Affiliate Marketers, Biz Pages And Business Bloggers In A Ponzi Catch 22 Pyramid MLM Deal

There is a lot to be said of the make money online game. The inside scoop is that few ever make this money. The time, talent and treasures that they possess move them beyond what the others fall for. They know special key words to get the AdSense ppc land rush. They create effective ecommerce sites, and product review sites that rake in affiliate cash.

They leverage social media, and classified ads to drive affiliate commissions through the roof. They effectively implement ideas using computer programming many times elemental but innovative. They build brand empires around ideas and visions. And most importantly they execute. If you are not trying to differentiate yourself from the pack you may very well be a victim of MLM fraud, no pay ponzi marketing tricks, and chasing air. I am asking everyone to snap out of it. Wake UP!

Do not listen to anyone because people themselves are brainwashed into the old adage of slather and go. The Internet is a game of strategy. Throw away you score cards, never check your stats again. Rather every time you site down do 10 constructive things that you know guarantee will make an impact in this world. One of these things could be abandoning your website all together or merely using social media in the exact opposite way that you have been doing it.

A revolutionary thought is sitting down and the computer and saying to yourself how can I make a million dollars in one hour. Figure that out and you will become a legit millionaire.

The real secret is Russ Dalbey and Winning in the Cashflow Business my friends. These real estate notes are all over. Help people in bad financial situations and make money yourself. Basically you are saving lives and living well yourself. Click below for more details!


SEO Highlight

Search engines are the most powerful way to become successful in business online. Many people turn their back on the sound SEO guru type of stuff and see their site traffic go to nothing in the blink of an eye. Is this the sand box? I do not know. What I do know is that Blog Highlight is a good blog read about search engine optimization.


How Do I Sell My Online Stuff Like Sites and Domains

The number one hardest thing online is to sell digital goods and services. There are many reasons for this.

Number one online classifieds consider people selling domains for example a form of spam.

Number two unless this product is reaching its intended audience no one will even look.

And number 3 people tend to hold on to these things till they expire. My advice is to sell all of your old sites and related stuff. Believe me people really want them and would actually pay you money.

It is much easier to blog on a site that is established or tweak a business to have it drive home profits rather than start at square A. Garden variety Internet businesses sell starting at the thousands price range and go up from there. It is always smart to list things on the pricey side. If you want these things to sell the craigslist of the digital world is the Site Point Market Place.


The Best Internet Business Plan: Get In, Get Conversions, Get Out

There is a vast misconception about online business. The theory is that the money is just in a few more thousand blog posts. More blog posts will make you more money but please look at the bigger picture.

There were sites back in 1995 that had a service. The service was a simple conversion. The site was no blog. It was simple. The site owner made millions a year. 5 years later sells the site and retires from the Internet with the cash. Many people did this through studying a book about programming for a week.

I believe that people can succeed this easily. Some of the most profitable sites out there are very simple concepts. Some of the best blogs are merely a person chronicling their day to day existence. Some of the best affiliate commissions are in a simple product review, or store front add on app.

I personally believe in the business law of futility. This law states that if we are doing something and not much comes of it we must change what we do rather than repeat the same thing over and over.

Many people come into the Internet think they will do what they want and walk away with google cash. The truth is that there is more money in planned experiences, specific conversions and business plans. Make a members area of your site even if your blog is free. The members area may be some good tools you developed, some special pictures, games, video or anything else worth paying for online.

Turn your blog or site into a business rather than thinking some round about way things will change. Self publish and use that as a conversion rather than expect a book deal directly from your blog. Some day things may be differently but generally people who rationally act to create conversions get them.


Josh Parker Knows About Easy Google Cash

Josh Parker is an unlikely money hero. Apparently the game of small personal ads can be extended online using the power of google. This is a lot like the Google Money Tree check it out.


Hot Twitter App Alert: This One Will Change Your Life

Twitter is a game of apps. Twitter can be lost and won in the app world. The latest and the greatest twitter application is Tweet Spinner. Tweet Spinner allows for account management actions like automating tweets, automating profiles, and automating your life. Streamlining your online experience can save you time and make you more money.


Say Tweet Brings Design Into Twitter Badges

For many people with a highly individualized blog or website, social media badges can be an eyesore. Also an individualized badge helps build a brand, and increase traffic inflow into the twitter account which increases follower. More followers means more traffic back to your blog or online business. Basically this is a good thing. Say Tweet allows for people's tweets to appear over a picture or design of whatever they want. People can definitely have a lot of fun with this.


Tech And Social Media Blog Reviews is a good tech and social media blog that I have been reading. If you want your blog reviewed just leave a comment.


Good Niches And Blogging Circles

There is a lot of talk of what a good blog topic is. At the end of the day who really cares right? Some topics are better than others. Obviously if a topic covers a major industry it will be much easier to monetize.

An example may be that mmorpg games is a very profitable affiliate marketing and AdSense niche. Games are fun, and have endless tricks, codes, and hacks. Another blog niche that monetizes well is fashion. People really need to know what is hot. The Internet may be one of the best places to get this information.

Another big industry and hot blog and web business niche is Food. Food is largely a consumer driven industry and one of the most easily monetized and profitable blog niches on earth.

Even a lazy site in the right niche is worth a lot of money. Do not be afraid to give a new niche a try.


Be A Team Player Get A Twitter Badge

Twitter is big. Your blog is big too. You need to bring twitter to your blog. You also need to bring your blog traffic to your twitter account. The solution is a good twitter badge.


Daily Biz Slash Tech Blog Review: Blinkky

There are many blogs out there. Many attempt to be helpful and fail miserably at it. Blinkky on the other hand is extremely useful. Blinkky is a blog, tech, and net type of tutorial site that has got something for everyone. People are leaving a lot of comments on this blog that has been around for only two months unless the older content was scrapped. I have the feeling that Blinkky is the work of a professional blogger. Check it out and tell me what you think.


How To Save Your Business Time And Money

The number one thing that destroys a business is time. Time eats away at people's day. When people waste time their productivity goes down. The money goes away and bam the business is over. The Internet my friends is the number 1 waste of time on earth. Complex sites are designed to waste our time. For instance I love playing video games. I go through days where I play practically non stop for 14 hours online! When I finish I wonder why I had accomplished absolutely nothing! I am not alone. I have seen people get fired over wasting time online.

I have seen students fail out of school because of this. I have seen many people who get trapped. One of the biggest time wastes is when we get our once a year excellent blog article that we then spend the next week promoting across social media. A business solution may be Pixel Pipe where we can one click quickly move this stuff to our social profiles. Another place people waste a lot of time on is twitter. Twitter is great but can also take a lot out of people who take it too seriously.

For marketers who want to efficiently post hot links a such to twitter a service that they may want to look into is Lizzer. Other time hacks would include bookmarking websites like My Twitter for quick access ways to improve the business twitter conversion drives. My final thought is that using Twitter Addict is the ultimate time hack high follower count buster! Need I say more? The business revolution is here and now!

It is called Winning in the Cash flow Business click below now!


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