Twitter Users Leverage 3rd Party Sites

Leveraging twitter is the single most important thing any Internet business revenue pro can ever do. Twitter rules and is fast becoming the next google. Getting involved in twitter means mad traffic. The first order of social leveraging is link dropping. But link dropping incorporated with @josephgelb for instance will drive up more traffic. Then in steps powerful 3rd party sites and apps. Twit QA is taking the world by storm. Answer questions all while incorporating links to your business will open up your knowledge to the world. Questions and answers are quickly becoming the most powerful online meme. Drop me a line my friends. Leave a comment. Or try to make some money with google. Click below.


Create Your Wealth Here Is How

1. Start a blog on baseball cards.

2. Buy Stocks in music companies.

3. Dig For Treasure.

4. Check out the website Wealth Creator AU

5. Become a real estate investor.


Take Control Of Your Personal Finances

Personal finance makes people rich. Budgeting, investment, risk assessments, and making money help people win the game. What are you doing with your finances? Check out this personal finance blog for more info.


Kim Kiyosaki Has A Blog

Kim Kiyosaki is on blogger too. The web address is . Here blog has alot of great financial advice. If you want more of the teachings of Kim Kiyosaki check out her book Rich Woman.


Why Kim Kiyosaki Is Such A Rich Wealthy Woman

Getting Rich is big. Imagine spending all of that money online to have it refilled like an atm machine. Imagine a glass of water that never never goes bad. That is financial empowerment my friends. Kim Kiyosaki is a multimillionair that wants to show you how to do it too. The easy way. The road to riches is full of lies. Kim tells the truth. Financial empowerment is important. Once we get there we can then do what we want. Help support Kim Kiyosaki's educational journey. What better way then helping her take the time to educate people. Without your support for her books she would gladly just go back to making millions and not tell us the secrets. Effectively purchasing the book is good for you and the community.


John T Reed Teaches From Both Sides Of The Coin

There are many guru's out there telling us how to make money. Showing us the game plan. Holding our hands. According to John T Reed much of this advice needs some work. The biggest problem Reed points out is the inability for these financial gurus to get their facts strait.

The reason is pretty simple. We want to read what we want to hear. Books that justify our own creation myth will go on our shelf. We will then tell all of our friends to by it.

Many of these marketing gurus have explicit creation myths where they were absolutely broke, then in their quest to get rich cracked the secret code.

They found the worm hole through the glass ceiling and now want to share it with the world for 20 bucks a pop. People rich and poor love these stories.

Here in America we call it the American dream. It is why we were born here or came here. 'It is the low taxes that make America the easiest place to be financially successful on earth.'

These creation myths have holes. Most Americans are slaves to society. Few people really do make it. Capital creates capital. Once we see the power of the creation myth we can quickly realize the marketers 'Make a Billion Dollars in on second' slogan has quite a few holes in it.

Reed is quick to point out that nothing is absolute. Most get rich quick books seem to be one track. 'If people place small personal ads in the newspaper one minuet a year they will make hand over fist greenbacks.'

These books fail to take into account plausible negatives. As reed points out many of these people use hegemonic type ideas to drive points across. Brain washing propaganda is obviously the best policy to sell everything.

The quickest path to success is to have the whole world like lemmings buy up something. This is the same reason that there are addicting chemicals in our food, or the fact that the media sells us on lifestyles that are nothing more than delusions.

Reed makes a strong point for 'traditional' paths to success which include hard work, educating one self, experience, action, and understanding the process.

Because of this I think the information on his site can be a sobering read for anyone who wants to know the truth on being successful and not some elevator pitch by another fraud.


Become Rich Learn The Insider Tips Now!

Robert Kiyosaki is as much an inspiration as he is a mentor.

Robert penned the famous book rich dad poor dad.

Now Robert Kiyosaki is educating people across the world. Few people have been so instrumental in teaching the world about the lifestyle changes, and mindset that it takes to become very wealthy.

Robert Kiyosaki is on PBS alot.

One of my favorite pointers that I will probably say wrong is that people who buy stuff that might make them more money will get richer than people who buy stuff that is worthless after.

My other favorite from the show is that the bankers look at how the money moves to determine wealth. The rich use their money to get richer and enjoy.

The poor save their money.

Well I do not know the real lesson.

You will have to go to his seminar to get the real tips.

Or buy his famous book.


Bit Torrents Under Fire

Have you heard of pirate bay? The bit torrent where people can download for free stuff protected under copy right law? Well the law has cracked down on the torrent. The celebrated owner of pirate bay is on the skids. I am not surprised YouTube has been cracking down on copyright lately as well. Opponents would argue that we are under different laws now. People for instance make more money on free sharable content then they did when this stuff was for sale. John Chow actually called this story awhile back. He claimed torrents were proceed at your own risk. Well situations like this may be a good reminder for anyone with these files on their computers to either trash the machine or delete the files. Usually the law is more lenient on people with good intentions who take it into their own hands instead of draining monetary resources in the legal systems of the world. Remember what happened to those music down loaders back in the day? When Napster went from free to money? History repeats itself. Just do not steal this amazing post. I will sue you for a million. Just kidding I am on your side. The laws just ain't. If you want to cheer up click the banner below. A free computer is what I call a little materialism therapy.


Get A Dell Vostro A90

Urbergizmo has brought to my attention these exciting times we live in. To own a dell is to be free. To ad the vostro to the name is to be nirvana, and to add the A90 to the mix is to be special. The Vostro is pretty small, pretty basic. But in reality it is all people need for just a couple hundred dollars. By the way check the super special prize box below to see if you have won anything like a computer for instance. If you did just click the banner for more information!


The Answers Space: Is Blogger Better Than Wordpress

I would say probably both. Use blogger for sites that you want to mix up the codes. Blogger also has domains. Blogger has many options but their is a social media component of the word press community to stay in tuned with. Blogger has a good community as well. Community is the best reason to use either blogging medium. Blogger has many sites about it which is good and helpful.

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