What IS The Best Way To Stay Up To Date With The Latest Technology?

Technology is a pervasive part of online media. People love to tip their hat to the thing that created the movement. We always like to praise the tech thing that is buttering our bread.

Well online, we must all keep up with the latest, and the greatest tech trends. Here is a list of websites, that are redefining the tech niche:

Technology Today


Malek Tips

Biz Trade Shows

Tech Web

Comp Tia


Technology 24



PC World




Why I Am A PC

Value my friends. PC's rule and they are exceptional price and crafts person ship. My love of the PC is going to take me to Microsoft Tech Ed! Where else can a person become a true computer expert! When the greatest minds come together with the greatest operating system the results are greater than anything the world has ever witnessed.


Keep Up With Computers

Computers are constantly changing. The computer serves as a valuable instrument for the internet business revenue pro. A good computer can mean more better opportunities to make money online. Check out the website Extreme Tech for some good computer information.


Blog Review Of The Day: The Best Money Blog

There are a lot of blogs around the topics of money. Some are better than others. One of my favorite lately is Lazy Man And Money. I am looking for more money blogs to link out to, and review. Leave yours in the comment area. If it is good I will definitely do a long blog review for you.


Broadcast Yourself Online

The path to success is just putting yourself out there. Pay your dues.

Learn your craft. Hit up the gate keepers. Maybe repeat. Online media is far reaching, crazy and often varied.

This leaves many options tailored to people's needs. Pod casts and videos are big. Add some description and you have your own media outlet.

Hub it out on your blog. Play the social media game. Check out TRCB.


Spam Erodes The Internet And Marketing Careers

Spam can grow on people. They cut a corner once. They get a conversion. They cut a corner again more conversions.

Eventually a person becomes a full fledged spammer. Well months later they loose their street cred. Google drops them. Social media ignores them. This is the end of the line. At this point conversions will be dropped.

On the other hand if someone works hard in about six months their site will be on top. Traffic will increase exponentially and bam they won.

They can quit their job and work full time online.

Spam Haus and the Spam Assasin may protect you from spam.

Spam in the mail? Try the Mail Washer.

Spam makes me laugh. Leave a comment.


Get To Know Your Friendly Neighborhood Social Media

It is pretty safe to say that social media is important. Some social sites are more important than others. I tend to focus on sites that draw high traffic and tread lightly on other sites.

Social media is a complicated subject as all people use it differently. At the same time sites like face book and twitter account for the majority of all Internet use that people partake in. This means that without a social component many online businesses and marketers can suffer substantially. What is more that social media literacy plays a vital role in the ability to use a site like my space.

Many people have profiles but make no use of the social media for its intentions or anything else. On the other hand active users can become very successful in their business as a function of the use of social sites. An example would be a person who is very active in face book groups will get to know people. The networking effect brings people, opportunities, and knowledge to the table.

It is hard to really get into this but Sociable Blog is a good site that covers social media topics.


How To Go To A Blogging Convention Of Blog Conventions

Bloggers rock. Especially when they go to a blogging convention. Meet other bloggers, learn the greatest and latest stuff, and gain leads. What are the hottest conventions?

Blog World Expo and???

SKECHERS Official Shoe Store


Bring Your Blog Or Web Business To A Job Fair

Job fairs are a great place to recruit guest post authors and other online collaborations. People in college for instance may really need the exposure. They may feel that writing on established sites like yours increases their visibility to become famous and get a book deal.

Your heavy hitting magic link will instantaneously give authority. You will win with better content. You may get a template out of a computer science student, or an online social community from a programmer. When people work together the sky is the limit. This is a true cliche. The cliche tastes even better when you are the boss. If you have a website my friends you are a winner and are light years ahead of the game. If you have social profiles you are a winner and ahead of the curve. If you feel the Internet is the future than you won again. You can use this influence to get people who do not understand to do things for you. This is where the whole theory of matching your clipboard to your shirt.

This is how business works. Just put out a phony sign, register your business, and you are set. People need magic in their lives. Their day to day 9 to 7 sucks and they want out. Their lives are so dead end that they will definitely help your for free. You pay them back by a magical tech business recommendation. See you can have value even if you have no money.

You get their material. You profit and help them get ahead in life. I call that collaboration to overcome the powers that be. This is how millionaires and leaders are made. Put these ideas into a reality and you will see your life change, you will change the lives of the people around you, and you will save the world.


Job Fairs Help People Land Technology Jobs FAST

Jobs are scarce. Jobs Fuel Online Business. When the two collide I feel obligated to help people get jobs and advance. Multiple streams of income. A Job is an income stream. Jobs teach tech skills. Jobs can help people achieve their goals. Feel empowered.

The one thing that is lost in online communication is face to face interaction. Getting a tech job that will give you valuable skills to help your online life is best gotten at a job fair.

Job fairs range in types and sizes. Many colleges and universities have job fairs targeted at college students. On the other hand a local community center may have a job fair targeted at opportunities related to the community.

The best part of the job fairs is the social interaction. Face to face is the best way to get a job and keep a job. Here are a few job fairs and job related sites to check out:

Southeastern Minority Job Fair

National Career Fairs

Job Fair Ohio

Diversity Job Fair

The Job Fair

Job Expo

Women For Hire

Snohomish County Job Fair

Michigan College Job Fair

Job Fair USA

Targeted Job Fairs

North West Minority Job Fair

Tech Expo USA

Saint Louis Diversity Job Fair

Cook County Minority Job Fair

Texas Job Fair Calendar

Getting a job is the art of marketing one self. I am a firm believer in the power of robot emailing employers. Just amass the emails of all employers in your area. Email them a landing page where the conversion is that they contact you. Sell your self like these marketers are selling their book. After a morning of deceptive email robo mailing go the physical places where people are hiring and ask to talk to the owner of the company.

Explain to them why you will improve the company, make sales go up, and why they should pay you a million. Spam the corporations folks. If you do not get their attention, if you do not bang on doors and meet people you will never become the CEO of the largest corporation on earth.

Go after these companies with the same fervor that they annoy us all with their crappy products. That is what they are looking for. Real go getters who wear blue, grey and black. Look like a lemming my friends and you will make a million! I demand some comments.


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