AIT Is Hiring

What is Applies Integrated Technology? Personally I have not a clue and what the website tells me helps not. What I do know is that they are hiring people who dig and are good at internet technologies. This may be the perfect income stream from a high end company.


Increase Traffic And Revenue With Live WebCams World

Web cams are a profitable way of bringing content to the Internet. Many high quality webcams are used on youtube to make quick capture videos and live videos that can be aired without a powerful Internet. Think no upload, download or sideways loads. Check out sites like Camstreams for some inspiration.


We Have Buyer's Remorse On The Internet

The glory days of the Internet whether that be the 80s, 90s or way earlier had more buzz than today. These days folks have turned their back on the Internet. Their computers had problems so they loose faith in computers. The smart phones had problems so they lost faith in smart phones. What people bought online was not good so they lost faith in ecommerce.

We are in a hot Internet revolution. Yet I could have millions of dollars if I collected a Pennie for every person that told me the net was none sense. I believe that the biggest impediment to most people to start an online business is rooted in belief. The next step would be to find proof. The final step would be to listen to this video.

I believe that we we leave simple explanations of the Internet behind and revert to more reasonable ones then we can love it. Believe in its magic. People will come to your live cam site. They will love it. You can make more money than did people back in the day. This is all true. Now its time to taste the rainbow!


Use The Internet To Do Good

It is easy to get down online. There are temptations and cyberspace can be a bad place. But the crux of this message is to use the Internet to do good things for yourself and your community. From a business standpoint I call this the business of good.


Downloads That Better Convert Videos

In the world of online media we often stop on what we know. We upload to sites that work with our devices. We use formats that are easy for us to navigate. But sometimes a good download may help with some conversions to make our lives easier.


Online Video Conferencing Is The Wave Of The Future

Streaming stuff live online for the sake of business has been around for ages. I believe that chatting, and web cams represent the big bang of online media and also represent the future. Conferencing brings people and ideas together without coming together. This saves many resources which means more money for the business. If you own the business getting good at video conferencing means mad money in your pocket. Some video conferencing services include iVisit, Pal Talk, and Sight Speed. How does your business video conference.


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