Great Website Ideas

Often times ideas are what drive business and innovation. Ideas can be combined with skill to equal a lot of money. One such million dollar idea is Site Hoppin.


All People In Business Do This! Exclusive Tip And Story

Wear Makeup. More Specifically Raw Minerals. Makes the skin look great, so you can feel great. Raw Minerals brings the beauty back into business. Get your free Raw Minerals trial now!


The Biggest Name In Online Advertising!

Have you heard of Ad Engage!


Funny Video Clips

Have you heard of Boom Clips? Funny video is what boom clips is all about. I only wish I could get my videos on boom clips!


5 Websites You Must Know About

So What are the top performers this year? Try:


Stat Brain

Rob Tex


Mash Get

Raw Minerals Free Trial


The Best Apple Design Site Online And Something Else

I may have tailed of this great website before but I will do it again. Have you ever heard of Apple Computers? Have you ever heard of web design? Combine the two and you have the future of the world. The combination also makes a website called Creative Bits. Check it out. Another great site is About Us. About us is a great website about websites. If you want to know how much traffic either site has see quantacast the ultimate traffic sweep site. I would really love to hear from anyone out there. Do not be shy leave a comment. Actually I hear comments are a mandatory part of Internet business revenue from both ends of the cake! I am also a big recommend er of the 2009 stimulus package! Get your own stimulus today!


Smart Phones Are Smarter Than Not So Smart Phones Secret Report Reveals

This is nothing more than a late April Fools joke. I always say better late than never. Smart phones are the future. More precisely little computers that oh by the way hook people up with free phones and the internet are the future. Um that wasn't a joke either. The future of the world is free. Well there is also a free site on smart phones called Mobile Computer Mag. See I told you there would be free in the future. I am a fortune teller and that ain't a fallacy. Please Subscribe. I am trying to get a million subscribers like some other great make money online websites. Also win a free cruise my friends! I am a fortune teller again!


SEO Rears Its Ugly Head

Let's face it search engine optimization is king. Content comes in a distant third. OK I am kidding. But search engine is very important for people who want to make more money online and drive nice cars. Seo is very important for bloggers who want their stuff to be read by a large audience. Seo is important for people with online social communities to get a million members in an hour. Links Back is a great site about SEO. Cash Quests is a great site about making money online. Put the two together and you have what I call the online cash machine. Imagine an ATM that requires no money to get money. That is what the dot com lifestyle is all about. Just kidding but I like the sound of that anyways! If the dot com life style has got you down consider taking a vacation with Carnival Cruise Lines. This is a hot offer check it out!


Social Media Is A Freestyle Revolution

One thing that is for certain is that if someone can throw down they can make money. People used to not call me the scratch king for nothing. Well there is an online social community for this called Free Style Madness.


Message Boards and Forums Rock Rap and Roll My Friends

Nothing is cooler than setting up a message board or forum and watch it come to life. Much of what happens on the web that matters occurs in these breeding grounds of the social media landscape. If you want to become a true millionaire master of online social media spend more time on people's forums. They will love you for this. Also check out the website Board Reader which is a cool search engine and community built around message boards and forums.


Twitter Is The New Youtube Big Time

Perhaps not but twitter is a great communications tool. I recently saw a Gary Vaynerchuk video where he wanted people to move beyond twitter. I know what he is saying but twitter is mad huge. A good blog on the twitter topic is Twitters World. I personally can't help you become a million dollar twitter user but may I interest you in a good airline deal?


Real Estate Rules

The web is the ultimate tool in discovering real eastate, commucating real estate, and learning about real estate. Why is real estate so important? My answer is because it can be a strange investment that has led more people to make a fair to an excellent ammount of money. Land ownership can literally change people's lives. Renting is fine. I have nothing against it. But why not be the person renting stuff out to people. Start a storage business. Rent out farm land. Make a camp ground, community gathering place, or public park. Real estate is powerful and silent. We all worship rappers and rock stars but why not worship people who silently make money hand over fist. Not only that but they have something to show for the whirl wind of their life. We can invest in school, business, or anything else but these can be as empty a set of promises as an upside down glass. Real estate my friends is the future of power investing and business. Check out the website Land Think.


Corruption Generally Hurts Business

I enjoy reading a blog or two about corruption. It is always good I think to know of these things. Educated people are extremely dangerous to dangerous people. At the same time it is easy for anyone in business to become corrupt after all it seems like everybody loves this stuff. Whether it be scamming the consumer, participating in crazy pyramid schemes, or doing big time fraud, these types of things hurt a business over time. People who play by the rules usually get their returns in the long run. Think of playing fair as a good investment. Play good build your business. It will grow like a seed into a plant into a tree. Business is easy like that. An investment of the mind and of time always pays its mad dividends. On the other hand take a student who cheats a paper. When this person gets caught there are consequences. This stuff goes on record, the kid might get expelled. I say it is much easier to just get the ole Dee minus and get on with life. Play even and win the game.


Do You Want Land With Your Salad?

Land may be the best investment after perhaps school and a few other things. Land can be tax free. Land also serves as a great place to live and make money. I love land. Well the market is soon approaching conditions where it is extremely favorable to buy land! Check out the website Land Flip for deals. I think we all want to see that property you purchased for pennies on the dollar!


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