How People Are Mining Their Way To Millions

With deflation at an all time high. With precious metals representing a valuable trade. People are turning to mining. That is at least what I read on BBC. I personally believe the next gold rush is in simple resources like stuff on the bottom of the ocean. I will include an underwater real estate boom with this one. I am already investing.


What Is The Best Gadget Blog?

Gadgetell is a good gadget blog.


Where Can I Find Good Information On Using Linkedin?

Using Linkedin is a challenge. After all not everyone can get Barack Obama as a recommendation. Yet some people do pretty good. What I am getting at is the Linkedin blog has good info on using Linkedin. Check it out.


Where Can I Find More Information On The Housing Crisis?

Housing has played a vital role in the economic situation. A house is a major purchase in people's lives. They use homes to live in. Then when things go bad they may loose the house. The current situation as of today is a time where home prices plummet. Foreclosures are on the rise. And people are loosing their homes and careers. So what a good blog that covers this? I would say check out Housing Doom.


What Are Some Good Financial Blogs To Read?

There are many great financial blogs out there. It is important to learn financial skills because they show us how to make a lot of money fast. Check out the blog Free Money Finance.


Wat Blog Am I Reading?

Rarely do I review blogs. The truth is I read a lot of blogs. I never read books. Blogs rule. A good blog I have read lately is Wat Blog. Technology, the Internet, and other related subjects are covered in the Wat Blog. Check it out.


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