How Many Followers Do You Have On Twitter

With twitter replacing blogging as the new hot thing the ultimate question for many marketers is how well they do on twitter. Twitter is often a parallel to blogging where some work can make a huge difference. I was recently reading a good SEO blog that claimed that people needed to give social media a break once in awhile. This may not be true with twitter. With the twitter stream such a hot traffic driver and with twitter followers generating a gigantic passive traffic network most people do not tweet enough. Most people do not bounce ideas around enough on twitter. And most people do not care enough about it.

Then my friends we have Plurk. I believe that the best way to get friends on twitter is to leverage sites like plurk. Bounce links in. Link the accounts. Follow people on plurk who are on twitter etc. Find you blogs and use them to leverage twitter and plurk. Many people do not realize the mad traffic they can get with a few tweet this types of widgets on their blogs. Am I the only one who sees the explosive meme potential in the whole re tweet widget thinger? The word meme should be changed to tweme!


How To More Effectively Leverage Youtube, By Adding Links to YouTube Videos

It is no secret that leveraging YouTube traffic is big in the world of marketing. To not put a link on every video page on YouTube is probably one of the biggest marketing sins.

The expert marketers put links within the video unit itself both passively and dynamically. Doing this will further leverage your video especially in embedded player situations. Few people actually click through the video and re watch in on YouTube besides me and you. As you can tell having dynamic links in the player and video is a big deal. Marketers go even farther and have affiliate links, arbitrage links, and other deployments of smart seo features.

I could go on and on but basically if you want to make millions you should look into this. One service that helps people add linkage to their YouTube videos is Linked Tube. Another service is Splicd. If you want to add some marketing spice to the mix sprinkle on a little Vixy.


Home Business Hype

More and more people are working at least part time from home. The Internet and many other mediums provide a suitable place to market products, create cash generating businesses, and ample opportunity for brand development. One of the latest home based business opp type of programs is Discover Your Life Path. I have no idea how good the program is but definitely the landing page is well made. This may interest people into the affiliate marketing. I am not sure that it is an affiliate program but they do have a bunch of landing pages related to a bunch of industries. This is good because obviously people into affiliate marketing do well when they have more tools to work with.


Getting Links For Your Blog

Getting links to a blog is always a good goal for a blogger. Links drive the page rank up, the page views up, and can increase traffic substantially. There is much debate around the industry of purchasing links but many of the pros do it. One such place to purchase links may be Canny Link.


Social Search Is The Future of Web Search

I have long believed that twitter is the future of search. I am not just saying this because I love twitter or that Ashton Kutcher has changed the world on twitter. Rather one of the purest rankings of anything is its mention by people who honestly care. And many people do! When I search google for instance and there pops up links to social community or some youtube videos I get excited because I know this stuff is good. Have you heard of Clabba my friends? Clabba is leading the revolution of user generated search.


Robert Kiyosaki's Greatest Student

I have always thought winning the online game is like unpeeling an onion. A person can spend their whole life clubbing on facebook or replying on twitter. We must learn each skill in a compartment and move on before we waste our life in futility. Robert Kiyosaki perhaps the greatest thinker of our time may have thought these thoughts. His onion is unpeeled and he is a millionaire. Robert Kiyosaki is a true rock star of the make money on earth game. Few can touch Robert Kiyosaki's brilliance or strong sense of character. The Big Idea Blogger is a blog that is exploding on to the scene. The big idea apparently is what makes some blogs tick. This tick turns to profitability and instead of peeling the onion its like the blogger now owns the Slap Chop! It sounds to me like this pro blogger has heard of the infamous google money tree! Money can grow on trees if we understand to crack the code and get our own slap chop! To conclude check out the google money tree. It is cool.


The Wordpress Dream Theme Is Here

The Dream Theme is all of the hype now for wordpress. The Dream Theme is great for affiliate programs, bringing together blogosphere content, customizations, plug ins, images, post integration, and feed integration. The Dream Theme is so hot it brings a tear to my eye!


What Is The Best Job Site Online

The quest for jobs can lead people into many impostor and exploiter sites. After all marketers view a person looking for employment as nothing more than an easy conversion. Well the game is changing. Free is the new premium. It is what people want. Why pay for job sites when the free one's are better? The best free site online for jobs is Job Listings Free . Post your micro resume and I guarantee you will get the job of your dreams in ten minutes. This whole concept is so innovative that it is redefining the resume. Soon even the word job will change to something else. That will be the day! Believe it or not the Google Money Tree is actually a better money making solution than a job. If you don't believe me then give it a try. At least check it out and see what the hype is all about.


Money Blogs That Rock Roll And Run

Web Partner is an amazing social community where money bloggers hang.

My Investing Blog is a blog that covers financial investments, money, and personal finances.

Pay Day Blogger is a great marketing and money blog with good articles to read.

Tip Hero helps people save money which is much better than making money.

Pro Blogger is the legendary blog for dollars site that has turned into an international media outlet.

Turning Cats Into Lions is a nuts and bolts honest how to make money site.

More Blog Money is a site that helps people count all of those beautiful green backs that they make off of their blog.

Your Blog Is Money teaches people about these gold mines called blogs that they are sitting on. Many people do not realize how much money a silly blog can make. And denial won't get them any closer to living the dream.

I personanally recommend the Google Fast Cash My friends. It changes lives! Click below.


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