Twitter Is The Future Of Search

When people need good information they are increasingly turning to social media. More specifically twitter it delivering more accurate information than can even the best search engine.

Humans beat robots every time. Bloggers all around the world can effectively leverage twitter even when google fails them. Twitter gives to bloggers even if they have zero friends. The 3rd party devices hooked up deliver fresh traffic for the fresh content.

Twitter reflects people's lives, the blogosphere and real trends. More than ever it is twitter that is quoted. Twitter is more closely followed than the blogosphere. People who do well on twitter do well on their blogs and not the way around like it was only a few years ago. Twitter is going to grow and get better. Google may buy it or perhaps it already has secretly. Whatever the case may be twitter is the most important online real estate piece today. Twitter feeds are a great place to stick your blogs. Have links hibernate there. See Traffic there.

Jump for joy in your twitter feeds. Twitterholic is one of the hottest online ranking systems to date. The higher the rank the more profile action which further increases the rank. Pretty easy right?

Twitter has gone mobile as well. Tiny Twitter turns our favorite instant messaging device into a powerful twitter leveraging tool unlike any other. What are some other hot things to know about in the tweetosphere?

Twitter Scoop

Twitter Buttons

Twitter Patterns

Twitter Moms

Twitter Fall

Tracking Twitter

Twit Spy

Twitter Analyzer

Accessible Twitter

Twitter Local

Pocket Tweets

Twitter Job Search

The Twitter Toolbar

Twitter Remote

Twitter Wit

The Best Profile To Follow On Twitter!!!

And the list goes on...

My final thoughts are that twitter rocks and is probably the most important single site to cast one's sights on for anything. Twitter is the magic right now. So too is Total Gym 30 Day Trial For $1 . I spy Chuck Norris my favorite actor!

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The Gigaom Network Is The Bomb

Few networks of blog capture the technorati scene like Gigaom. Gigaom is such a tech fixture that I often forget to link up. Have you checked out the sister sites? They are:

Web Worker Daily

The Apple Blog


New Tee Vee

JK On The Run

Earth To Tech

If I left any Gigaom sites out please comment. In my estimation the web design is immaculate and the content is great. Gigaom may be the future of websites online! The future of shoes is SKETCHERS do not forget that!

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Blog Marketing Tips Tricks Tactics and Flips

I am about to share with you some top secret information. The question is what social media site is the best for blog marketing. The first answer is all. My second answer is Facebook, Technorati, and Twitter. These are the power triad. Leverage these things and google will love you too. You want some other tips? Try feed burner. Burning your feed and popping that magic subscriber counter widget is worth its weight in gold. Show off your subscribers. Love your people. My third blog marketing tip? Ping your way to google's heart. Pinging leverages aggregators. Pay specific attention to how much google traffic you get on Alexa. If you get banned stop the pinging. The fourth magic tip? Pop videos into your post. Love the vlog. Love the live broadcast. Love the podcast. Love the online radio. Bring the media on. It is a magic traffic driver even if you put the blog to rest for awhile. A single video will draw magic to your blog. The fifth tip is marketing is all in the design. Find your groove. How is your content going to be laid out. Get feedback from the pros at blog catalog. They know everything. The sixth tip is know your product. Go to the mall. See what is hot. Promote that affiliate program. It will work like magic. I am a PC. Ha. Just kidding but know your electronics. Love em. Use them. Blog them. Follow the money trail. It is a yellow brick road. Um I forgot where I was going with this so leave a comment to cover my missing links. I would love you for that.

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Weekend Marketing Warrior

The biggest myth of online marketing is that effort yields money. This is absolutely false. Thinking yields money.

Take for instance a site that utilizes freebie affiliate programs. They row the posts and the content. The traffic increases and the income increases. The costs of the cheap ads undermine the ability of one high paying affiliate program to make much more money. Making money online is generated in the rocking residuals and high paying affiliate programs. There is a reason these companies list what is paid. If a freebie pays out a buck per conversion you would need a million conversions to make a million dollars.

You would need a thousand converts a day to make a grand a day. You would need a hundred conversions to make a basic living wage. Why try to convert a whole city every day when just a few lagers can make you a lot of money in affiliate programs that pay in the hundreds or thousands or offer a percentage. I beg you try this. You will thank me in one day. In this way the weekend warrior can turn full time marketing warrior. Which is good.

Nobody likes to work the day job anyways. I hear those water cooler conversations are quite boring. Say hello to your boss for me. I hear s/he/etc is a great guy/gal/etc just micromanages because s/he/etc needs the money! Ha! Get into marketing for me. PLS LOL!

PS I Really Dig the Total Gym. Marketers always need a break to get some exercise. This way marketers can have the guns and the money!

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10 Marketing Success Stories

'Just recently I stumbled on a marketers landing page. The video claimed that he could teach you how to make a million in only a few minuites. The cost? 60 bucks. This is an addictive call to action. So I said I have to get the affiliate program.'

Marketing is much like this story. We can see from behind the scenes what is going on. Yet beneath the smoke and screens there is a stroke of genious. That smarts is what pays the bills. Pay your bills by doing this:

1. Have a story. All marketers have a creation story. How did you go from rags to riches. What was the crux of what you learned. How can you teach that to us.

2. Frame your story with a branded name. All marketers have a name and story. Think back to reality tv where people's names coincide with their personality. This branding is a powerful marketing tool in itself. The name is everything.

3. Blow other marketer's landing pages away. Find out who the best marketers are. Take their convention. Put your own twist on it. Then go to the next level.

4. Get people to give you testimonials. It helps to have real people you helped make money online. Even if this is an appreciative friend who you gave a single tip to get them to write a positive review of your program.

5. Have social links off of your landing pages. Let the world know that you are real and even if they do not want your e book they can still be your friend on myspace.

6. Give something free. Get zip and email submits and free access for a few months. This will draw more people to action. If people do not act you will be looking at zero conversions.

7. Do not lie to your consumer. This may constitute fraud. Many marketers forget this and get into trouble. It is much easier to be honest and meek than greedy and busted. Time will ensure your victory. Just be patient.

8. Have an affiliate program.

9. Band with other marketers and offer both programs for the price of one. This will get em every time.

10. Be yourself. Real people sell more stuff online. That is probably true.

To conclude you have an expert marketer within you. Let the muse sing.

PS I have seen a few marketers wear sketchers. They are cool shoes!

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Why The Time Your Blog Traffic Spends Engaged In Your Content Is More Important Than Unique Hits

There is a lot of talk about unique visitors thrown around the blogosphere. Bloggers will belittle other bloggers with few uniques. They will cast down the blog as being a waste. They will belittle the people. They may have a point or do they? Then when bloggers go to advertisers to get qualified often the question on the phone is how many uniques do you have? How many hits do you get a day? If the blogger has a lot they do not even ask these questions. They say "you qualify my friend welcome to our amazing team..." Uniques is also something that people brag to their friends and family. "Hey Mrs. Specialname I just landed a MILLION visitors today..." I could go on and on but I won't. Basically I am proposing that the whole land rush for unique traffic is absolute hog wash. Look up the traffic on any great site and they will always have more page views than the average blog, and more time on site than the average site in their niche. Serious advertisers for instance will pay more for this. The reason comes down to engagement. When people are engaged they believe in the revolution. When they do not how is the site any different than any other blog littering the google algorithm? Google may control much of the blogosphere traffic but it is in the bloggers hands to do stuff with this traffic. So how does one increase the residence time on their site. The single most important thing is the blog template. A premium template will drive up reader engagement a million percent. People will believe more in your message and praise you for helping them on their journey. Just imagine how much any top blog would suck if they used an average template? The truth is that they tend to favor the blog star templates. The templates with the bells and whistles. Their templates have many suggested posts, perfect categories, useful menus and are perfectly functional. Their sites load fast because of these templates. It is hard to maintain a top site that does not load fast. Why is this? The answer is simply slow loading sites appear to be flawed. Once people can see the flaws of a blog, hear the wheels rust then a blog has issues. The second most important factor is the general utility of the blog content. Do people get anything out of your blog? How does your blog ad value to other people's lives? The third thing that increases time on your site is how well you communicate with people on your blogs. Do you send communications to every visitor that you have info on like thank you, and welcome to the community? Or do you not even care. Getting into it is a big deal. Every day you may come across a stand out person. They leave that comment on your site. They seem to really care about what you are doing. They even come periodically. These people you should target. Conscript them into your army. They will become the mouth piece of your site if you treat them well. They may be half way around the world but a single person these days has a network of thousands of friends! This makes explosive blog growth extremely inevitable. This is why the average time that people spend on your site is more important than anything that I can think of at the moment.


The Biggest Sin In Marketing

I am amazed at how many sites try to trick their way to profits. It is much easier to talk about a product, post a link, a picture, perhaps a banner or two. Boom you have conversions. Something else that amazes me is the amount of ppc sites out there. Affiliate advertising will make you much more money. Pop the banner with the $100+ conversions and your bank will blow up much quicker than the 10c per click that ppc is giving people. Another thing that amazes me is websites with no monetization what so ever. Why? What is the reason for this? Where are you going with that site? What is covering the hosting bills? Is it really worth spending years promoting a free website on twitter? Is it really worth creating just another online social profile? What are your objectives with this? My whole point is that marketing requires strict objectives. People can pretty easily say that they want to make 100 bucks online in a day and do it. I have seen video game blogs with 3 posts turn into money buckets. That is the dot com life style pushing what can be done. It is easy having haters when the money rolls in. It is easy being selfish, spending no time on social media. Hogging all of your work and content. Paying the price and getting the rewards. Marketers do this. The world still spins the next day. Most people would rather go to work a few hours a day on their computer than commute precious hours during the 5 week days. Is the work week really sustainable? Health statistics would say no. Is working for a boss really rewarding? Polls would say definitely not. Is promoting someone Else's product really that cool? Do not be silly! Get online my friends. Get your social profiles up. Get approved affiliate programs and start product review sites. Build social communities. Design sites that can be flipped. Blog about anything you want. Get a personal blog. I would read it. I am not kidding. Blog about funny things. Blog about random things. Start a product review site. The Internet is a relatively small place. The Internet rewards people. The Internet is not chopping wood. The Internet is not hauling the world's garbage. The Internet is not taking orders in a silly uniform, with silly name tags. The Internet is your own business. The Internet is the future. The Internet is the life of millions of people around planet earth. The Internet is the future of commerce. The Internet is the future of society. The Internet is the future of marketing. People on the Internet get it. People on the Internet see the future trends. People on the Internet are well informed. People on the Internet interpret the world. The believe in things. They grow as people. They defy expectations. They show up their friends. They influence people in high places. They find their way into high paying jobs. They make money when the rest of the world is in shambles gripped in greed, corruption, and pure stupidity. The Internet is big my friends. It is no frontier. Rather it is the biggest city on earth. The Internet is a huge base of knowledge that revolutionizes the lives of people every durn nano second. The Internet travels faster than the world! The Internet is being watched in space by aliens. The Internet is the ultimate revolution. Now my friends please question your own urges when your mind and other people tell you there is no opportunity online to make money. Or that the Internet is silly. People have their delusions. People are crazy. Do not loose the fait. Together we can do big things. Make big money. Fly like an eagle.


Marketing Is Cooler Than Blogging Here Is Why

Let's be truthful here. We all want fast money. The Internet lets us make fast money. But blogging is big. Blogging may be the biggest thing ever. Especially if we count twitter as blogging. Blogging is a hotter key word than marketing. But marketers make more money. Why is this so? The real reason. Blogging can't be sold. Blogging is an abstract concept. This is why niche marketing is a smarter choice for people who do not want to spend all day online, but who want to make a substantial amount of cash. What is the investment? Absolutely nothing. Websites can be put out free. Blogger and a million other services. Why risk the money if you have yet to see the benefits. Many people shill out cold hard cash. They get the best of the best. Word press, or an online community. At the end of the day they abandon the idea a few weeks later. The verdict they loose a lot of money. Loose interest in a free website. Abandon it and come back 5 years later! The verdict make money marketing defies time and space! Different sites topics and ads bring in more cash. I can only see this marketer doing the min and making the max. It is kinda link supply meets demand. The needs of the people are quenched. Marketing is the real deal my friends. Ditch the blog and open up an online product review affiliate store. It is simple. It takes very little knowledge. It is profitable. Now is a good time to get into forex trading as well. Have you heard of EToro my friends? Its the next big thing.


The Dummies Guide To Online Marketing

Being an online marketer is a relatively simple task. Find niches, sell stuff in them, and figure out how to increase this. The most common mistake of any online marketer is to make a website and expect the content to sell for itself. In reality a website can have tons of traffic and make no money off of advertising. On the other hand a website can literally have zero traffic yet make millions of dollars. The difference is that a marketer knows how to ping a website, use specific keywords, and use the best ads available to get the affiliate codes into aggregators! Imagine how much your product would sell if the ad is located within google and yahoo product directories that are browsed by zillions of people. Imagine how much higher the product conversion rates would be in major media sites like google, yahoo and other players in the search and social game. I am not talking about begging for links or spamming. I am rather talking about creating effective product pages that will be front and center in the worlds largest online shopping malls. Marketers often get space ahead of the product company they are marketing. Unless you are the million dollar affiliate the companies will go ape if you eat into their keywords. Marketers definitely get around this. Often hot non product key words for the searching eye delivers the quick buys. The reason for this is simple. People who do not know what they are looking for are more apt to compulsively consume. A great example is the candy in the front of the stores. People go into the store with no intention of buying candy but leave with junk food at a mere 60 percent of their food bill. The Internet is a hard place by nature to navigate so marketers set up road signs that save people time and money. These affiliate ads often contain better deals than any real store. The ad itself is extremely important. If the advertisement has no bit, no free something, and no real call to action it is worthless. For instance you can have amazing ads for great services but without a bit you will get zero takers even with a million impressions a day. I will stop here because I lost my train of thought. Paul knows more than I do. He wants you to become his partner. I saw the video it was sweet. Millions per year? Paul did this! Check it out.


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