Money Online Beginners Guide

There are naturally billions of make money online blogs. Why not? Make money while talking about making money is cool. So to are the wide variety of topics that can be discussed in a make money online blog. Make Money Online Beginners Guide is an amazing make money online site from its design, to its forums this site rocks perfectly. Do not be surprised when this blog is rocking a billion subscribers in a week.


The Retweet Button For Your Blog

The re tweet button is the tweet meme button that is going over the web. For the code click here. The most important thing is that you follow me on twitter.


Your Life Style Designer

Your Life Style Designer is a blog about life and also covers topics like business, social media, mobile media, and other related topics.


Business Opportunities Weblog

Business Opportunities Weblog is a blog that covers many sites of business that most blogs do not. The average business blog likes what flashes. Whether this be making a billion on the stock market, or the many rags to riches online marketing stories that happen every day. This blog takes a real look at day to day business strategies that can help real people. My best advice would be to follow me on twitter.


Where Exactly is Social Media Taking Marketers Today

There is a lot of buzz around the web today about social media marketing. The article points out various lessons. I believe the most important lesson is opening up twitter accounts for all people you work with. Official tweets are what the platform was made for and would make its developers blush big time. Secondly it is important to realize that social media marketing campaigns can fail and fail big. In many cases the buzz around a failed campaign can raise sales just as well. I call this fail marketing strategy. Thirdly it is not how many friends you can get but how viral your friends are. If you get streams of friends, and they spread your stories then they are good. Marketers often do not consider who they are adding and often make tragic mistakes. One major mistake is marketing to marketers. No body will buy a product that they them selves are marketing. This is counter intuitive but a mistake many people make. Fourth know the language. Too many movies for example market on YouTube and fail to grasp the whole reason around 75 percent of the people use YouTube. Being ignorant of your audience is a classic communication error. Fifth know where social media is headed. The story changes every day. It may help to keep up with blogs, read traditional media, study wikipedia, and google all day long. Sixth is the power of re branding. Every social media super star knows the power of re branding. They do it every day. Re branding allows a fresh look. Track the results and keep a log. This way you can tell what worked well and what flopped. Seventh leave a comment. This is the greatest secret ever.