FaceBook Is Putting The Hurt On Twitter Traffic

According to All Facebook, the facebook has recently become more like twitter. As argument goes the more twitter like features that the facebook can create the better. We all want the facebook to become a twitter after all.


The Real Reason Twitter Is So Popular On Earth

Many years from now people will think of twitter in the same light as they see the great temples and pyramids of the past. Twitter is that big a deal. There is a lot of buzz about how twitter is such a great tool.

The buzz continues that twitter is good for everybody to do everything. I just ask why did not people just do shorter blog posts, shorter videos, and smaller profiles.

Herein lies the twitter key. People can tweet without having to worry of grammar or long formalities. People need not question if someone is even reading their stream as it is easy to get a million replies. People can tweet tired when they can't do a blog post, a web cam show, or their typical design an application in an hour type of power day.

To be frank with you the people of the world are mad tired. Sleepy to be exact. When this will end I do not know? But I do know that the 90 hour work week with no pay led to twitter. The blog till your fingers hurt led to twitter. The spend ten hours uploading your videos to the viral sites led to twitter. The answer is that all roads lead to twitter.

Does this make twitter the king? The bright city on the hill? The white castle of online websites? How did the tweetosphere go from crazy to mad cool in just a few hours? I will tell you because twitter is so easy and fun for the whole family.

Why even learn to write! Why punctuate! Why bother with those silly big blogs! Twitter is the new silly microblog big blog. Twitter is big because it is the collection of its little parts. People's life experiences. How many times have your heard the battle cry of 'hello world!' These people are not on twitter regarded as newbies but a potential follower. This is what I call an experiment in symbiosis.

This is where people come together instead of tear each other apart like they do in the blog comments, the video sites and pretty much everywhere else on the non twitter bliss Internet. Sure there is some haggling but those people just forgot that they were on twitter. They must have not set their computer to make funny sounds every time they tweet! That is mad cool my friends.

Popping a tweet is like a slam dunk in basketball, or like winning a prize like a free computer. Twitter rocks that hard and its completely free. Twitter brought the fuzzy sensibility's of blogger without the hassle of having to rock a dot project! Without the hassle of learning programming. Without the hassle of learning coding. Without the hassle of the blog rat race. Twitter adds joy to people's lives and uplifts spirits. Twitter is pure like that.

Pure as the white dove smothered in blue oil that has become the beloved tweet bird. That is what we all are birds tweeting to each other. So now each and every morning when I hear those birds tweeting outside my window I say that I am a lot like them thanks to twitter for making me know that!


3 Blogs That I Like Sorta Related To Internet Business

The blogs that I am reading this morning are:

-Web 2 Marketing

-Benjamin Teo

-Financial Facts

Check them out...

To be honest my favorite thing in the world to do is read blogs.

A long time ago in the dark ages I loved sitting in the back of gigantic libraries and just grab random picture books. I would opening these books up.

One book would be about skateboarding in California in the 70s, while the next book would be about the impacts of industry on east Georgia. These books were a great escape from my real life living in the same city I always lived in, doing the same things, and knowing the same people.

The Internet my friends is much better than these books. First of all the Internet does not discriminate once people can get on. There are plenty of free outlets for people to do their best with their resources. Back in the day of books it was more what family people came from to get published.

Now days the web is dynamically moving in crazy waves of energy. The web is so dynamic that people set cameras next to their computer and rant of their life, or people upload their pictures in real time. People then add stuff to the stuff. With the highways changing exponentially every day the web is probably the most exciting thing that I know of on earth.

Blogs are one consequence of the evolution of the personal Internet. Blogs continue to evolve and have a tremendous impact on the way people perceive the world. If you have an idea and put it online, inevitably someone will pick it up and clone it. Inevitably this idea will circle the world. The power of the idea in online media is actually incredibly substantial.

This ability to change the world is what sets today's Internet apart from yesterdays books. The Internet is not about tired writers selling out for a lame paycheck but rather an amazing place of mixes and matches. Things happen online.


Ratified Is Cool

Ratified is a cool blog rating site for Philippine Blogs. Ratified also has a cool widget that compiles the various rating numbers.


Windows Is Opening Up Some Windy O's For The Pretty People

Wow my friends you gotta read this. It is an article about the release of a new windows edition. Windows is the computer software created by Microsoft.

Windows is the most important computer software on earth and a newbie thing is going public. This rules and gives the people of the earth reason to celebrate forever. I am so glad that Bill Gates, and Steve Ballmer care so much about the world! Yeah!


Twisky Is A Top Twitter Related 3rd PARTY Website

I am here my friends today to talk to you about twitter. Twitter is the most powerful social media site on earth period! I love twitter and I bet you would really love it more.

Well I am here to talk to you about the greatest twitter secret ever. It is called Twisky! Twisky is obviously inspired by Twitterholic and brings us the most innovative idea on earth.

Twisky lets people grab spaces that I assume in the future will be for charge. People can click on your avatar and check your stream. In my opinion we all win in this magical and special situation! Twisky for life.


We Live In The Mobile Age Said The Sage

I firmly believe computers will be obscure in a year. Some little smart computer phone will do it all. It will even shoot out hair soap when we are in the shower. This is the world that the website Gotta Be Mobile envisions. Gotta Be Mobile talks a lot about the infamous tablet PC. I suspect this is the modern day form of online communication blasted through this surreal device.

That is what the dot com techno life is all about. Flashing lights and pure and simple glory. Like those orange juice commercials where the juice comes strait from the orange. This is what the team of Gotta Be Mobile is all about.


Give Me A High Five on Hi5

Hi5 may be the best thing since juice and tea! Really Hi5 is the next twitter.

How do I know this? I read the latest Hi5 news my friends.

So whats up? Apparently Hi5 has gotten some new people. This will make this already amazing company even better. The hype will make Hi5 change its name to Hi10 I bet. Really this is what the net is all about.

Internet Businesses shedding their skin like a revenue pro. To tell you the truth I wish I had billions of dollars to buy Hi5 and try to put the hurt on social media around the earth! Ha.


Making Social Media And Smart Phones A Reality

Loopt improves social media use on smart phones by looping it all together. Check it my friends.


ProCaster Streaming Media, A True Net Revolution

Procaster in partnership with Mogulus makes a hot life stream for people who dig the major hits of a clear and happy live broadcast.

Webcams and live streams can be saved. Let's think about this. We get live traffic then we get viral traffic which increases live traffic. How can one loose with ProCaster?


Streamline Your Social Life Online With YouMeo

Let's say I am a person who loves online social sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Jumping between the websites drains valuable time. YouMeo saves you and me this time. Time drag of jumping the social media is like the new age checking the email. Beep and another bleep and I wasted a whole day updating and checking stuff.

No one really cares. Bust out the time savers and you will be fresh, and you will make millions. I guarantee that for sure!


A Great Entrepreneur Blog

American Entrepreneur is an excellent blog read. The site is also promoting what I think is an e book on the Internet's hottest service called twitter. There was actually a comment on this blog around the lines of 'how can anyone make money on twitter?' The answer is easy.

Promoting products or businesses on twitter is probably the most important tool on the net today. Just start dropping affiliate links in your tweets and if you have a lot of followers just watch the conversions come in. Obviously complex marketing is not that simple. It may help to have more tactics but marketers will for example make an account for each product that they sell. So when people sign into the account for your self published books on amazon for instance that is exactly what they are expecting. They will not consider this spam.

Marketing is complex my friends.

There are a million apps to automate tweets and other things to like a thousand accounts at once. Then marketers take advantage of retweeting and tweet mixing and the list goes on. Never again do I hope people say stuff that twitter can't make them money. Twitter is the single most profitable social site on earth. Think social media millionaire. Ah that sounds wonderful.


Have You Heard Of Twitter A MicroBlogging Community Platform

Twitter is taking over the world. Explosive growth has been the friend of twitter. I think that the success that it has afforded many people, the ease of use and the great community has made twitter the new favorite.

I remember thinking when twitter cam out what the hype was about. It does not matter if people think twitter is dumb it drives traffic. This rocks. Twitter has made more careers and famous people in the last year. If you want to get Internet famous stop blogging and start tweeting.

If you want to have more fun spend a night in with twitter and thousands of your closest friends.

I believe twitter is the next big thing. It is happening it is here. These are the days that all marketers are talking about. The twitter land rush. All you need is a million followers which is easier than my space or face book. Let's win the game together.


Microsoft Rocks, Did I Already Mention That

I am PC. I am not a mac. Microsoft rocks and has hit its stride after the big Mojave experiment. I always knew that that would be a water shed for this giant Internet business. Have you heard the latest Microsoft online ad news?


Save Your Money My Friends

There is an old saying that is 'save your money.' There is another old saying that goes along the lines of 'find a penny pick it up.' I can not tell you how many more riches to rags stories there are than rags to riches. The reason for this is that we are surrounded by a matrix that wants us to spend money on silly things like fashion, crappy electronics, over priced living situations, overpriced food and coffee in particular, gas and energy, and the list goes on. There is a reason that I wear the same clothes that I bought in the 90s.

If I took the advice of the people on TV I would not be broke but I would be in a better position to get there. To compound spending problems. Rich dot com millionaires and celebs also have credit problems. The reason behind this is that credit companies target people who can't pay off the cards.

Companies that do well for instance get denied credit because the banks can't really yield a reasonable profit per risk of money. If you make money online please save it. If your online business gets a winning streak do not gamble your money. I am saying this related to the recent news of my favorite super model Pamela Anderson.


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