Business Blog Reviews: Free Tips and Wits

I love the make money online niche. Free Tips and Wits is an excellent make money online website that I will definitely bookmark.


Business Blog Reviews: Biz Artists

Biz Artists is a great business related blog. I really dig the articles and would recommend everyone to read it.


The New Media Exposure And Film Racing

I am a firm believer that the best way to capture people's hearts with new media is to actually use it. Using viral video sites like YouTube is a major step in succeeding online. But there is a catch. For people to really do well in the media it is also important to participate in media that occurs through events like digital film festivals for instance.

Meeting people, learning news stuff and competing for cash can help drive innovation and success. People who are really connected online are also very connected offline. One type of film festival that is really popular now it called the Film Race.

These film racing festivals are very popular. Basically people try to make a film in a certain amount of time. Prizes are awarded. Film Racing is a great way to get your foot in the door in the media industry.


Financial Blog Reviews: Nev Blog

Neville's Financial Blog is one of the best finance blogs out there. Check it out.


Why School Is The Worst Thing On Earth To Spend Money On

The old adage goes that education lets people reach for the stars. This may be true. Another adage goes school builds better people. This may be true as well. The third popular adage is that school is a good investment.

This may also be true. But I believe personally that money is better spent elsewhere. School is in effect a genius marketing ploy. An education is a feel good commodity that perhaps back in the good ole days was a good thing. Anyone who wants to get rich quick steer away from school. Anyone who wants to labor all their life and always be poor go to school and knock yourself out. Lets build a hypothetical life portfolio. Our special person goes to school 4 years.

A thousand a year. They take out loans as many people do. Now lets say this person graduates 4G in the hole and no better job. Perhaps this person can't even get the job they could before they went to school because people never like to hire educated people it is a fact. Being educated is to be dangerous to society. Most employers want to marginalize people who could become CEO as a form of job protection. Well this person is now 4G in debt and reads this site and decides to take up the dot com lifestyle. I call this an epic fail on all accounts.

Now lets say this person did not go to school. They work a job. They use money from their job and a few loans perhaps to start up a few web ideas, invest in stocks bonds and other marketable things, they buy a small property, develop it rent it, and they dabble in other entrepreneurial activities. At the end of these 4 years they are in a position to retire! Bam they made the mark they are a millionaire because they spent their life and money trying to make more money rather than making the elite scumbags at schools trillionairs.

The school people take your cash and go to Vegas and have the time of their life! In this world it is a them or me type of place. I am a firm believer in stock piling money and goods, investing, starting business, and being smart. The rest of the fools fall into place like lemmings and make other people rich.

If you still really want to go to school start your own school! School and education is big business. This is why those people who hang out in the foundation buildings drive Bentley coups, wear million dollar diamonds and talk with a wanna be British accent. Really please stop making people rich and make yourself rich.

Small goals is all you need. Rejoice in saving money, in sound investments, and smart business ventures. Also check out my favorite money making site Get Rich Slowly.


Blog Reviews Work

Woork is a great blog that covers topics like blogging, marketing, social media, and other work related topics.


Social Media Super Star

Every once and awhile comes along a social community that rocks my world. Today this community is Likely To. Likely To is a lot like face book and my space in one. Check it out. Become a member. Remember without your presence on every social site online your Internet business will hurt. Your revenue will be effected. So too will your pro status. Likely To is going to be very big. Check out my profile and become my friend right this minute! You should also check out this amazing and generous offer by Winning in the Cashflow Business! Click it quick!


How To Get Out Of Debt Immediately

I am a firm believer that tapping revenue streams as we find them here on Internet Business Revenue Pro is the absolute best way to get out of debt fast. Blogs are free. Affiliate programs are free. And much promotion is free. Online marketers make alot. I am talking real money and not snake oil. For people who still have trouble even after they open up some good streams of cash may want to check out the blog Get Out Of Debt.


Ways To Learn the Stock Market

One way of getting good with the stock market is practicing. Learning without the stress of loosing real money can be fun and educational too. Add an online social component to the mix and you have We Seed.


Expanding Your Twitter Empire

There are many more effective ways to getting twitter followers besides adding Follow Me On Twitter on every web page you control. There are a million boring sites with tips on how to get to the tipping point. Who cares? How many of these tips can we read and get nowhere on twitter. For all of that time we waste reading these sleepy web spaces spinning clichets on twitter something that is anything but. If people just started tweeting and not look back they would be in a much better position. Once your tweetostream is up it is time to get an account with every third party twitter site on earth. Twitdom and Twit Town are two excellent places to start. Do not be afraid of abandoning your blog for twitter. Twitter will drive you more traffic than even magic water that is drunk in a flask. Power to the twitter.


4 Great Sites That Power Blogger Blogs, Social Media Masters and Yes Love

We all hate blogs right? Wrong. They rock like its 2003! That is why we are here. Well we must promote their crazy blogs till they become an epic anti fail. Share This is a powerful app widget thinger that allows other people to promote your site. Why is this good? We all love to promote our site but in reality our twitter followers for example are mad sick of it. But if someone else promotes our site to their followers, diminished returns has not taken into effect yet. The result? A viral traffic gold rush to your big bad blog for years to come. Now wouldn't that suck? Secondly Kick Apps. Most people well at least I do want the same community building apps on the blogs and websites that face book users get. Kick Apps turns your blog into your social site, your social profile and makes it kick snake! Thirdly we want to do one thing and have all social sites with our page on them to go crazy. This could potentially create a traffic rush. Traffic rushes rock! So how to we rock the rush? Try Ping FM. Ping FM is a lot like the control center of our online rocket ship. We fly in circles when we whirlwind promote ourselves. Ping FM is the time warp where we hit a button and end up in another galaxy. Boom. I hear a traffic rush. I can hear the feet of all of the people running all over my blog. Isn't this wonderful? We then need to see the results of our actions. That is where Social Thing comes into play. Social thing is a good speed gauge. We can see the comments pile up. Then bam respond and we are the king of the Internet. It is really that simple. What am I missing here?


Some Thoughts On Social Media

I have been giving this a a lot of thought. For at lest a few minutes this has been on my mind. Social media has exploded. Everybody wants in which is good. We need variety to drive these sites. On the upside this post web 2.0 world we see daily innovation. On the down side much of social media has coalesced on these value sites. For instance nobody wants to micro blog on a website that gets less uniques then their own site. Why waste their time unless they are completely bored or see some search utility in the extra bookmarks and always wanted a few extra stragglers to their website. On the other hand many sites that drive social media have left many people behind. The average person can't keep up with this online cult of people and their weird words and communications. Because of all of this the social media that wins are the websites that can drive in enormous profit, are extremely app friendly, are programmed to the roof, have redeeming user value in the way of traffic, and drive home the movie we are all in. I was thinking this because there is a lot of new hype around the byo social community. I was thinking though, there may be greater value in people just using the greatest hit social websites, having a blog etc. Just using what they are good at rather than try to be programmers with no experience, or the next face book. There is a lot of value online for good stuff. An example of this may be a good drummer or rapper making some good money off of YouTube shares. Another example of this is a good blog within the top hundred sites online. We often think technology is our way out of everything. In reality there are enough people working on the technology. It is now our turn to go into this techno world and add our human element. Our signature, our websites, our businesses. Instead of longing for what we do not have we must go foreword with the tools that we have. In time what we want will come. And so will the money. I was thinking about all of this because we need to bring our social experience together. We need to add our own value to the puzzle. We need to create our own circles. Our online clubs and organizations. There may not be very much value in creating an online social community unless you are the next bit thing but there is value in using these communities. There is value in logging into twitter every day. There is value in answering questions just for the fun of it. I believe there are wrong messages out there.


Blogs About Social Media, And The Likes

Social Media Blogster is a blog that covers social media topics.


Create A Free Blog Here Is How

Blogster is sweeping the world.


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