Profiting Off Of The Dog

People love to spend money on their dogs. The dog is the best friend of a person after all. Check out this Dog Affiliate Program.


Great Ideas Are Born On The Interwebs

Every second the Internet is the breeding ground of happenings and events. Cal Feed is an online community dedicated to this stuff.


You Will Like This

The sidebar offers a unique eye catching spot to advertise. This is exactly what Side Bar Ads thinks. Side Bar Ads seems like a tough company to get into though.

Pepperjam Network


Blogs About Wordpress Rock

Blogging and social media go hand in hand. So do blogs about blogging. Also blogs about wordpress rock double stop time. I love busting some trendy language. I Like Wordpress is a great blog about the great blogging medium wordpress.


4 Online Social Communities That Are Crazy Good

Twitter is all I ever talk about. I could say twitter so many times that it becomes some other word. I am not sure that is really a good thing to evolve into. Social media rules and the second anyone puts their whole life into one site, then bam they made a mistake. Sites come and go. Their feeds and effects are forever. People do not just become an unfriend when a social site ups and leaves. Friends pinkie swear that they will stick it out forever. Here are a few more communities that you can exercise your pinkies in:

We Love Local connects people and business on a local level. This concept my friends is way ahead of its time!

Soda Head connects questions and answers in a techie app filled happy go lucky type of way. If you spend a lot of time you will be bubbling off of all of that virtual soda!

Shyftr brings all of your social activity into one site, them builds a community platform on top of that. Look for this site to do some big and amazing things in the future!

Second Brain is the future of app deluxe amazing social bookmarking revolution. Imagine a time when the votes rule the world. That time is today or tomorrow depending on when you sign up for Second Brain!

To conclude these 4 social communities rock. If you have any more questions please shoot me one on Plurk! I probably can't answer them but I will ask my own! That is what I call the question matrix!


Web Communities On The Rise

Many people are always asking me what is the next twitter? Well really no one has asked me anything but just play along with me.

The next twitter is a web community called Favorit. It may or may not be in beta. It may or may not be private. But I am seeing a lot of good stuff. Favorite brings together social media under one roof and takes it a step further with a front page and bookmarking qualities that could be worth a traffic rush. I believe in this site called favorit!


Internet Celebrities Are Good For The Economy

And for local business. Internet Celebrities bail out main street as well. Internet celebrities make money. They are rich. People worship them. There are numerous videos on why this is not true but I believe it is true.

When people do well online great things happen. Some of these great things may be money. Lately I been surfing into one celebrity IJustine. I am not sure what site is the main one or if they are all part of the cloud. But visitor stats look good. I have never seen growth like that ever in anything.

I liken it to the big bang of Internet traffic. Exponential growth. There is a lot of money in exponents. An exponentially expanding AdSense account for instance is cool. Some other IJustine sites include Tasty Blog Snack, on YouTube, The Fan Site, IJustine TV, Myspace, Twitter, and the list goes on. This is very common for Internet celebrities to be represented well in social media. Social media is everything. Long live social media the master of all!


Blogs That Are Ahead Of The Curve

I firmly believe that in order to succeed in the blog world we must be more than one step ahead of the game. Way too many bloggers are followers, flip floppers, and not leaders and decision makers.

For me I am the exact opposite. I wish I could live in a tend and eat twigs and berries all of my life. Ah the simpler life!

But back to my topic. Tonight is an especially fruitful blog surfing time for me. This one blog Naked Imagination seems crazy good. It is about technology and its effects on the world. Few bloggers take the time to step back and look at the repercussions of technology on society.

I realize this as I was recently playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 how different it is now in 2009 versus 2002 when the game supposedly took place. I was amazed how the game made very keen observations on how technology effected life even then. I felt blinded.

On one hand I take this stuff for granted and I hardly notice it. On the other hand technology is having a profound impact on my life and the stuff that happens. It all comes back to checking email. That is very annoying so I never check it.

But I think we are aimed at bigger and better things. I just hope computers will one day be free. $100 for an over priced piece of plastic with some strange metals and chemicals on the inside! Wow space aliens would be shocked. They get computers for free I am sure. They also probably hack the Internet and are on this website as we speak. That is what the unexplained web traffic is all about!


There Is Alot Of Truth In 52k Twitter Followers

I was recently surfing the inter webs when I came upon a blog. This blog had a twitter widget with 52k followers. I was intrigued. After all the old saying goes "the person with the most followers wins!" Well the blog is called Twitter Truth.

There seems to be a lot of competition in the blog about twitter game but I suspect that we will be seeing quite a few of these sites in the technorati top 100. Perhaps twitter will fail in a year and people will read this post and laugh. That is the genius of blogging. Blog posts are as much a historical document as they are something new sometimes.

Luckily I am usually so wrong about things that if things go wrong I would be right. I would call this some kind of reverse luck. But twitter is big my friends. Open up accounts, and tweet till the cows come home. Read twitter blogs. Use twitter related services. And wear twitter shorts. Twitter is cool baby. Make that blue T catch on fire!


Is Your Twitter Avatar The Best!?

It never ceases to amaze me the lengths that people go to make some sweet twitter related site. You really have to check out the Twitter Avatar Combat website to fully appreciate what twitter is all about. Having a winning avatar is a great way to leverage your twitter account. You need not be famous to create a sweet avatar.

There are countless free avatar generating websites out there. Also try some of your computer programs and use your design abilities. For bloggers Smashing Mag uncovered a sweet hack for having twivatars in your blog comments!

I really want to hear an avatar related comment very badly actually! If you have a problem with this blog post please complain about it at Get Satisfaction a customer service and complaint hub.


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